Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why does Kaine Horman and Desiree Young refuse to search for Kyron Horman?

In court papers filed yesterday (October 25)  in his ranting against Terri Horman, Kaine stated Terri refused to search for Kyron Horman and implied it made her an "evil person with no empathy"1 (I wondered if he knew what the word empathy meant before reading this blog)  This court document appeared to have been written by Kaine himself and not by his attorney.  If the attorney wrote it, it's obvious she is under Kaine's narcissistic spell like so many others and she needs to reconsider her line of work.

Back on june 25, Kaine and Desiree gave an interview where they said law enforcement refused to let them search because they "were not qualified" and they "may get lost" and "may destroy evidence"  (see video clip1 )

Yet in Washington State there is a 12 year old girl who went missing a little over a year ago.  Her name is Lindsey Baum.  She disappeared while walking a block home from a friends house in the town of McCleary, WA (70 miles SW of Seattle)  The FBI and numerous law enforcement agencies were (and still are) involved in her search.  Her parents and friends repeatedly looked for her (with law enforcement's blessing) - and the case is considered a criminal case where several people have been persons of interest in the case.

The reason I am bringing Lindsey Baum up is because law enforcement, in this CRIMINAL CASE, has not only allowed her family and friends to search for her but are now allowing prisoners to help search for her --- helping for the THIRD time (at least)  So Kaine and Desiree's fairy tale of not being allowed to search because they are "not qualified" is more than a little suspect (okay - it's a downright LIE)  The only parents who refuse to search for their missing child (if physically able) are the ones who know what happened to the child and where the child (or children) are.

When will ANYONE else call out Kaine and Desiree for their obvious lies and inconsistent statements???


MCCLEARY: Search for Lindsey Baum will get help from prison inmates

Inmates will help law enforcement officers search for missing 12-year-old Lindsey Baum of McCleary this week.

Published: 10/26/1012:00 am

Inmates will help law enforcement officers search for missing 12-year-old Lindsey Baum of McCleary this week.

The FBI, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol will be working with inmates from the Cedar Creek Corrections Center to conduct targeted searches in and around McCleary today, Wednesday and Thursday.

The inmates assisted in searches for Lindsey during August and early October.

Staff report
1.  I believe Kaine Horman kidnapped or killed Kyron Horman


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  1. This brings up the original insistence by LE that only trained SAR people were supposed to join in the search. They did not want volunteers searching the neighborhood. Then Kyron was put on the FBI ten most wanted list ahead of Osama bin Laden. I'm sure you can google it to find that week's list because much was made of putting a lost little boy on that list. So somebody believed this was a serious criminal case right from the beginning.


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