Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chilean mine rescue and the downfall of the United States

Watching the Chilean mine rescue, I was very amazed as well as saddened.  Amazed that Chile pulled together and pulled off an amazing rescue mission.  Amazed the Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was there throughout the rescue of all the miners as well as the rescue crew.  After each miner was rescued, everyone cheered and chanted Chile - including President Pinera and his wife.  You could see the care and concern in President Pinera and his wife's eyes for the people.  After the rescue of the 33, and last miner, President Pinera led the entire group in Chile's national anthem. 

When planning for the rescue, President Pinera was told by his advisers that ther was only a 2% - 3% chance of success and if he decided to go through with it, it would be his and he would have to deal with whatever happened and take the blame if it failed.  President Pinera replied that he did not care how much it cost and the government would pay whatever it took to go through with the rescue. There was no finger pointing, blame shifting, or demand that the mine owners fork over the rescue money.  They used whatever sources - including foreign - in order to get this rescue operation done in 70 days.  Not only that, President Pinera accepted the blame and said the government needs to do better by the mine workers and have better regulation.  The Chilean government also promised each mine worker at least six months of psychological counseling.  This is the way it should be.

I am saddened because this is the way the United States used to be.  I long for the days where the president would care about the people. Contrast the chile mine rescue with the gulf oil spill or even hurricane Katrina.  president Obama flew to the gulf coast for a photo op between his vacation and campaigning.  He had no real concern about the people. He did not care how many people were out of work or how many businesses were destroyed.   Before the gulf oil spill was stopped, Obama was finger pointing and blaming everyone from President Bush to BP and extorted billions of dollars for oil cleanup from BP before the well was even capped (which should have been done through the legal system)   Instead of allowing other countries in to help with the cleanup, Obama rejected the help - even from countries that had the expertise and experience in oil spill cleanup.  Once the oil spill was capped, the gulf residents were abandoned and forgotten by Obama.

Obama is not a leader.  He does not care about the people.  He is a malignant narcissist that has numerous sock puppets (co-dependents) .  His fellow narcissists are attracted to him because they expect handouts thrown their way.1,2,3,4,5

United States Citizens used to care about others and used to pull together in tims of an emergency.  Now they just use the situation to scam people and do whatever they can for themselves not even thinking or caring about others.  This is the last step of a dying and decaying nation.    R.I.P. U.S.A.     

1. Does Barack Obama have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
2. Signs that Barack Obama Suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder
3. Berry: Obama said "big difference" between '10 and '94 is "me"
4. Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?
5. The Cult of the Narcissist


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