Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think

There are more than 350,000 parental kidnappings a year in the United States,  163,000 of these cases involve the concealment of a child, transporting the child out of state, or intent to keep the child permanently1

80% of the parental kidnappings are solved within a year; 90% within two years2

In the United States there are over 1,000 parental kidnapping cases involving U.S. children open that involve the child being taken out of the country.  The United States and 80 other countries have ratified the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction which the ratifying countries agree to honor custody agreements outside of their borders unless the child is in danger.This means there are many countries a kidnapper parent can take their child to without fear of the child being recovered by legal means.

If Kyron Horman was kidnapped, then it was by Kaine Horman because he had the money, the people, and the time to plan the kidnapping before he divorced Terri.  It is clear that Kaine Horman did not plan to stay married to Terri (see:  Did Kaine Horman always plan on divorcing Terri? ) and since they were together eight years and the average American marriage lasts seven years4 , there is enough to reason to believe that Kyron's kidnapping and blaming Terri was thought out and planned by Kaine.

When Desiree Young (Kaine's former wife, mother of Kyron Horman) was eight months pregnant, Kaine starting having an affair with Terri Moulton.  A month after Desiree served Kaine with divorce papers, she filed a restraining order against Kaine fearing he would kidnap Kyron as well as her son from a previous marriage.5
What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad.

At the time, she had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. In court documents, Young said she feared Kaine Horman would “remove our children from their residence.” It’s unclear whether the couple was living together at the time. Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau granted Young’s request, forbidding either her or Kaine Horman from taking the children without the other’s consent.5
Apparently something happened a month after serving Kaine with divorce papers that caused Desiree to fear that Kaine would not only take Kyron but her son from a former marriage as well.  Kaine learned from this.  He planned out a parental kidnapping so he could blame Terri for it and get custody not only of Kyron but full custody of Kiara as well.  It is also payback to Desiree for what she had done to him in the past - as well as to prevent Desiree from having custody or any contact with Kyron.  Malignant narcissists will NEVER let anyone get away with doing anything against them without punishing that person even if it takes years to do so.

Something may have gone wrong and Kaine may have killed Kyron although if that happened, I do not believe that was part of the original plan although I'm not sure.

If Terri had been the one to have planned a kidnapping, she would have planned it so she would have custody of her daughter Kiara, her birth daughter, and would have not just had Kyron, her step son, kidnapped.

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  1. Very good points here! I hadn't thought of it as such a long term plan to divorce Terri but he certainly learned from his experience with Desiree. Even not putting Terri's name on the house deed could have been part of that plan.

    I am very seriously troubled by the possibility that LE released the texts to Kaine. There is no connection in them to any criminal behavior, of danger to anybody. They should not have been released to a private citizen. However I now think they were not released by LE at all. They were concocted by Kaine possibly with MCs help. With Kaine's history of claiming to get info from LE, everybody assumed that's where they came from, but I don't think they would do anything so foolish. Kaine knows LE refuses to comment on anything related to the case so he felt certain he would be safe in producing these as real without fear of contradiction from LE.

    Kaine has a lot to answer for.

  2. As owner of the cell phone account, Kaine could have gotten the transcripts from his cell phone company.

    Of course, if he had both phones, he could have made his own transcript.

  3. I like your theory & it makes a lot of sense. I am one of the less than 5% that still happens to believe Kyron is more than likely alive due to common sense as it would have been pointless to murder the 7 yr. old child, even by the stepmother. Also, no other responsible party would have "joined" in on a murder. That's sheer boloney!This had to have been a well planned kidnapping. Im starting to wonder by who though? Still want to say TH, but the kidnapping plot of Kaine does not seem all that far off any rate, I've said it before & will say it again - I BET HE'S ALIVE.

  4. At the bottom of Page 5 of the court document, KH states that LE provided him with copies of the texts. If that's a lie, I imagine at some point the *@*&! is going to hit the fan and he'll have to answer for the lie.

    If LE did give him that info, there should still be *!&* hitting the fan because how could LE do such a thing when nothing remotely criminal was involved?

  5. I recently was a witness in a case which used text messages. But the DA told me that it is extremely unlikely for a phone company to be able to access what has been texted. Texts go straight to the memory of the phone and are kept by phone companies only for a few days to make sure they've been delivered. And to get those messages would require a timely subpoena. So your comment about Kaine being able to get the transcripts is unlikely. He would have to have the telephone itself.

    I had tried once, to get a message that I'd accidentally deleted on my own phone. It was only a few hours old. The phone company couldn't/ wouldn't help me.

  6. Could that be dependent on the cell phone service or type of phone? With Homeland Security I thought they were wanting the companies to keep track of text messages for a longer time. I know they require email records to be kept for a year (in some cases)

    If it goes directly to cell phone memory with no record at the cell company, then how did LE get them?

    If it was an Intel phone (some companies provide to employee and family members) they would have the records kept.

  7. 42nd, that's really a good point about it maybe being an Intel phone. that would make it laughably easy for Kaine to get (or create) those messages. Saying he got them from LE serves his purpose but might be a bald faced lie. He knows he won't get caught until such time as this case goes to court and LE starts talking, and at the rate Kaine is sabotaging the investigation, that looks like never.


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