Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kaine's Koolaid Drinkers or The Brainwashing of the masses

Please tell me this is a real life reality show or a brainwashing test of some sort by the government.  I cannot believe people can be so gullible that they allow themselves to be sucked into defending Kaine and his actions.  This has to be some sort of a set up to see how many people will capitulate to the group think.
For four months on the various forums people have complained because Terri has not said one word in her defense and, according to them, it "proves she is guilty".

Now Terri's attorneys file papers because of the defamation and illegal attributes in the court documents Kaine and his attorney filed on october 25th.

So Terri, through her attorneys, spoke in her defense just as people have demanded she do for four months --- and now they are saying she is "self centered" and "it's all about her" because she did.  Typical narcissist sock puppets - she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.  You can never win with a narcissist.

I'm embarrassed -and very scared -of being  an American if this is typical thinking of society.  It is not normal.
I want to know why the media is participating and allowing posts like this to exist:

"In the motion Terri Horman's attorneys say Kaine Horman is focused on his wife's destruction rather than their daughter's best interests."

They are the same thing.
So, Kaine is only interested in his wife's destruction and not the welfare of his daughter (according to her attorneys, anyway).

No, this is just Terri's attorneys proving they don't care for the welfare of that baby girl - only in getting what their client wants, at any cost. Whether she had anything to do with Kyron's disappearance, or not, this woman's background as well as her actions since Kyron's disappearance, have proven to me (in my mind) that she is not a fit parent and should not be given access to that child.

We don't need a smoke-screen to take away from the loss of a precious, little boy. Terri, "Where is Kryon?" How can her high-profile lawyers/defense team sleep at night knowing she is not telling the truth for heaven's sake about an innocent missing child?

this woman is a damn murder and she knows it, after all what should I believe from this no good piece of dyed red head, that send emails of her playing with her self!!!



  1. Yes, extremely frightening some of those posts. I almost feel sorry for them and hope to heaven they never find themselves in any such negative situation. The ignorance is unbelievable. It occurred to me soon after I started reading articles and comments on the different sites that maybe most of those posters were just high school kids. It didn't occur to me that people with "real life" experience could really believe that if someone just tells the truth they have nothing to fear, or that asserting one's rights is somehow an admission of guilt. To those who absolutely KNOW she's guilty based on this reality show that's being played out, I just hope they never have to put those absurd assertions to a personal test.

  2. In my opinion, there is an excellent chance that Kaine concocted the material and let LE find it on "terri's" phone or that he is simply lying in his court filings about LE giving it to him, knowing they will not comment on an ongoing investigation. But if they did, they are guilty of corruption. As you said in a previous post, their investigation is seriously damaged, perhaps fatally. Besides LE's complicity, there is no way to know if Kaine concocted those texts or reused them from something that went on between him and Terri at an earlier time. He certainly has the knowledge of how to get the most out of cell phones because of his line of work. Because of what Houze has called a witch hunt, the media and much of the public would never even consider this possibility and wouldn't care if it turned out to be true. Too many people want her destroyed because they believe her guilty. they are beyond reason on this subject. brainwashed? appears so

    This business with Kaine is an entirely separate issue from finding Kyron. Kaine is getting ever bolder in obstructing justice and LE is aiding and abetting him in this either actively or by not commenting. I can't understand how this all turned into an OLD BOYS CLUB!


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