Thursday, September 30, 2010

Terri Horman's timeline

Time to revisit Terri's timeline and see how it does not appear that she had time to do anything with Kyron Horman.

8:45 AM Terri leaves Skyline School

9:00 AM Kyron seen by another student

9:15 AM Terri at Fred Meyer #1

9:30 - 10:00 AM Andrea Leckey sees Terri and Kiara (Terri's daughter) at Fred Meyer #2 (?)

11:39 AM Terri arrives at 24 hour fitness

1:21 PM Terri Horman posts photos of Kyron at the science fair on her Facebook page.

Terri did not have time to kill Kyron

The timeline we have been made aware of by numerous sources shows Terri did not have time to kill Kyron, dispose of his body with no forensic evidence in the truck.  No evidence that Kyron was with Terri at either Fred Meyer stores.

If Terri planned to kill Kyron, she did not have enough time to do so in the morning of june 4th and would have planned to do so in the evening on the way to Eugene to meet Desiree.

If Terri did not plan on killing Kyron and it just happened, she would have been in panic mode and not driving to Fred Meyer for Kiara's medicine especially since she went to two Fred Meyer stores and one would have been enough to alibi her.  If Kyron was alive and with Terri when she was at the Fred Meyer store, what explanation would she have told him to keep him in the truck and take Kiara with her?  She could have told Andrea someone was watching Kiara or not even mention it at all if she told Kyron to watch Kiara and stay in the truck.  If Kyron was dead when Terri was at Fred Meyer when would she have killed him?  She was at Fred Meyer fifteen minutes after leaving the school.  She would have then had to scramble to dispose of his body and to clean up any forensic evidence that would be in the truck.

Kidnappers, conspiracy, and a changing alibi

If Terri planned an elaborate kidnap and "stashed" him somewhere, then who is taking care of him and where?  What is the motive?  No ransom demand has been made, no motive to take him and hide him.  If Terri was protecting him,  she would have also protected Kiara as well.  Also how long would she have stashed him?  Why is Kaine and Desiree not begging the "stashers" to return Kyron to them as any parent of a kidnapped child does?  Why is there such discrepancy about the student that swears he saw Kyron after Terri left the school?

If Terri did something to Kyron, she would have had an alibi worked out and not have significantly changed it (if it changed at all - all we have is Kaine's stories saying she did - divorcing husbands have been known to lie)  She also would not have been surprised at failing a polygraph (if she did) or rant about it to everyone who would listen (if she did)  She would have kept quiet about it --- and she never would have agreed to take one in the first place.  If Terri was told she failed a polygraph (she may have passed but told she failed) and she was guilty, it would never have surprised her and she never would have ranted about it - she would have kept quiet.

From what little we have been told minus the lies of Kaine and Desiree,  there are no facts that even remotely hint at Terri's guilt.  She may be guilty of whatever happened to Kyron but I do not see it with what we know to be factual.  Show me the facts and I'll go with the facts.


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