Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kyron Horman "insider" information? Or just a fairy tale?

 Thank You SoCalDreamer

As far as I know, all of this is a fairy tale.  All of this is being emailed in the background by SoCalDreamer to anyone who wants it.  Apparently nobody wants it published because their stories are fiction and they wanted the "air of mystery" to make their fairy tales seem believable. 

For the record, I came up with my own theory (See: My alternate theory about Kyron Horman case ) before I received any of this.

Truth or fiction?  Time will tell

From SoCalDreamer via email on july 17, 2010
NO when I posted my email that night you know with Insintel? Someone else made note of it as well then contacted me (DAYS after the fact- just yesterday) with info on the Kyron case…I notified LE and didn’t think of it again…long story short…guess they checked it out and it was legitimate FBI got involved…they contacted me again with more info…I was explaining that I didn’t know the person etc etc etc (REALLY long story) they asked me to see if I could get them to contact me again (they are or have subpeoned records to find out who it was…it was NOT Insintel which is about all I know about who it may or may not be or have been) I am on a spare computer they took mine…it was all upsetting and embarrassing and very stressful I am not even in my own home to top it off it happened at the in-laws and that is all I know about that at this time except that I was told to expect more interviews from them if they needed it and to inform them if I am contacted again…

 I have NO ties with ANYONE I have communicated with Insintel a few times (I’ll send you what I have from her) and I am not LE…the person figured out who I am as well, but I DID make a post that said I am in a mainstream band when I was talking about media so, who knows? 

No, talking about things that weren’t publicly known but most have hit the board as rumor with the exception of dates, times, locations and pictures and videos and alluding to having info about where he is…THAT is the one that I missed the deadline on and the account was deleted before I could respond the subject line was TIME SENSITIVE so, I got the email but not the answer so, here’s to hoping they are watching today huh? If everything else he said was true…funny thing is they didn’t know about some of it until it was checked out yesterday…now I have added this breeze account to my outlook as well and it delivers every 5 minutes…everytime I hear the ding that says I have mail I have to pop a valium (just kidding kinda) but I am still so wound up its unreal
the reference to LE was that they were here AT MY HUSBAND’s FAMILY’s HOME over an email that I received from someone who had gotten my email address off of this board

From: socaldreamer@
Subject: Insintel
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 18:43:04 -0500
Now, on to the emails I received in order:
you're free to speak of this as long as it stays off public places... I don't know why, but i'm not supposed to talk about it, even thought it's known amongst other family
 kyron has been acting out since about march/april...  the earliest i remember her mentioning it was right after james had left. ky was angry because he idolized james... wanted to dress like him (that's how he ended up with the csi shirt) and wanted to do everything that james did. james was extremely patient with ky and tried to make him feel like he was oneof the boys, rather than a pesky little brother. so, she thought that his acting out was in retaliation from james being gone.
sometime in late spring he started acting weird...  he wouldn't do anything on his own... like he had to be told that he could leave the dinner table and that he could come out of his bedroom to eat breakfast and terri thought that was extremely odd. kaine would always make it a point to tell the boys that they could not come out of their rooms after going to bed at night (he used to fight with james for going into the kitchen late at night for a snack or drink) so once james was gone, he started taking more of his frustrations out on kyron and eventually kitty. he would get angry if terri would go get her in the middle of the night... like, if she was crying and if she dared lay her in bed with them he'd go ballistic.. so whenever she'd cry, he wanted her to just be left alone to cry so she wouldn't get "spoiled" becuase terri was often accused of spoiling them (ie: letting them eat snacks if they didn't finish a meal, letting them play at mc donalds if they didn't finish a meal etc.)
so.. fast forward a little bit... kyron gets weirder and weirder... the teachers notice, his friends moms notice... at one point (mid may) they are suspecting htat ky is being sexually abuse. terri tried to comment about it to desiree, but she blew it off... so she talks with the teachers and they are all in agreement... however, terri can't take him for a physical exam until he sees a child psych first. the note she gave the teacher that day was a questionnaire that was to be filled out by the teacher and one by the school counselor to take along to the appointment (this is all verified by the police and doctor) kaine didn't know about the appointment because he (or desiree) were as involved as they are making themselves out to be. in the 3 years that i've known them, desiree has taken ky less than 5 times. typically she'll have him from the day after christmas til new years eve and 2 weeks in the summer (4th of july) she rarely takes him on weekends and hasn't since last november... but that's a different story.
the point being is that more than one person suspected ky was being sexually abused. kaine and his brother were both abused by their grandfather... so it's only natural to suspect one of them. his brother doesn't really have contact with them, so that leaves one person in the immediate family.
don't get me wrong, terri is no saint herself, and their marriage was destined to fail from day 1 (did you know kaine met her at the gym when he was married to desiree?) because he's a cheater... always was and always will be. terri really isn't the attention seeker she's being made out to be. she is a very outgoing person and is extremely chatty/friendly... but after being married to someone for so long and they don't pay any attention to you, want to have sex with you and run around on you right in front of your face, it's going to make you want to look elsewhere for attention.
also, the thing with mike was blown way out of proportion. the "photos" he had on his phone were of her back in her body building days... she has a photo portfolio like a model would... but there wasn't any frontal nudity or anything.. and she didn't send those picture. they're pictures of pictures, taken with his cell phone.
as for the rest, like the landscaper thing... i can't really comment on it because i don't know anything about that. i didn't even know she had a landscaper.
you have no idea what this woman and these kids had to live with... that man is the king of control freaks and he gets what he wants.. it should be obvious how he's controlling this whole investigation. eventually this will come out. i'm hoping that some of my posts (RE: gym videos and pics and statements from his friends saying how controlling he was) will spark some interest with oregon live and they'll dig to get this information.

__________end of 1st

yeah, it definitely sheds a lot of light... but doesn't really give us any answers as to what happened to kyron that day at school. everyone keeps asking me what i think... and i honestly haven't got a clue :(
i can say with 100% certainty that terri was not involved, she didn't want to reveal where she was because she was somewhere with someone and she doesn't want it out. luckily, she'll have to come out at some point... but clearing her doesn't bring us any closer either.  i can also say with 100% certainty that kaine was not involved either. a scorned lover from either side... maybe? there's no doubt in my mind that ky wasn't being treated well at all by his father, but there's no way he did something to him to keep him quiet. as much as i despise the man, i just can't see him doing anything either. i have no desire to sling mud at him or make him look bad.. it just burns me up that he's making this into something it's totally not.
 poor ky was an easy target... he isn't as shy and backwards as they're making him sound. he is actually pretty outgoing if he's comfortable and if he's around someone who's paying attention to him and praising him (hey! that's the best project i've seen all day.. i bet you worked real hard on that! do you want to go see a cool project downstairs?)  then lord knows if he could've walked off with someone else.. it's so bizzare and tricky and everyone's scared. everyone's afraid to let their kids go to the playground and pool or even in their own yards. i think it was extremely  irresponsible for the police to say we don't need to worry!
i wish for once they would bluff a little and make a public statement saying that they know who took him because they found a video of someone taping the fair and they're caught on camera walking out with ky. that just might be enough to make someone squirm enough to get the break that we need.
__________end of 2nd

I [SoCalDreamer] sent this one:
I am sitting here thinking, dangerous pastime indeed, and I HAVE to ask as it seems that you are either friends with Terri or a family member based on your first email to me…WHY isn’t she at the VERY LEAST fighting to have her daughter removed from Kaine if she even suspects that he MIGHT be a child molester God FORBID…

Her response:
i'm not a close friend.. only known them for 3 years so all i know is from that point until now. she's nothing like what you see on the news! she's extremely friendly and outgoing, but she's not intimidating and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all like most "loud" people do. she's incredibly amazing with kids... i've never seen someone who's so patient with a ton of kids around her all the time.. everyone always wanted to be at kyron's house because terri is the type of mom who will stuff them with pizza and popsicles and she won't just let them sit around and be bored.  her having post partum depressing is total BS too. the only thing that changed after kitty was born was kaine... he started "working late" more often and just really made every excuse in the book as to why he couldn't be at home or be here or here. i think if anything, he's going through a mid life crisis. anyway, it bothered terri naturally... she wasn't angry but more betrayed than anything. her weight gain is from PCOS... not depression or psych meds and she hears about it all the time from kaine. they'll go out to eat and everyone will order.. then after terri orders, he'll tell her to just have a salad... stuff like that.
her stupid lawyer is the reason why she's not fighting. she didn't hire him... HE came to her and at this point, she felt she might as well take the help and it has nothing to do with ky... it's about the landscaper thing.. which i have no idea if it's true or not. i'm sure if there's any truth to it, she didn't offer to pay him! her spending was controlled, so where would she get money to pay someone to kill somebody?!?!  the first thing she wanted to so was get hr daughter back.. she kicked and screamed for a day straight but her lawyer is telling her that it's best not to fight it for the time being i have no idea why but i suspect he's hoping to get famous..
 kitty isn't with kaine either from what i understand.. they're staying in  separate places because he's afraid that the media is going to follow him home. of all people, he's afraid of the media.. not terri, not a stranger but freakin cameras! all of this is going to come out.. but it won't be soon enough.
i wish you had the chance to know terri..  i mean, affair speculation aside, she really is a decent person and she loves kyron and he loves her too. it would be great to find him and everyone can hear him say that himself. if you really knew her, then you'd understand why it's impossible for her to be guilty of this..  i've often felt jealous of her because she just doesn't stop with the kids..  long after a typical parents gets tired and just wants some peace and quiet. she just keeps going and going

____________________end of 3rd
someone has video of kyron walking with another adult inside the school that day... and the cops are keeping it quiet. now, that doesn't mean he was seen walking OUT of the school with this person, but it could help bring another POI in to the case. from what i heard, they're starting to back off terri regarding ky going missing, but they're still pursing the investigation with the murder for hire plot. the landscaper seems to be not so credible... i gotta find out more though!
there are a bunch of people from a facebook page "kyron horman open discussion" who are sending her death threats... one of the idiots were stupid enough to send her a print out of what people are saying about her (names included) and they didn't bother cutting off the top of the page that says what the page's name is... so i think heres going to be some people in trouble!
_______________end of 4th
This one was sent today after court:

i think kaine is now doubting that terri's involved.. no matter what the media is saying. he's going by the book regarding the RO but he still has feelings. i wouldn't be surprised if they end up back together after this whole thing. he asked her lawyer if she was doing ok and if she was eating and all that. he's so confusing

_________________end of 5th
Final talking about the fact that she spoke to a reporter today… (still looking for the one that it references)

yeah she emailed me but i clammed up. i told her about the video and that she would have the best chance of getting confirmation from cops because she's from the press... they normally won't hang up on them... kwim?
i didn't want to say much of anything else, or i'm gonna totally blow terri's defense, shit.. i'm gonna get myself into trouble.


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