Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank You

On the occasion of the 100,000th page view of this blog:
Thank You 
Blackeye, QueenOfHillsboro, BlazerGirl,
all of your Sock Puppets

Without your "encouragement", I never would have created this blog and only a small percentage of people would have ever read about my theory about Kaine Horman having disappeared Kyron (see: My alternate theory about Kyron Horman case )

Without you and the rest of your sock puppets, more people would have assumed Terri was guilty and gone along with the herd without thinking for themselves. (see: The narcissism epidemic, collective narcissism, and the "Terri is guilty" herd mentality )

Once again, THANK YOU for "encouraging" me to create this blog so I could freely share my theories and viewpoints with more people than would have ever read them on Oregonlive.


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