Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kaine Horman loses the abatement hearing

Because Kaine Horman continually bad mouthed Terri and made claims she was guilty of Kyron's disappearance, he lost the abatement hearing in spite of last weekends Sauvie Island search (which was likely used to temporarily deflect Terri Horman's alleged "guilt" -- See:  Was last weekend's Sauvie Island search a scam to influence the judge in tomorrow's abatement hearing? )

It was because of Kaine's own words and actions over the past few months that the judge had no choice but to grant the abatement of his divorce.  Anyone who loves the United States and the constitution that guarantees us the rights that it does should be thankful that law enforcement failed to violate Terri Horman's fifth amendment rights using the abatement hearing to do.  They were trying to do an end run around those rights and justice has prevailed in the abatement hearing.  The Judge will not rule on the divorce until january 6, 2011.

Terri's divorce attorney said he will file a motion to amend the restraining order to allow Terri to have visitation rights with her daughter Kiara.  That was not part of today's court hearing.

Now maybe instead of filing motions and forcing hearings Kaine Horman will go out and actually look for his son for once and will donate his own money to the search and reward funds that he previously refused to donate to.

Watch for Kaine's rage against Terri to happen very soon.


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