Friday, October 1, 2010

Part two: Desiree's Statement

Desiree wants people to donate $350,000. as a reward for Kyron -- but not her money or Kaine's money.  $350,000. because that's the amount she thinks Terri spent on her defense attorney.  And she wants Terri's friends and Terri's PARENTS to donate the money equal to Terri's legal fees. What is this person thinking???  She spent more time gaslighting Terri and blaming Terri than she did about Kyron.
Once again, neither Kaine nor Desiree will use their own money to raise the reward for Kyron - but they begged the public - specifically Terri's friends and family - to donate the money.  Just like the "search money" - none of it will be used to raise the reward - otherwise they would have used the money already donated to raise the reward.  Maybe they spent it all on trees and bushes to sell at the next "fundraiser"

Where is the accountability for this "foundation" ?  Why won't Desiree and Kaine donate THEIR money for THEIR son???

I was right - yet another media gaslighting of Terri.  Kaine has Desiree almost to the point of another breakdown - just where he wants her.

Lets see - if Terri was guilty and any of her friends come forward and  collected the money, what good would it do them when they are in prison?  Coming forward for attorney fees is not something that would ever happen.  Desiree needs a reality check - Terri did not disappear Kyron no matter how much she wishes it.  I'm guessing she believes it's her only hope for Kyron alive and she has to grasp at straws.  I wonder why Kaine was not part of today's gaslighting event --- likely thought he could be seen as violating the restraining order if he did.

I re-wrote this because KGW did not air the entire gaslighting event.  Appears they are getting tired of it.  I found the gaslighting video on oregonlive - Kaine and Desiree's media sock puppets.


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