Monday, October 4, 2010

Sauvie Island searches: A training exercise. Is Terri no longer a suspect?

The search stories probably seem legitimate to those with the herd mentality although the thinkers can see some major problems with it.   First, if the ground was too wet and the water table too high in order to search in june, then it was too high for Terri (or anyone else) to have waded into it to do anything with Kyron.  Terri's timeline (see: Terri's Timeline) does not give her enough time to wade out into a muddy field or wilderness area and bury Kyron without leaving any mud of other evidence in the truck.

The wilderness areas on Sauvie Island is 31 minutes from Skyline school according to mapquest.  Terri only had 90-120 minutes unaccounted for.  In one hour driving time, that would be at the most 60 minutes to kill and bury Kyron and clean up the mud.  So either law enforcement has ruled Terri out or they are grasping at straws.

Another problem with the search is that they are searching mowed fields and crops (corn / pumpkins)  So they think a farmer would not notice a body or grave if they mowed over it several times throughout the summer?  The crops were planted and a farmer would have noticed something.  Once again, in the cold wet spring, the fields were way to muddy for anyone to wade through let alone wade through carrying a body and the equipment to bury it.

Kaine's sunday statement, he never mentioned Terri was responsible in contrast with Desiree on friday.  Of course this could be because of the abatement hearing on thursday.
“If we’re not ready, if there are holes, that would be tragic. We can’t afford to let whoever was responsible get away with it.
So either Kaine is admitting Terri is not responsible or he is suppressing it because of thursday's abatement hearing.  I would believe the latter although what I found most interesting is the few second spot CW Jensen gave a statement, he no longer pointed a finger towards Terri either.  I think everyone except Desiree and the "Terri is guilty" herd members are no longer suspecting Terri and Kaine realizes he can no longer blame her for Kyron's disappearance.  I think the only reason Desiree is holding on blaming Terri is because she believes that would be the only way Kyron is still alive.  This tells me Desiree does not think Terri would kill Kyron.

So it needs to be asked:  Why are they searching for Kyron in fields and areas that were way too wet and muddy for someone to go out and bury him in june?  This makes as much (non) sense as rappelling down cliffs looking for the body thinking someone carried a body and equipment down a cliff which certainly would not be Terri, DeDe, or another alleged accomplice  (See:  Is common sense being used on the Kyron searches? )    So this, and the statement in the KGW Sauvie Island article (link above) that the current searches are mostly volunteers when the early searches, after it was declared a criminal case, were all law enforcement tells me this is just a training exercise for volunteer SAR under the guise of a real search mission --- and it doesn't hurt that it keeps the interest up in the case, donations flowing in, and that page hits and ad revenue increases for the Portland media either.  Everyone wins except Kyron.


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