Saturday, October 2, 2010

KATU raw video

KGW only had a tiny clip and did not air Desiree's gaslighting of Terri event live.

I just found the press coverage that KATU apparently aired live.  Apparently they are the only ones who posted the entire interview without editing it to make Desiree look less vindictive and spiteful.  I downloaded the entire clip.

Here is a direct quote from Desiree:
“How about her [Terri's] parents give us $350,000 so that we can bring Kyron home?” Young said. She said she wanted to increase the reward to at least that amount in the hope it will create incentive for someone who has information about where Kyron is to come forward.
What nerve of her to demand that Terri's parents give her $350,000.  for the reward fund --- is she demanding Kaine's and her parents contribute $350,000. each for the reward fund too???   She is a very mentally disturbed woman who needs to be locked up for her safety - and she needs to be kept away from the media.

Desiree blames Terri for kidnapping Kyron and then wants Terri's parents to give her $350,000. to bribe Terri to give Kyron back???  If this makes sense to anyone, Please explain.

When will Kaine, Desiree, and the Kyron Horman Foundation donate money to raise the reward?  If it's "about Kyron" then they need to put up and shut up - and especially shut up about Terri.  Desiree says it's "about Kyron" so why does she always make it about Terri in every media circus she's involved in right after saying "it's about Kyron" ???

If I knew anything, I wouldn't "come forward" for a million dollars after that performance.


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