Thursday, September 30, 2010

Terri Horman's timeline

Time to revisit Terri's timeline and see how it does not appear that she had time to do anything with Kyron Horman.

8:45 AM Terri leaves Skyline School

9:00 AM Kyron seen by another student

9:15 AM Terri at Fred Meyer #1

9:30 - 10:00 AM Andrea Leckey sees Terri and Kiara (Terri's daughter) at Fred Meyer #2 (?)

11:39 AM Terri arrives at 24 hour fitness

1:21 PM Terri Horman posts photos of Kyron at the science fair on her Facebook page.

Terri did not have time to kill Kyron

The timeline we have been made aware of by numerous sources shows Terri did not have time to kill Kyron, dispose of his body with no forensic evidence in the truck.  No evidence that Kyron was with Terri at either Fred Meyer stores.

If Terri planned to kill Kyron, she did not have enough time to do so in the morning of june 4th and would have planned to do so in the evening on the way to Eugene to meet Desiree.

If Terri did not plan on killing Kyron and it just happened, she would have been in panic mode and not driving to Fred Meyer for Kiara's medicine especially since she went to two Fred Meyer stores and one would have been enough to alibi her.  If Kyron was alive and with Terri when she was at the Fred Meyer store, what explanation would she have told him to keep him in the truck and take Kiara with her?  She could have told Andrea someone was watching Kiara or not even mention it at all if she told Kyron to watch Kiara and stay in the truck.  If Kyron was dead when Terri was at Fred Meyer when would she have killed him?  She was at Fred Meyer fifteen minutes after leaving the school.  She would have then had to scramble to dispose of his body and to clean up any forensic evidence that would be in the truck.

Kidnappers, conspiracy, and a changing alibi

If Terri planned an elaborate kidnap and "stashed" him somewhere, then who is taking care of him and where?  What is the motive?  No ransom demand has been made, no motive to take him and hide him.  If Terri was protecting him,  she would have also protected Kiara as well.  Also how long would she have stashed him?  Why is Kaine and Desiree not begging the "stashers" to return Kyron to them as any parent of a kidnapped child does?  Why is there such discrepancy about the student that swears he saw Kyron after Terri left the school?

If Terri did something to Kyron, she would have had an alibi worked out and not have significantly changed it (if it changed at all - all we have is Kaine's stories saying she did - divorcing husbands have been known to lie)  She also would not have been surprised at failing a polygraph (if she did) or rant about it to everyone who would listen (if she did)  She would have kept quiet about it --- and she never would have agreed to take one in the first place.  If Terri was told she failed a polygraph (she may have passed but told she failed) and she was guilty, it would never have surprised her and she never would have ranted about it - she would have kept quiet.

From what little we have been told minus the lies of Kaine and Desiree,  there are no facts that even remotely hint at Terri's guilt.  She may be guilty of whatever happened to Kyron but I do not see it with what we know to be factual.  Show me the facts and I'll go with the facts.


The narcissism epidemic, collective narcissism, and the "Terri is guilty" herd mentality

A short article as a prequel for the article I wrote yesterday

Narcissism is rising in the younger generations.  One National Institutes of Health sturvey of 35,000 Americans shows that only 3% of those over 65 has ever experienced NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) symptoms in their lives while 10% of those surveyed in their 20s had.1

The rise in narcissism is due to materialistic attitudes, psychologists and talk show hosts that preach "self love", overspending when the economy was prosperous,  and parents who put their kids on a pedestal teaching them they are "entitled".  Fueling the narcissistic culture are celebrities and the highly narcissistic television shows such as "Real Housewives" as well as other reality shows.2

One other reason narcissism has become an epidemic is the social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.  These site feed and promote narcissism because they tend to become "all about ME".   They promote shallow "friendships" and is more of a contest of who has the most "friends" and how "popular" they are.3   It's shallow relationships carry over to real life and affect how they interact with people.

In Group narcissism the group self esteem is high, but unstable, since the individual members suffer from extremely low self esteem, and reflects itself onto the group self image.  There is a blindness to alternate ideas and theories.4   The group is right, and everyone else is "the enemy".   This ties in to the herd mentality of the "Terri is guilty" group in the Kyron Horman case.  As I posted yesterday, there is group narcissism in the herd mentality of "Terri is guilty" and they will not even discuss alternate theories or the problems with Terri being responsible for whatever happened to Kyron.  I wrote extensively on this yesterday and highly recommend reading yesterdays post (  after reading the reference articles linked below:

1.  The Narcissism Epidemic

2.  Narcissism Epidemic: Why There Are So Many Narcissists Now

3. Survey Says Facebook Feeds Narcissism [STUDY]

4. Collective narcissism and its social consequences


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The herd mentality (Sock Puppetry) of the "Terri is guilty" crowd


Herd mentality is the pressure to conform within a group and exclude alternative ideas.  The characteristics of herd mentality is the deterioration of the collective mental efficiency and the pressure to agree with the "stronger" member or members who are perceived to be powerful, famous, or knowledgeable.  The "stronger" members tend to intimidate the weaker members to force them to agree with their position or keep quiet.  If they are outside of the group, they are the "enemy" and open to ridicule and harassment by the group.

This has happened in the Kyron Horman case.  There are members of online message boards who state that Terri Horman is guilty of doing something to or with Kyron.  They pretend to have insider information directly from law enforcement which cannot be verified and yet when someone else has information, they want "links" to back it up as "proof" yet when you ask them for "links" they say they have gotten the information from law enforcement connected to the case and have to keep their source "confidential"  (yeah, right)

These people when questioned by those who think for themselves make comments about the thinkers such as this:

SoCalDreamer :
I was right to begin with I dont need to be posting until Terri Horman  is arrested or Kyron is found. Once she is arrested I think there will some still sitting here talking about how she got set up...crazy that the same people who want justice for Kyron dont necessarily want justice for Kyron they just think that they do..
 So if you don't think Terri is guilty you automatically do not want justice for Kyron???  One more gaslighting event from a malignant narcissist leader who is controlling and manipulating her sock puppets.  Obviously this person thinks they have proof that Terri Horman is guilty even though no such proof exists.  Terri Horman is not even a person of interest in the case let alone a suspect.  If Kaine Horman is arrested, this person would be the first to defend him claiming he was the one who was set up (and likely claim "Terri did it" - blaming her for setting Kaine up)  This person has shown mental instability and general flakiness --- just the type of malignant narcissist a person with low self esteem and low thinking ability would blindly follow.

Here is an example of a herd member (not one of the leaders) :

Woundtight :
I'm tired of the fence-sitters and windsocks. If you're for Kyron, you're against Terri. If you're against Terri, you're for Kaine. It's as simple as black and white. Take a stand. Want some? Get some!
So you are against Kyron if you are not ready to convict Terri even without any evidence that she is guilty?  It is clear that Kaine's sock puppets are now using the tactic of saying 'you are against Kyron unless you are ready to hang Terri' to coerce people into agreeing with the herd leaders.This person does not have a clue about logic and sound reasoning.  Just one example of a mentally deficient herd member.

Those with herd mentality are generally less intelligent individuals that go along with those they perceive to be "in the know" without thinking on their own and coming up with their own conclusions.  After all, it's easier to go "with the flow" and follow along than have the courage to think for yourself and watch where the REAL evidence leads.  Terri may be guilty but I have not seen a single thing to make me believe she is.  The time line does not fit.  I posted about it before and unless there is news, I'll revisit the time line maybe tomorrow.

Those who "follow the herd" hate those who post something against their "group leader(s)" and will attack those who do not agree with the herd's conclusion even when presented with facts.  They do not even attack what the dissenters post, they attack the person and bully the dissenters - trying to bully them into submission.  The herd mentality is, in fact, group narcissism "We are great, agree or be gaslighted by US"  they want to appear as super heros yet there is such an underlying low self esteem that they have to bond together to be validated.

Here is one such Kaine Horman supporter who decided to attack me instead of discussing anything rationally.  For the record, I have never collected unemployment so this person is grasping at anything just to bully those who disagree with them and their malignant narcissist hero Kaine Horman.  Note the threat to continue harssing me and even the threat to make new accounts for harassment purposes if their account is terminated :

Bad spelling in the original.  Original was single paragraph just as posted.  Obviously this person is mentally ill and needs help.    (The first two posts below have been removed from OL - the third one still remains at the time of this posting)
kainesfriend August 03, 2010 at 1:52PM

42ndstate & any other kaine bashers..i finally had a day off work to read through all the time lines and comments about kyron.42ndstate i`ve know kaine since we were 14yrs old and your thousands of comments calling him names shock me.he is as you call him a "Narcissism" he isnt even close to being one,you call him a "homosexual"NOT even make refrences of it being him that did something to kyron????wth is this?you dont know this man ONLY what you have read in the media!(or do you know him..maybe one of terri`s friends?)you have nerves to come on here typeing your hate out for a father trying everything possible to find his son,you put this man down for this?apparently you have no children or your just a very cold hearted person,how far would you go to force someone to tell where your 7 year old child is?kaine would give his life,highly doubt you would do a thing if it happened to you reading your sick nasty ignorant comments!also read a few of your stupid comments about you looking for a job,,and bringing PRESIDENT OBAMA into your sick comments,i bet ya a hundred bucks you dont mind collecting unemployment do you? something obama fought to reinstate for millions out of a job.MAYBE if you werent on your pc day and night giving your sick comments you would have a JOB by now?i bet you surely dont say no to that unemployment check you get each might wanna tell obama thanks for that because if it had been your party your a member of(apparently) you would be at the welfare office in line asking for handouts!im gonna make it a point to TRY to come on here every night just to see the lies and nasty comments you make about kaine unlike you i have to WORK and cant sit on my fanny ALLDAY & NIGHT making a fool outa myself calling kaine nasty names,i might just have to get a few of our other friends to join in on the comments on here we will do.... a 42ndstate comment forum..;ets see the first one will be (what do people think of this person 42ndstate)maybe we can discuss why 42nd state has so much hate and resorts to name calling of a father who hasnt seen his son is 9 weeks because)or how about this one..Is 42ndstate one of terris friends or one of her many lovers she sextexts?im sure your a woman by all the comments you have made..i assume you were treated
very badly at one time by a Narcissism jilted lover..hey that would make a good forum header!you will NEVER know how this man or desi feels about all of this,One day if ever in the same shoes (and i wouldnt wish that on anybody)you`ll see how far someone will go to get their child back!i have never see a blogger like you you absolutely have not one ounce of heart,oooh wait yes you do for terri and dede

kainesfriend August 03, 2010 at 1:59PM

i have and he has,and he appreciates them more then you guys will ever know,but this person 42ndstate makes me very sick to the stomache to keep saying ALL these nasty things about him and desi,and she can keep deleting my comments all she wants i will keep reposting it! if banned i will remake another account,if this person thinks she/he has the right to her sick lies about kaine 2 can play this game,and i promise you they wont be able to stop many other of kaines and desi`s friends from commenting their thoughts about this 42ndstate
kainesfriend August 03, 2010, 3:00PM 
sorry i got anyones comment chopped,i take it only 42ndstate can run her sick mouth and comments on here,42ndstate..i`ll beeeee bacckkk tonight! kk delete this now! i cant comment due to good old 42ndstate deleting because she can only be the one making sensless comments,and very few of her friends who have the same size brain as she has

Notice the herd mentality of the highlighted statements:  Agree Terri is guilty or be harassed and bullied by Kaine Horman's friends.  This is one of the reasons I no longer post on oregonlive where Kaine's sock puppets  are allowed to harass and piss all over those who dissent to the herd mentality that "Terri is guilty".  This person does not even know me yet they threaten to harass and bully me because I think Kaine is likely guilty and Terri isn't.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"Rudy Sanchez", the alleged landscaper in the alleged murder for hire plot against Kaine Horman, his landscape business purchases their nursery stock from Sleepy Ridge Farms - the same nursery that is hosting the fraudulent fundraiser for "Kyron searches" in october.   Victor & Tracy Elbert, owners of Sleepy Ridge Farms, are good friends with Kaine Horman.  


Another fraudulent fundraiser to "pay for Kyron searches"
The e-mail also announced an Oct. 8 and 9 fundraiser for the Kyron Horman Foundation, which supports the sheriffs’ search and rescue unit. Volunteers mobilized by the unit searched for weeks around Skyline School after Kyron disappeared.
Since when does a private foundation "support" a sheriff's search and rescue unit???  Didn't the sheriff just get $$$ tax dollars to pay for the investigation and searches?  The sheriff previously stated that NONE of the money donated for the search effort had been used and that Kaine and Desiree will eventually decide how to spend it.  It is obvious that Kaine is controlling the investigation - and he is the guilty party who should be on the sheriff's possible suspects list.  This is totally unethical and the feds need to investigate.
PORTLAND, Ore. -- In order to keep his name in the spotlight and help fund the search, the family of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman planned a fundraiser for next month.
Once again, Kyron Horman is being used as a gimmick to increase sales at Portland area businesses.  The fraudulent advertisements claim the fundraiser money will be used for "Kyron searches" yet none of the money donated for "Kyron searches" has been used to pay for the Kyron billboards that are now being replaced, none of the money has been used to pay for advertising (I guess that would be a waste since Kaine's media sock puppets give him all the PR for free) and none of the money solicited to pay for Kyron searches has actually been used to pay to search for Kyron.  By Desiree's own statement on Oprah, the money is being used to pay for Kyron buttons and tee shirts for her to sell in her new home business as well as to pay for more "fundraisers".  It appears the nursery is being paid by the Kyron Horman foundation for some of the nursery stock so that the nursery and the Kyron Horman Foundation can earn money off of Kyron's name and the foolish people who are being manipulated and suckered by Kaine.

When will their be an investigation of where this fraudulently raised "fundraiser" money is going?  None has yet been used to pay for searches or any sort of advertising that would "Keep Kyron's face out there"  When will the Kyron Horman Foundation be held accountable for false advertising --- that the money raised will be for "Kyron searches" ???

The economy has been a very bad year for plant nurseries and for any nursery to use a missing child to try and increase sales and get rid of inventory is deplorable.  1001001000101100010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes on I-1107 - Put an end to a lunatic tax scheme in Washington State

The Washington State Legislature is a prime example of what is wrong with American politics.

The Washington State Constitution states that sales tax on grocery store food (exception soda pop, beer, and wine--- hard liquor is currently sold only in liquor stores) is not legal in Washington State.  This was upheld on appeal by the Washington State Supreme Court in the 1970's.

This year because of a budget shortfall, the first action of the state legislature was to over turn the voter mandated 2/3 majority to raise taxes.  It is allowed by the Washington State Constitution that the legislature can over turn a voter mandated initiative two years after it was voted in by the people (so much for what the people want)

After the legislature over turned the 2/3 majority the people voted for giving the socialists (democrats) the majority, they decided to do an end run around the state constitution and redefine what is food and what is not food in order to balance the state budget.  They finally agreed that candy and water was not food and voted to tax bottled water and their definition of candy.

The clowns in Olympia decided on this definition of candy:
"Candy" is a preparation of sugar, honey, or other natural or artificial sweeteners combined with chocolate, fruits, nuts, or other ingredients or flavorings and formed into bars, drops, or pieces. Candy does not require refrigeration, and does not include flour as an ingredient.
 By their idiotic reclassification of what is not considered food, some granola bars are considered candy (their definition of "non food") while twixt candy bars and licorice are considered food items (both contain flour)  By their definition, beef jerky is considered candy (contains sugar and no flour) and not a food item while donuts are considered a food.

Sample of their ridiculous tax scheme:

It gets better than this  --- SOME (but not all) beer and soda pop now has an extra tax (they were already taxed) while other soda pop and beer are not taxed  - based on how much the company sells a year.

Tax is being collected on items that their definition calls food - and the state says "oh well" .  Their entire tax scheme is biased, violates the state constitution, and hurts small businesses throughout the state of Washington.  Even dried fruit with sugar added such as fruit leather is considered candy and so it the famous Aplets & Cotlets and they are taxed under the illegal legislation - but Nestle's Crunch candy bar is considered a food so it is not taxed.

Bottom line:  Grocery store food tax is not legal in Washington State.  The state legislature did an end run around voters and the state constitution to get this passed. The only ones who support this tax are the organizations that want money from the state and are afraid of losing their funding - they do not care about Washington State or the state constitution all they care about is their narcissistic little selves and the funding they demand from the state of Washington - typical socialists wanting more socialist programs (and money) in spite of what the law says.  The state sales tax (on non food items) could have been increased without violating the state constitution but the socialists want to tear the constitution down at the state level as well as the federal level.

More information:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oregonlive is still Kaine Horman's sock puppet

Thank you, pfigment, for bringing this to my attention and for putting me in contact with Peter Pickle.  Thank you Peter Pickle for sharing this with me.

Yesterday Mr. Pickle was posting on oregonlive about how all of the missing children in Oregon should be featured in the banner menu and side boxes and not just Kyron.  He posted the link to the missing Oregon children page  Oregon State Police Missing Children Clearinghouse

pfigment, an OregonLive regular poster, looked at the missing child page and found a missing Pickle:

Peter Pickle then posted the information about Rachanda's disappearance that can be found on any number of web sites.  Here is the post Mr. Pickle made on Oregonlive - and was IMMEDIATELY removed:
Rachanda Pickle disappeared from her home while watching television while her mother was at work.  Her step father is the prime suspect in her disappearance and is currently in prison for the murder of another young woman who was murdered 12 years before Rachanda disappeared.
Peter Pickle did NOT name the stepfather even though the stepfather is a named suspect and is currently in prison for another unrelated murder.  Yet Oregon Live removed Peter Pickle's post and even posted on the forum that there were posts removed that contained "UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS"   This because of Peter Pickle's post about the UN-NAMED stepfather being the prime suspect in Rachanda Pickle's murder.  Here is what the charleyproject article has about Rachanda's disappearance:
        Pickle was last seen watching television at her family's residence on the Santiam Pass in Sweet Home, Oregon at 10:00 a.m. on July 10, 1990. She has never been heard from again. Her mother was at work at the time of her disappearance. Pickle's stepfather, John Arthur Ackroyd, is the last person known to have seen her. He said he came home during a break from work and asked Pickle if she wanted to accompany him to his job at the Oregon Highway Patrol. She said no and he left. When he returned to the house, Pickle had vanished.

        Foul play is suspected in Pickle's disappearance. Ackroyd is the prime suspect in her case. A photo of him is posted below this case summary. He is currently serving five life sentences in prison for the unrelated murder of Kaye Jean Turner, who was abducted and murdered in 1978. Ackroyd found her body eight months later and was under suspicion in her case for many years, but he wasn't convicted in her death until 1994. He is also a suspect in the deaths of two other young women. Ackroyd has not been charged in connection with Pickle's disappearance, but her family believes he murdered her. Her case remains unsolved.

Here is the post that Oregonlive made after removing Mr. Pickle's post:

 All sorts of topics are allowed on Oregonlive. There have on occasion various members participating in sexual discussions, completely off topic discussions, and some quite offensive discussions but when Peter Pickle posts about Rachanda Pickle's disappearance and says the step father WHO HE DOES NOT EVEN NAME ---(the named police suspect in several other murders and convicted murderer who is still in prison for murder)--- is the suspect his post is immediately deleted.  At the very same time, Oregonlive has allowed all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations against Terri Horman and how she "murdered Kyron", kidnapped him, conspired with others to commit a crime, etc. when she is not even a person of interest let alone a suspect.

What is going on here???  Has Oregonlive sold it's soul for a Kaine Horman interview?   Why is it okay to trash Terri Horman on Oregonlive when she is not even a suspect and it is not okay to state a convicted murderer (without naming him) is the primary suspect in another murder (especially when he is a named suspect by law enforcement) ?

Something fishy is going on at Oregonlive.   You can only post your thoughts and opinions if you think "Terri did it" (whatever "IT" is) and you cannot post anything at all that even hints someone else may be guilty of anything - even a convicted murderer and even if you do not post his name.   Oregonlive has set a new low standard for tabloid journalism.  

.kyron horman update

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Were Rare wine grapes REALLY "stolen" from a Benton County vineyard ?

Today on KING (Seattle NBC affiliate) news report stated that over a ton of rare (in this state) wine grapes were stolen in the last week from an Eastern Washington vineyard.

Mourvedre grapes are not commonly grown in Washington State yet.  They are an "exotic grape" and this would have been the first year these grapes from this vineyard would have been harvested for wine making.
Vineyard Manager Ryan Johnson tells us it looked like a professional job - a complete and clean illegal harvest of about 2,000 pounds of the rare grapes.

“Whoever it was, knew what they were doing. They were very thorough," said Johnson.
And they took only the Mourvedre, nothing else
If one does a little research, you will see mourvedre grapes attract birds, bees, and gophers - and likely bears - who prefer these grapes to other varieties:
numerous challenges in growing and harvesting mourvedre. For one thing, deer, gophers, birds and bees will bypass other neighboring varieties to get to the mourvedre
And this year, there seems to be a good number of cedar waxwings (birds) feasting on grapes in the general area as the missing mourvedre grapes.  We have also had a cool summer in Washington State and the berries the bears usually feast on had very little fruit and what fruit they had matured very late.  Bears are searching for food wherever they can find it.
Dan Caraway, assistant manager for Kirsten Rose Vineyard, mostly is concerned about the cedar waxwings, a kind of bird that has decided to stop in south Kennewick on its migration south to feast on his merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot.
So one needs to ask:  Are these vineyard owners ignorant of the fact that mourvedre grapes are targeted by birds, gophers, bears, and other critters?  Are they ignorant of the fact that the cedar waxwings decided to stop in Eastern Washington for a feast during their migration? If they know their grapes attract birds and bears, are they using this as free publicity for their vineyard / winery or do they have insurance against theft they are trying to capitalize on?

Do these farmers really think someone could have gone in with a truck and harvested 1-1/4 tons of grapes by hand and nobody noticed anything?


Friday, September 24, 2010

The health care solution

Once again there is no new news on Kyron Horman so I'll post a solution to the health care mess that neither democrats or republicans will even consider.  It is a solution that will not violate the constitution and will help people who cannot get health insurance.  It is meant as a fall back system and not the primary health care system.  It should be implemented primarily by individual states with a federal system as a back up to states unable to implement the program on their own.

The first part of the program is education of doctors.  This is entirely voluntary to the student doctors There is no mandatory participation in any part of this health care program.  The government entity (state or federal) will pay for the doctor's entire education in exchange for a number of years service.  Number of years is dependent on the specialty of the doctor.  If the doctor drops out of the program, they will owe the amount paid for their education plus a penalty.

Doctors in the program will serve in hospitals or clinics with their salaries and malpractice insurance covered by the government.  The hospitals will be reimbursed for a percentage of that doctors specialty.

Hospital or clinic has ten oncologists.  One of the oncologists is in the government program.  The total billable in the oncology department is a million dollars including all patients - in and out of the government program.  The government reimburses 10% of the billable amount in the oncology department or $100,000. (1 out of ten doctors = 10%  If there were two out of ten doctors in the government program, the hospital would be reimbursed 20%)  Having the reimbursement based on the entire oncology department  instead of based on the doctor(s) in the program prevents patients being assigned to doctors based on whether they are in the government program or not.
People in the program will pay a copay depending on how much they earn - anywhere from $0 to $200. plus there will be a deductible depending on how much they earn - from $0. to whatever is determined.  No elective procedures over basic health care (wellness exam - checkups / to be determined) are covered and any optional procedures / non covered the government will receive a percentage based on hospital or clinic wide billable procedures (the government is paying the salary of the doctors in the program so it is all profit to the hospital / clinic)  The income from the elective procedures will help pay for the rest of the program (examples of procedures not covered: liposuction, plastic surgery / etc.)  Hospitals cannot refuse patients in the government program.

Doctors and clinics can also be set up in areas that have no access to doctors.  The government will pay for the clinics / doctors and will accept other insurance to help pay for the clinic / doctor.  There will need to be some sort of fraud prevention in place without invading peoples privacy.

In order to be allowed in the program, people will have to waive their right to sue their doctors or the hospital / clinic. There may need to be some laws changed to get this part passed.  There is a need to keep the sue happy bottom feeders out of the program to protect taxpayer dollars.  If there is a problem with malpractice, the government will negotiate an at cost solution which will not include punitive damages.  This again will keep this as a fall back system and not the primary health care system.

 Only American citizens can be covered.  American born citizens can be covered from birth, immigrants can be covered when becoming a citizen.  Insurance companies cannot dump people just because they are sick.  The government program will not be a dumping ground for insurance companies to get their high cost insured off their books.  Employers cannot use this government program as the health care program for their employees.  This protects the insurance companies as well as the taxpayers that will be responsible for any costs of this program.

This way regular insurance will still exist and will be primary for those who can afford it.  People cannot just go to the government program while earning $100K just to save money on health care - the copay for those making more than a certain level (to be determined)l will be cost prohibitive. This is meant for those who cannot get or cannot afford health care not as a money saving program for big business.

This is the general program it will definitely need some tweaking to get it to work.  This just shows there are alternative health care plans that will cover people that need it and will not violate the constitutional rights of American Citizens.  If operated correctly, it can also be self sustaining.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why do most people care about the beetles in the baby food?

God told us to not eat beetles so the case about the beetles in the baby food would bother me very much if I were feeding it to a child.  Why people who do not care what God says about what we should or should not eat is bothered by it is the question I have.  It seems hypocritical people would be concerned over the beetles in the baby food yet willfully consume beetles in the food they eat.
Many people do not realize many foods intentionally contain beetles - AND it is on the ingredient list. It is a red coloring used in "foods" such as Good & Plenty candy, Skittles candy - as well as other candies,  some yogurts, some juices,  some ice creams and beetles are even in products such as Listerine Tangerine flavored mouth wash.    Note that not all red colored foods use the cochineal beetle to color them.  Red 4 is not cochineal while Natrual red 4 is.  There are also other red food colors that do not come from the cochineal beetle.             

So you've checked the labels and did not see beetles listed --- but do a Google search on cochineal, Crimson Lake, Carmine, Natural Red 4, E120 and C.I. 75470,Crimson Lake, Carmine, Natural Red 4, E120 and C.I. 75470,   The FDA requires all foods in the United States that contain this coloring to include either cochineal or carmine in the ingredients list on the label.  The inclusion of this beetle makes a food non-Kosher.

To a vegetarian, someone who keeps the Rabbinic Kosher dietary laws, or someone like myself who keeps the biblical dietary laws we would be concerned about the beetles in the baby food but why are the people who eat their carmine / cochineal colored candies and drink their carmine / cochineal fruit juices every day so concerned about beetles in their baby's formula?


Airlines and tax avoidance

Although the focus of this blog has been on the Kyron Horman case, I purposefully left it open to discuss other topics.   There has been no new news about the Kyron case so I will be discussing other topics as well.

Most people who fly commercially have noticed the airlines have reduced their fares but increased the fees they charge.  There is a good reason for this - and not just to hide their air fare increase to be more competitively priced - it is to avoid taxes!

The problem with the fees is because the airlines are charged a 7.5% tax on airline tickets but nothing on fees.  The airlines are avoiding the tax by decreasing ticket prices --- and the tax they pay --- and getting the money back on the untaxed fees.  The solution I have previously stated elsewhere is to keep the 7.5% tax on the tickets but charge 15% tax on the fees they collect.  You would immediately see a decrease in the fees the airlines charge.  It is unethical they are doing this and it is idiotic the government has not fixed it yet since it is an obvious and simple solution.  The government is letting the airlines get away with tax avoidance.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kyron billboards coming down

 The30 billboard spaces donated by Clear Channel are now gradualy coming down and being replaced by other advertising

WHY is the Kyron Horman Foundation not purchasing the billboard advertising and keeping the billboards up???  Didn't Kaine and Desiree claim they wanted to keep Kyron's face and name out there so people could find him???  Isn't the billboards with Kyron;s picture and law enforcement contact numbers important to them to keep in front of people???  Why with over $28,000. fraudulently raised money did they not use it to keep the billboards up???  Just where is the money going if they are not searching and not using it to keep Kyron's face in front of people as they claim?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Did Kaine Horman always plan on divorcing Terri?

Looks like there was no news to report on today regarding Kyron Horman.  Driving home tonight, I was thinking about something I had wondered a couple of months ago.

Kaine and Terri Horman have been together for over eight years --- since Desiree was eight months pregnant with Kyron.  This is according to Desiree that stated during on of the early july interviews that Kaine cheated on her with Terri when she was eight months pregnant.  Kyron just had his eighth birthday.

Kaine Horman purchased his current house three years ago and shortly after, he and Terri were married in Hawaii.  Why would Kaine purchase a house putting it in his name and not his and Terri's when he had been with Terri for five years and they were apparently planning to get married in Hawaii shortly after?  Why was the house not in Terri's name too?  This once again show Kaine's very controlling behavior and one has to wonder if he had planned on eventually divorcing Terri and if he had carried out his plans Desiree was afraid of: Kidnapping his own child.  This would get back at Desiree as well as Terri.  he knew if he could project the blame onto Terri he would wind up with both of his children - just like he planned to when he was still married to Desiree.

Any other committed lifetime marriage the house would be in both spouses names.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pre Yom Kippur thoughts about the Kyron Horman case

Just a note before I leave to observe Yom Kippur out of town with some friends.  I likely won't be back until 9PM tomorrow night so if anything big happens between now and then, I won't be able to comment on it until then.

It seems odd to me how many people back Kaine and everything he has said even though he gives inconsistent statements.  Of course, the malignant narcissist that he is, he projects the inconsistent statements onto Terri and claims she is the one giving inconsistent statements even though he has no idea what she has said to anyone since june 26.  If LE is briefing him on the REAL statements by those being questioned, then LE is extremely incompetent.   Kaine seems to be reading the forums and blogs to see what people say.  There were a few of us that brought up the possibility of Terri having post partum depression.  It was not until 6-8 weeks later Kaine gave an interview to the media claiming Terri suffered from post partum depression. 

It also seems odd to me how Kaine was so gun ho in having two court hearings and going after Terri for the contempt of the restraining order - until I posted here how he was in violation of the restraining order and there was no proof Terri was.   Does Kaine Horman have to read the blogs to know what to say next???

Why is it Kaine cannot answer questions live and all the questions / answers has to be scripted?  Why does he intently stare at Desiree whenever she is answering questions?  At least one communications expert finds his actions odd.  Having everything scripted and read seems to be a way for Kaine to damage control.

I'll post more when I get back.  This last comment is not related to the Kyron Horman case.


At this time of Yom Kippur, a time God gave us to reflect on our sins is the time to repent and turn to God through His Son Messiah Yeshua who willingly died as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.  He is our Cohen Gadol - Mediator between God and man.

Zechariah  (JPS Tanakh)

12:8  In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that stumbleth among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as a godlike being, as the angel of the LORD before them.
12:9  And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
12:10  And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication; and they shall look unto Me because they have thrust him through; and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his first-born.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kaine's media sock puppets jumping ship

It finally looks like the media is starting to admit they have foolishly let Kaine Horman lead them down the rabbit trail by claiming Terri was guilty.  KPTV has published an article:  in which they quote former Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto isn stating the current sheriff had made mistakes in the case and should not have focused so much on Terri Horman from the start.  He also stated that forming a task force this late in the game shows they don't have all that much to go on. 

Maybe if they had looked at Kaine and his boyfriend Kyron would have been found by now.  Instead you have Kaine and his sock puppets (media and social media) so duped into thinking everything he has told the media is truthful that they would defend Kaine even if he confessed to murdering Kyron and dumping him.  I can hear them now: "Terri was such a bitch to live with, it drove him to do it - it's all Terri's fault" even if she had nothing whatsoever to do with it and they totally and completely cleared her.  These are the same type of people who fall in love with mass murderers and befriend them when they are in prison.  I would assume by the criminal malignnant narcissists in prison such as Joran Vandersloot [IE: Natalie Holloway] that have women proposing to them in prison, that most of the Kaine supporters are either gullible foolish females who are most likely serial victims of different malignant narcissists or homosexual men / women haters who blame Terri just because she is a woman.

The type of people who support Kaine are so blinded by their malignant narcissist hero, I doubt they would believe the sheriff if he gave a press conference and said Terri was not involved and had been cleared.  They would still blame her because their idol, Kaine, said she was guilty.

  If Teri does something, Kaine's worshipers say that means she is guilty.  If Kaine does the same thing, they say it means he is grieving.  They even make excuses for him "he's a shy and private person"  Yet if that were the case, he would stop defaming and gaslighting Terri and would talk about Kyron and what type of son he was.  He certainly would not have taken his precious time off from work (time he lied to the court and said he did not have because he had to work) to fly to Chicago for a ten minute interview which could have been  accomplished in a video conference.  It was obvious oprah was not impressed with him or his foundation - she didn't even donate any money for it or give the address of the web site.  I bet she had wished she had canceled that interview just like she canceled the fake acid attack story (oprah probably wonders if anyone in the Portland metro area is sane)  

Most people did not think Bethany Storro (the acid story) would do such a thing - not even her parents and close friends.  Yet you have complete strangers defending Kaine and saying he could never do anything to his son in spite of his previous actions and lies.  Kaine came from a family where sexual abuse occurred and Kaine has a history of abusing those he loves.  Malignant narcissists such as Kaine have no empathy towards others - he could easily kill his son and feel no empathy or remorse.  In fact, he could "pass a polygraph with flying colors" even if he is guilty.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

According to the sighting of the new moon in Tel Aviv, Israel on september 10, Yom Kippur is on 
monday september 20, 2010.  
There will be no updates from sunday sundown to monday sundown (PDT)

Desiree's new home based business

The only thing I want to add about the oprah interview is that Desiree has a new home based business: selling tee-shirts, bracelets, and buttons.

With so much money in the "foundation to find Kyron" why are they spending it on bracelets and buttons instead of hiring private detectives to track down Kyron if they believe Terri arranged him to be hidden by her network of spies?  If Terri had disappeared him and get so many people to help, she would have had a concrete unchanging alibi.  She would have even have gotten one of her alleged "co-conspirators" to alibi her.

Are people certain Kiara is in Kaine's custody?  If she was in the custody of CPS, it would be a fact well hidden to the media and the public.  It would explain why Kaine has so much time to take off from work to give media interviews and raise funds to pay for more fund raisers.  It would also explain why he could take off to Chicago with the first wife (or is it his second or third wife? Are you so sure Desiree was his first wife?) without a thought about Kiara.

The only new thing from the oprah interview is that Desiree wants people to buy her products.  It was more of a sales pitch for her business and another media gaslighting event of Terri than concern for their son.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's oprah interview

I have not watched the interview yet so I may have more to add after I do.  Quotes are taken from an east coast blogger who had watched the program.  Apparently the hour interview oprah had with the Hormans was trimmed down to less than ten minutes.   I would like to know what was said in the 50 minutes that was not aired more than the part that was aired.

Today the oprah interview showed me that Terri could not be guilty of disappearing Kyron. and shows me that kaine is behind his disappearance.

First there are those who say Terri is stupid and an idiot yet if she is, then how could he have not been found by now and why are so many alleged accomplices continuing to hide him?  Obviusly if Terri was involved, it would have had to be well planned and thought out.  If it had been thought out and planned so thoroughly police have not solved it yet, why did Terri not have a firm alibi rehearsed and never changing?
Kaine: First polygraph results came back and she was very vocal with everyone in the entire house about how it went. How that she failed. And then the actions after that and the discussions that we had trying to understand what happened that day and she would change her story daily, if not more than that. I mean, every time you talked to her it was a little bit different about, 'Oh, here's what happened that day, and you kind of look at her going, 'You know, we have a major crisis here and you don't even have a story that's believable at this point.'
Obviously if Terri could have planned a well orchestrated disappearance which had at least one other person involved (besides Dede IF she was involved) then she would certainly have an air tight alibi that she would have reheased until she had it down without changing it.  We do NOT know if Terri failed any polygraph.  Even if she did, that could be due to the stress of Kyron missing as well as the guilt and blame Desiree was already heaping on her even before she arrived in Portland (Desiree has previously stated she "knew Terri was guilty" when she first got the phone call about Kyron missing)  She may have been told she failed the polygraph to try and get a confession from her because law enforcement thought she might be guilty.  Numerous times law enforcement tells an innocent person they failed to try and get more information.  If Terri knew she lied, she would never have been surprised to be told she failed (and likely would never have let herself to be coerced into taking it in the first place)  Her vocalizing and anger that she was told she failed show me she likely told the truth because if she failed she would not have been surprised and she would have kept quiet about it.  Likewise if desiree and/r Kaine were really told they passed that early on in the investigation is suspect to me.  They could have passed - but law enforcement would not normally tell people that early in the investigation.  Makes me wonder if they really passed or not in spite of what the were allegedly told.
Kaine: She seemed upset about it. But the reaction was more about her and the, I guess we'll call it the inconvenience that the investigation was imposing on her as opposed to the effort to find him.
Kaine and Desiree said Terri was "all about her" and "her inconvenience" yet Kaine "hit the gym" with Terri and was too afraid of getting lost to go out and search for his own son when Terri was arranging to have fliers made and organized her facebook friends in searching.  Where was Kaine's effort to find his son?    Isn't kaine and desiree making it all about them and using their media sock puppets to blame the world's problems on Terri?  Do they really think throwing fraudulent fundraisers and birthday parties for missing Kyron is about Kyron and not about them and a way to gain narcissistic supply?

Once again the entire oprah interview was another gaslight Terri and defame her event and "not about Kyron" as Kaine and Desiree keep saying.  What is Kaine doing to find his son? (media interviews to defame and gaslight Terri do not count)  has he used the fraudulently gained search money to hire a private investigator to find his son or is he using it to throw more fundraisers and bracelets to gain sympathy for him and to galight Terri and turn the world against her even more.

Kaine seems to know Kyron is alive.  He is the one with the motive, money, time to have planned Kyron's disappearance and have his boyfriend spirit him away to california (or elsewhere) and get his alibi down pat - yet he will get away with it as long as he can keep the focus on Terri and steer law enforcement into blaming her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Multnomah Sheriff hinted at Kaine having molested Kyron

Today's live press conference not much was said until the very end when the sheriff stated people will be surprised and they wish they didn't know what they had found out.  This was the biggest hint about Kaine having molested Kyron as he was molested by his grandfather when he was young.

As I stated a couple of months ago on OL, Kaine likely found out about the doctor's appointment and disappeared Kyron before it could be found out what he was doing to Kyron.  There was also a hidden hint that child pornography may be involved.

Likely they are not saying they cleared Terri because they want Kaine to think they are still targeting her and are waiting for him to slip up and find out what happened to Kyron and, more importantly, where he is.  Some of this will come out in the october court hearing - something Kaine will pre-empt with a bombshell or drop it as "a measure of good faith" (as he spun dropping the other court motion)

Notice  during the "birthday coverage" that Desiree is no longer gaslit or blamed Terri?  As I previously posted here, it is because it could be seen as Kaine violating the restraining order by contacting Terri.

Desiree better wake up and see her former husband is once again abusing and manipulating her - causing her to have another breakdown as he previously did.

Multnomah County Sheriff Department: Misleading or quote wrongly attributed? At odds with the DA ?

Interestingly, the same identical quote was apparently given by by both the Multnomah county Sheriff and the Sheriff's spokesperson.  If the quote was wrongly attributed, then one of the journalists in Portland was careless and does not know the difference between the male sheriff or the female spokesperson.  The other option, it was a scripted quote to deflect the stagnant investigation and the fact is Terri Horman is not at the end of the rabbit trail as Kaine promised them she would be.
A task force is being formed with a select group of investigators dedicated to the case, said Lt. Mary Lindstrand, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.

“This case is further along than most people realize, she said.
The sprawling investigation into the June 4 disappearance of then 7-year-old Kyron Horman is being reorganized into a smaller task force, according to Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton.

“This case is farther along than most people realize,” Staton told alliance members.

Also the sheriff and his sock puppet (spokesperson)  claim the case is further along than most people realize - yet the district attorney Michael Schrunk sees that it is not as close as the sheriff department (politically?) wishes it to be:
Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk
Schrunk said investigators are prepared for a long-haul.
"There is no one standing there with a smoking gun," Schrunk said in a telephone  interview.
It is not a slam-dunk case,” Schrunk said.

Obviously the district attorney believes they are not close to prosecuting a case while the sheriff's department is making people believe that they are close.  Generally scaling down an investigation means they are not that close in spite of what the sheriff claim - in fact, it usually means the case is growing cold.  Too bad they continue down the rabbit trail Kaine sent them on instead of investigating Kaine Horman and his boyfriend or his other deceived and deluded followers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kaine wants to force Terri to confess, even if though he knows she is innocent

There are studies that show many people have confessed to crimes even though they are innocent.  Persistent interrogators can tighten the psychological noose around an innocent person so tight they will eventually crack and confess - even though they are innocent.  Those that are easily led - those who fall victim to a malignant narcissist - are among the likeliest to coerce a confession out of.

Kaine Horman could easily disappear his son and then put enough pressure on Terri thinking he will get her to confess for his criminal activity.  It's obvious that "detective" Tony Young - Desiree's THIRD husband would have the knowledge and reason to start tightening the psychological noose around Terri especially since his wife, Desiree, "knew immediately she [Terri] was behind it [Kyron's disappearance]"
Eddie Lowery lost 10 years of his life for a crime he did not commit. There was no physical evidence at his trial for rape, but one overwhelming factor put him away: he confessed.

But more than 40 others have given confessions since 1976 that DNA evidence later showed were false,Experts have long known that some kinds of people are the likeliest to be induced to confess

There are also people like Mr. Lowery, who says he was just pressed beyond endurance by persistent interrogators.

Since this is so well known by law enforcement, is the "psychological noose"  former Portland detective CW Jensen claim law enforcement was tightening around Terri Horman a coercion of an innocent person to get her to confess [even though innocent] because Kaine Horman claims she is guilty and wants her punished for crimes that he committed?  Kaine's media sock puppets are participating in this coercion and so are those who are believing the lies Kaine has fed to the media.

In the october court hearing, there may be information that will be on public record that Kaine Horman never wants anyone to find out.  He probably has a lot to hide and with the private investigator finding the information out for Terri's defense, Kaine will try and cover up this information at all cost.

Interesting Observation

Of everything said about Terri Horman, her parents are backing her and are supportive of her.  One needs to ask:  Where is Kaine's parents and relatives (besides his brother who is in jail for child molestation) ? and where are Desiree's parents / relatives?   Why have they not shows support of the parents of their missing grandchild?  Why have they not gone in front of the camera and asked the alleged kidnapper(s) to return their grandchild?

There has been little, if any, of Kaine and Desiree claiming they had nothing to do with disappearing Kyron.  It is all assumption because of all the finger pointing, gaslighting, and defamation by Kaine's media sock puppets and blaming Terri.  Desiree stated she blamed Terri when she got the phone call Kyron was missing.  The finger pointing and blaming Terri began IMMEDIATELY.  Is it no wonder she acted the way she did - being blamed immediately for her step-sons disappearance and likely Desiree's third husband ("detective" Tony Young) was intentionally scaring her with what they were going to do to her because Desiree was pointing to her as being guilty.

Why are Kaine and Desiree afraid of giving their interviews live?  afraid they will slip up?  I assume they have demanded edit controls so they can make sure they appear in a good light.  Why do they always have to have everything carefully scripted / written out / read and not give a live interview where they have to immediately answer questions instead of having time to think about what they say?  Are they afraid oprah would have let the audience ask questions and they would slip up about what really happened to Kyron?

Why is there no public demand for the investigation of where the donated "search" money is going???

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaine and Desiree: It's all about them (pt 2)
Kaine's whining he has no time for court or to search for his son is getting old - especially now he is flying off to chicago to give an interview with oprah.  Instead of being about Kyron, it will once again be about him and how Terri is the reason for the world's problems.

Kaine lied to the court about having no time to go to two court hearings because he claimed he "had to work" to "pay the bills and "take care of Kiara"   Interestingly in the two weeks since had his attorney present those lies in court documents, he has taken off from work at least six days and will take at least a day off to fly to chicago for a gaslighting / defaming Terri event.  In none of the events the media has covered has Kiara been seen.  Not only does Kaine not have time to look for Kyron because he is fraudulently raising money for non-existent searches, it appears he has little time for work and for his daughter.

Can't wait for the christmas without Kyron fundraiser / the media gaslighting special that is sure to occur unless Kaine reappears Kyron before then..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kaine Horman commits more fraud: claims money will be spent for "searches"

Once again the kaine horman foundation is fraudulently claiming to be soliciting funds for "Kyron searches" when the money will be used for more fundraisers and other uses besides searching for Kyron.

Kaine Horman is committing fraud and is being aided by portland oregon area media and is being given a free pass by oregon law enforcement and the oregon state attorney general.

When will this fraudulent fundraising be stopped???   NOTHING people have donated for Kyron searches has been used for Kyron and it is going to be siphoned off to kaine Horman to use as he wishes.

september 12, 2010
Fundraiser under way for Kyron search efforts
WILSONVILLE, Ore. -- Community members, friends and family of missing now-8-year-old Kyron Horman are having a fundraiser to help raise funds for the search effort.

Sunday's event was being held through 9 p.m. at the Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant at 29111 SW Town Center Loop West in Wilsonville.  Participants pay $15 for an unlimited amount of games, including Go-Karts, Lazer Tag, and Miniature Golf -- and $4 of that cost goes to help fund the search for Kyron.   (looks like bullwinkles found a way to profit from Kyron too - they get $11. a person profit plus food/drinks  --- I wonder how much of that kaine gets as a kick back)

june 10, 2010
The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office announced today the creation of a new fund to offset the mounting expenses of the ongoing search for the missing 7-year-old Skyline Elementary student.

september 4, 2010
Sgt. Diana Olsen, head of search and rescue at the sheriff's office, said the $8,000 will be added to the Kyron Horman Fund, set up at Bank of America after the 7-year-old disappeared. Before Friday, that account held at least $14,000 in donations from around the country, said a spokesman, Sgt. Travis Gullberg. He said the Bank of America is managing the money and that nothing has been spent.

Olsen said the sheriff's office will let Horman and Young decide how the funds are used. Eventually, the money could go toward helping with other child abduction cases, Gullberg said.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

kaine, the spin doctor
"It's an act of good faith on our part," Kaine told KGW. "It shows that we're serious about not wasting the court's time with side issues. We want to get the divorce wrapped up so we can deal the important things and move forward."
Kaine Horman is claiming the reason for dropping the contempt motion is because it is "an act of good faith" on his part.  The truth is, he violated the restraining order and his attorney likely told him he would be held in contempt and not Terri since there is no proof Terri provided the restraining order to Michael Cook (see previous post) while there is proof he was contacting Terri through Desiree's scripted speeches to the media.  The malignant narcissist that he is, he will not allow himself to be shown in a bad light - he even feels so ashamed about having a boyfriend that he hides him in the closet. 

Kaine may be using the fact that spouses are not allowed to testify against each other in a criminal court and the divorce proceedings may be an end run around it  - Kaine has more to hide than Terri and it will be coming out in the abatement hearing in october esspecially about his brother and likely him being molested. when they were children.  If he doesn't want the public to know what he is hiding, he will, without explanation, drop the motion trying to prevent the abatement.  His little ploy into taking a criminal case against Terri into family / divorce court will not work.  Houze is too smart to let him.   It is very likely Houze has had Kaine's entire life investigated and everything Kaine wants hidden will be coming out in family court in october.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kaine drops contempt motion against Terri
News tonight (above link) is that Kaine Horman dropped the contempt motion against Terri which he filed because she allegedly violated the sealed restraining order by showing it to his friend Michael Cook (the double agent that he planted there to get information from her)

As I stated in a previous post ( ) Kaine Horman had violated the restraining order.  He / his attorney must have seen this or been contacted by Terri's attorney that his violation of the restraining order would be brought up in court.  Kaine thought it wise to drop the motion against Terri because he would have found guilty of violating the restraining order while there is no proof that Terri violated it (Michael Cook could have photographed Kaine's copy or he could have photographed it while snooping and did not have permission)

I still want to know why the FTC is not investigating the fund raising fraud as they investigate other fraudulent fundraisers.  I also want to know why law enforcement is letting Kaine get away with the fund raising fraud and are siphoning donations they received for SEARCHES FOR KYRON into Kaine Horman's scam foundation after Kaine said the money would be used for fliers, bracelets, and MORE fund raisers.

Happy New Year

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם
שָׁנָה טוֹבָה

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaine and Desiree: It's all about them

Once again, instead of being "about Kyron" the newest media event, "Lost but not forgotten" which aired on KGW and then NWCN tonight was not about Kyron or his search, it was about Terri and how she has to be guilty because Kaine, Desiree, and Tony (Desiree's third husband) voted her guilty.  It was yet another media gaslighting / defamation event with no facts just a bunch of lies and rumors by the malignant narcissist biological father, his angry ex-wife / mother of Kyron, and a vindictive police detective.

The show tonight was in a 30 minute time slot.  20 minutes was about Terri, DeDe, and how they have to be guilty even if there is no facts to prove they are.  Very little was said about kyron.

Kaine and Desiree each had a birthday party where they CELEBRATED.  How can ANYONE celebrate when their child is MISSING?  They are also going to give another "birthday party" for Kyron on sunday - a birthday party that COSTS to get in and is yet another FRAUDULENT "fundraiser" in which they are claiming to raise money for "Kyron searches".  Yet last week, law enforcement stated NONE of the "search money" that people donated had been used and eventually Kaine will decide on how to spend it.  How can they be fraudulently claiming to raise money for searches when it will be siphoned off to pay for something else???  Anyone else who has phony fundraisers are arrested and charged with fraud - so why does Kaine get a free pass for doing the same thing people are arrested for???

This program tonight was a tabloid propaganda film that was created and is being used to manipulate people.  If this is what the Belo properties (NBC affiliate) are becoming, then one best question every "news" story they "report".  hitler created the same types of propaganda films to blame the Jewish people for the world's problems.  Belo and all the oregon media are creating "news" to blame Terri Horman for disappearing Kyron as well as allow Kaine Horman to fraudulently collect donations for phony "searches" from the public.

Wake up people - you are being scammed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Watching Law & Order SVU rerun tonight ("Shattered"), it reminded me of the Kyron Horman case.  Everything pointed to the mother for the kidnapping but in the end, it was the father who set up the mother and got his son killed in the kidnapping.

I know this is fiction although L&E bases much of its programming around real life and things like that do happen in spite what most people want to believe.

Just an interesting observation.

Kaine Horman's fifth day off from work in the past ten days

Once more Kaine Horman shows he has time for two court hearings and is not as busy as he falsely claimed he is to the court.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, leads a group of volunteers Tuesday, as they took his son's Wall of Hope to a grassy area for reinstallation at the TVF&R station just down the street from Skyline School.
Let's see, since he lied to the court and said he was too busy to go to two court hearings and demanded they be consolidated into one hearing Kaine took a day off from work to give media briefings, another day off from work to throw a pizza party to raise funds for his divorce (oops - he claimed it was to "fund searches for Kyron"), another day off to be presented the check for the fraudulent "fundraiser", another day off to work on Kyron's shrine, and will be taking the day off tomorrow to throw Kyron a birthday party.

Kaine Horman has taken at least five days off from work in the past two weeks - and yet he lied to the court and told them he was way too busy with work and taking care of his daughter that two court appearances would be a hardship for him???  When will people open their eyes and get a clue???

Kaine Horman has found an unlimmited narcissistic supply to feed him - plus found a way to fund his divorce and his mortgage - claiming it is to "find Kyron" and throw yet another "fund raiser"

When will the attorney general investigate his fraudulent fund raising???

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kaine Horman profitting from Kyron's disappearance
On September 12, missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman will turn eight-years-old and his family, along with volunteers are planning a celebration and a fundraiser on that day.
 So all of portland will be celabrating Kyron's birthday on sunday  (I thought his birthday was this thursday).  There will be yet another "fundraiser" with ALL of the money going to Kaine Horman to use as he wants.  Only one problem - Kyron will not be there to celebrate his birthday.  It has no longer about Kyron (if it ever was) - it is all about Kaine and how much sympathy / money he can dupe from people.  NONE of the money given will help "find Kyron" - NONE has been used to search for Kyron .  Law enforcement said Kaine will get to decide how the money donated to Kyron's search fund will be used and so far that is $22,000. (plus the money given to Kaine directly by the "fundraiser" - another $6,000)

Kaine Horman will continue to profit from his son's disappearance and pretty soon will be living off the money people are foolishly giving to him thinking the more the give the more it "helps find Kyron"

While all the foolish and gullible people are "celebrating" Kyron's birthday, Kyron is still missing.  I bet Kyron wishes people would look for him instead of having a parties and celebrations for him which he won't be at.  If it makes people feel like they are helping Kyron, they will continue to donate money for Kaine's divorce and mortgage in the hopes that somehow the more they give kaine, the quicker Kyron will reappear.

I have never seen people that are not even remotely connected to the case become so brainwashed.  This mass brainwashing / hypnosis / manipulation would be a good psychology thesis.

When will people wake up and see how they are being manipulated and duped into paying for Kaine's divorce?  When will the oregon attorney general investigate Kaine Horman's fund raising fraud?  Will the court realize they have been lied to and Kaine Horman has all the time in the world to attend two court hearings if he can take of 2-3 days a week to have pizza parties, give media briefings, attend birthday parties for a child that will not even be there, and attend school functions at a school where he does not have a child attending?  I guess court is low on his priority list even though he was the one that caused the hearings to take place.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kaine Horman knows how to manipulate people / work on their feelings

 One thing about malignanat narcissists:  They know how to manipulate people and use their feelings.  They give inconsistent conflicting statements in order to garner support and manipulate peoples emotions.

So which is it - Kaine will give Kyron "a lot of time to ourselves and when he's ready he will be back in school" or is Kyron expected to be in school tuesday and play soccer ???  (let alone ride the bus like nothing happened)

If Kyron walked in the door, law enforcement would be questioning him and finding out what happened.  If Kaine thinks he can just hide him "all to himself" without law enforcement / psychologists questioning Kyron to find out where he was, what happened to him, and who took him then either Kaine is an idiot or he has law enforcement so wrapped around him he will get away with it (likely both)

"We're all operating as if he will be at school," Horman told The Oregonian on Friday. "As soon as he walks back in the door, we're going to take a lot of time to ourselves, but when he's ready and we're ready to come back, he'll be back in school."

His son's backpack is stuffed with school supplies. Bus passes sit next to a bus schedule. All is ready for the first day of classes on Tuesday.

Horman signed his son up for soccer, which Kyron participated in last school year. Horman bought Kyron a new Iron Man backpack and school supplies, which are in his son's room in his house on Northwest Sheltered Nook Road,


godfathers pizza and law enforcement help Kaine Horman commit fraud

 The "fundraiser" held at godfather's pizza last week was advertised to help raise money for Kyron Horman's search and investigation.  Apparently many people bought into the lie and sob story they needed more money to "help find Kyron"  Now the media is reporting NONE of the money people has donated has been used, half of the "fundraiser" money went directly to Kaine Horman, and law enforcement will let Kaine Horman and his first wife Desiree Young decide how to use the previously donated money.

Where is the outrage from people who donated the money to "find Kyron" and now find out it has not been used and obviously has not been needed for any part of the Kyron Horman investigation?

People donated money to help "find Kyron" and now the media is printing what gullible fools they are to have been duped so badly - although many will continue to give their new narcissist leader whatever he wants and would likely give to his defense fund if he is arrested for disappearing Kyron.
It's time to wake up and realize how brain washed people have become in this case.  Obviously law enforcement will never find Kyron except by accident if they continue down Kaine's rabbit trails expecting to find Terri. .

On Friday, Godfather's co-owner Pat Cahill gave an $8,000 check to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for search and rescue efforts. The rest went to Kaine Horman for the newly created Kyron Horman Foundation,

Sgt. Diana Olsen, head of search and rescue at the sheriff's office, said the $8,000 will be added to the Kyron Horman Fund, set up at Bank of America after the 7-year-old disappeared. Before Friday, that account held at least $14,000 in donations from around the country, said a spokesman, Sgt. Travis Gullberg. He said the Bank of America is managing the money and that nothing has been spent.

Olsen said the sheriff's office will let Horman and Young decide how the funds are used. Eventually, the money could go toward helping with other child abduction cases, Gullberg said.

Horman said that once Kyron comes home he wants to use the foundation to help other families pay for fliers and other forms of support when their children disappear, as Kyron did.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kaine Horman commits fraud, receives $6,000.

The fraudulent "fundraiser" allegedly netted $14,000. for "Kyron searches" yet why did KGW report only $6,000. was given to law enforcement?  Law enforcement stated the money will go into the fund that was set up for searches that had not even been used - so what was the point for a "fundraiser" for SEARCHES if previous donations had not even been used yet?

KGW reported that $8,000. was given to Kaine for his foundation.  The "fundraiser" was stated that it was raising funds for SEARCHES for KYRON and now it is reported 57% of the money is being given to Kaine which he claims will be used to fund fliers and bracelets for families of other missing children.  This is FRAUD.   People were duped into funding Kaine's foundation (and likely money siphoned off to pay for his divorce) 

Once again, law enforcement and the public has been lied to and manipulated by Kaine Horman.  It also appears godfathers pizza is behind this fraud / scam since they stated 25% of the money raised during the fund raiser would be going to searches / investigations for KYRON yet they handed over $8,000. to Kaine Horman to use however he wishes - including purposes not stated in the fundraiser event.  Does godfather pizza know they have been duped into raising money for Kaine's divorce???

Nobody is paying attention.  Kaine Horman is getting a free pass in whatever he says or does - including committing fraud.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Malignant narcissists, mob mentality, and mental illness

Kaine Horman is a malignant narcissist.  It is very clear to me that he is.  He has all the traits and all of his actions shows how controlling and manipulative he is.
  • Believing that you're better than others
  • Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
  • Exaggerating your achievements or talents
  • Expecting constant praise and admiration
  • Believing that you're special and acting accordingly
  • Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings
  • Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
  • Taking advantage of others
  • Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
  • Being jealous of others
  • Believing that others are jealous of you
  • Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Being easily hurt and rejected
  • Having a fragile self-esteem
  • Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional
 People with NPD use triangulation to control people.  Triangulation is when they complain about another person and get people to turn against that person.  They also do this by defaming the other person as well as gaslighting the other person - Gaslighting is a form of intimidation or psychological abuse in which false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory and perception.

Kaine Horman continually uses the press to gaslight Terri and defame her and triangulate which has caused a mob mentality - a herd of sock puppets - that believe Terri Horman is guilty and some even wanting to waterboard or kill her just because of what Kaine Horman says  (most people refuse to see all the inconsistencies of a narcissist even though they are clearly there) even though there is no REAL evidence Terri Horman is guilty of a single thing. 

This mob mentality / mental illness is very telling with how gullible and foolish people are and how they can easily be manipulated to believe whatever a malignant narcissist wants them to believe.  These people cannot think for themselves.  They can be manipulated to believe whatever someone wants them to believe.  They are the same types that would believe another hitler if he came on the scene.  This case of a missing little boy shows how easily the masses can be mislead and made to believe what someone wants them to believe if fed enough lies and half truths - it is very scary and yet shows how people will believe the lies of the antichrist and follow him to their eternal doom sometime in the very near future.

Money laundering and phony fundraisers

Apparently Kaine Horman and his friend at godfather's pizza decided to pad the fundraiser money and claim godfather's had $56,000. in sales (25% to Kaine) yesterday during the "fundraiser" (according to KGW)   Likely KGW got the decimal point wrong or some sort of marital asset money laundering is going on.

No where near that amount of people showed up and it was considered a failure last night.   If KGW is accurate, I wonder if Kaine is siphoning marital assets to his "search fund" in order to pay his attorney?   Just exactly who is going to receive this"search fund" money?   Why did a "search fund" need to be set up after law enforcement was given all the search money they requested from the county???   I hope there is accountability to where this "fundraising" money is going.  Or is Kaine going to get a free pass on this as well?

KGW is reporting Kaine is going to be at the "fundraiser" check presentation today.   So he has time to give media briefings all day last friday, had time to have a pizza party to raise money that is not needed yesterday, and has time today to go to the "fundraiser" check presentation today yet doesn't have time to go to two different court hearings???    I wonder how he is finding time to go to work and pay for his divorce attorney ---- Oh, that's right - he lied to the court and told them he had to work in order to support Kiara and couldn't afford his divorce attorney (now maybe he can with the "fundraiser" money)  I hope the court is paying attention to how he has lied to them and manipulated them for his own benefit.

If I were a parent at skyline school, I would have demanded a briefing by law enforcement - why does anyone think Kaine is credible or had anything to add about the school's safety?  Is he now being considered more credible than law enforcement?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fundraiser a failure - something about to happen

Looks like Kaine Horman's publicity stunt failed and the pizza sales didn't generate the funds to search for Kyron (oops - the taxpayers just  funded the sheriff department searches and the department even told the county council they didn't need all the money they requested)

Exactly what was the money really going to be used for?  The sheriff department is flush with tax dollars for searching.  There are few (if any) active physical searches, and at this point they wouldn't even know where to begin to search / re - search.  The entire pizza party thing was nothing more than to feed Kaine's demand of narcissistic supply.  Now it failed and his narcissistic supply is dropping low, watch the next few days / weeks for yet another gaslighting / defamation of Terri event to take place  --- or maybe some bomb shell announcement.  Kaine will never let a failed pizza party get the best of him.  He will do something soon to "stir the pot" and get the attention he craves while steering the blame on the world's problems to Terri.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kaine Horman has time to hang out at a pizza joint all day but no time for court?

Today Kaine Horman is spending the day to raise money for his divorce attorney (oops - for "searches" that are not happening often and when they are they are being funded by the Multanomah County) but last week he claimed in court papers his attorney filed that he does not have time for two court hearings because he is too busy working and wants the hearings consolidated???     This after spending all last friday giving individual media briefings (feeding them different lies) instead of one quick briefing because he had to work???  Seems Kaine Horman has all the time in the world to do things he wants to do but when it comes to having two court hearings, he is "too busy working to support Kiara [his daughter]" and wants the hearings consolidated because he sees that it would benefit Terri and her rights.

And in the mean time in this economy, the pizza joint is profiting off of the increased amount of pizzas they are selling to "fund searches" that are not happening regularly and are already being funded by the taxpayers when they do happen.
It's time the courts, the media, the public, and law enforcement wakes up and sees how Kaine Horman is lying and manipulating them to do what he wants them to do - IE: gaslight, harass, and defame his wife [Terri Horman]

Does anyone really care about finding Kyron?
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