Friday, October 22, 2010

Kaine Horman gaslights Terri in court - Files papers to prevent Terri from being granted visitation with daughter Kiara

Kaine Horman has filed court documents opposing giving Terri Horman SUPERVISED visitation of Kiara (their daughter) claiming "Terri may have caused unimaginable harm to Kyron" and still claiming Terri hired a hit man to kill him.1  This is is response to Terri filing papers requesting the restraining order be amended and grant her supervised visitation rights (see: Terri Horman seeks visitation rights with her daughter Kiara; More Sauvie Island searches this weekend? )
In new court documents, Kaine Horman states he believes Terri Moulton-Horman "abducted and may have caused unimaginable harm" to Kyron Horman.1
There was no PROOF Terri did anything to Kyron and there is no  PROOF she hired a hit man to kill him.  Once again, Kaine Horman will be made to be the fool he is when the judge grants Terri Horman visitation with Kiara (supervised visitation)  Kaine is using Kiara as a pawn to force Terri to confess to doing something with Kyron that she did not do. (see: Kaine wants to force Terri to confess, even if though he knows she is innocent )

It looks more and more like Kaine is behind "stashing" Kyron Horman and is projecting his guilt onto Terri in order to have custody of both of his children (see: My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case )  He is a manipulator and will do anything in his power to get his way.

Here is a link to the court papers filed today by Kaine's attorney:



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