Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is behind the alleged Terri Horman sexting messages?

When filing the contempt of court motion in july, Kaine claims law enforcement told him that Terri’s alleged “sexual overtures” to Michael Cook resembled those she allegedly made to the landscaper (Kaine’s nursery owner friend’s buddy) she allegedly hired to kill him.
Monday's court filing also stated that police had told Kaine that Terri's "sexual overtures to Mr. Cook resemble those made to the man Respondent (Terri Horman) attempted to hire to murder Petitioner (Kaine)."

In the original restraining order filing, Kaine stated that police had told him Terri had tried to hire a landscaper to kill Kaine.1
Now in the newest court documents filed to defame Terri (see: What is going on with the Kyron Horman case? ) Kaine  also released transcripts of the alleged “sexting” Terri did with Michael Cook2 that Kaine claims he received from law enforcement.  Because of the graphic nature, I will not post any of it here although you can see the link to read it yourself.

Why is law enforcement giving Kaine evidence when they are still investigating a criminal case?

Why was the alleged evidence given to Kaine not under a gag order to prevent him from releasing it to the media since it is part of a criminal investigation?  Doesn’t releasing any evidence by Kaine jeopardize the investigation of his son’s apparent disappearance?

In the alleged "sexting" by Terri Horman, she makes reference to her phone being monitored and having “clean” (IE: untraceable) cell phones.

Thanks to Dr. Pickle for making the following points

Why would Terri Horman still be using a cell phone on Kaine Horman’s cell phone plan after he served her with divorce papers and she had hired an attorney - especially since she knew the phone was monitored?

Why would Terri Horman use a “dirty” (IE: monitored) cell phone to “sext” message Kaine’s friend when she could have used the “clean” cell phone she had in her possession?  Why would she mention to Michael Cook he should lie about her allegedly going to his house since she knew the phone was monitored?

Who really had custody of the cell phone?  Did Michael Cook take it and give it to Kaine before the alleged “sext” messages?  Who actually sent the “sexting” messages?  Apparently Terri allegedly also sent a picture of her breasts and more graphic pictures.  How is it proven they are of Terri?  Could it be the female pictures were of Kaine's Friend and sent to make it appear Terri was the one sending the messages?  This happened after Terri hired her defense attorney and after she obtained “clean” phones on the advice of her attorney’s investigator.  Why would she jeopardize her defense after hiring an attorney by sending “sexting” messages on a phone she KNEW was monitored?  If Terri was doing the "sexting", she would have clearly used an unmonitored phone.

Kaine Horman is an engineer at Intel and he either knows how to clone phones or knows someone that does.  If he planned Kyron Horman’s disappearance well in advance, he could have had the phone cloned with no record and nobody knowing – or he could have sent Michael Cook on a reconnaissance mission to get the phone from Terri (she was using an unmonitored phone and may have not known her monitored phone – the one on Kaine’s cell phone plan - was missing)  Certainly she was not using the monitored phone on Kaine’s cell phone plan after she moved from her home – but some of the alleged “sexting” apparently occurred after she moved out.

There was absolutely NO reason to release the “sexting” messages to the public other than to defame and gaslight Terri Horman.  No normal parent would have released this type of alleged “sexting” by Terri Horman when minor children are involved.  Releasing alleged evidence in a criminal investigation jeopardizes the investigation and is inappropriate when done by someone other than law enforcement.

Once again Kaine Horman is in a narcissistic rage and is angry that the abatement was granted and the divorce was put off until january.  Like all narcissists, he wants things when he wants them and he wants it NOW.  He will not stop until he gets his own way.

Why is law enforcement and the courts not stopping Kaine Horman from releasing alleged evidence in Kyron Horman's disappearance???  This is outrageous that this is being allowed to happen and everyone is standing back and allowing documents involving minor children to be released to the public.

I hope when Terri is granted visitation that someone checks Kiara out before Terri has contact with her.  It is not beyond the malignant narcissist to harm Kiara and set Terri up to be blamed for it.




  1. I believe that Terri was very much in love with Kaine. Sexting was a way to get back at her husband for leaving her at a time when she needed him the most.
    Terri's Song:

  2. That's a really good video. Thanks for posting it.

  3. A couple thoughts here. I could be wrong, but I'm still not 100% convinced she is the actual author of those messages. She has been criticized for "the timing" of the sexting.

    I think the timing of the divorce and the enormous amount of energy put into publicly destroying this woman is also questionable. Where does the wherewithall come from to do this when your child is missing?

    I get that he was told she tried to have him murdered. I also get that he initially said things were OK between them. I'd be interested to know what his reaction was when SHE called police after the failed sting. He has definately created the picture of a monster for the all too willing public to hate, it's just not clear when exactly this monster appeared.

  4. I had him pegged at the first "media briefing" where he kicked reporters out for not being "team players"

    I'm doing the research for an article on parental kidnappings and children kidnapped from the U.S. taken to other countries - try to have it posted later today.


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