Monday, October 25, 2010

Comments now allowed (Moderated)

As a trial, I have enabled comments.  They are moderated.  If there is any name calling, death threats, juvenile behavior,  or other harassment that I experienced on Oregonlive, I'll turn the comments off again.


  1. Yipeee!!!! First comment ever! I just found this site and I am SO glad to see that not everyone has been sucked into Kaine & Desiree's garbage. I finally posted a comment on KATU the other day where I voiced some reasonable questions for K & D, and I got 65 thumbs down. I'm so proud! I tried to post the same comment on KGW and they refused to print it. There was no bad language, nothing inflammatory, I just wasn't being pro-Kaine and anti-Terri. They post all the Terri bashing comments, including ones with threats and bad language and name-calling, but not my comment where I simply asked some reasonable questions. I wonder why? Whatever happened to unbiased investigative journalism? Anyway, thanks for your blog. I hope LE is reading it.

  2. I went from a +76 on KATU to a -93 just because I posted something in favor of Terri. Read the posts about the herd mentality and group narcissism - it clearly fits this case.

  3. Howdy, 42......I'm Ruby here...Katjo on OL. Enjoy checking your posts. I agree with 89% of your blogs. And 89% ain't too bad.

  4. Hey - I'll take 89% any day. I would even take 0% if it was discussed and debated civilly. Glad to see you dropped by!

  5. I really like your blog and have greatly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for telling the truth!


Comments are moderated. Be nice or I'll turn them off again

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