Monday, January 31, 2011

More inconsistencies in the search for Kyron Horman

 I'll let the highlighted part speak for itself.  It appears Desiree Horman - Young is continually trying to show that law enforcement is giving her information they likely are not giving her.  She is claiming that this past weekend's "diving for dollars" search for Kyron Horman was based on new information and yet two paragraphs before in the same news article it states this search had been planned for months (to occur at the end of january right before the current funding ran out in february)

Why are all the "news reporters" buying the party line and not thinking / investigating this for themselves???  It is so obvious to me, as well as many others,  that things are not as they seem in this case.   Too many inconsistencies, down right lies and too well scripted to be a real case (at least a real case regarding to what is claimed about it)

What type of parent would have been told about this "evidence" months ago (when the search was planned) without hiring their own search party and going out searching for their own son instead of waiting until the weather "improved" ???   Remember: Terri Horman had less than an hour in order to do anything to Kyron Horman and if they still think she is guilty, the only searching that makes any sense would be less than 15 minutes from a road and not the thousands of acres they claim need to be searched.  You also need to remember that june 2010 was very wet and off road / fields was muddy.  Since there was no evidence of mud in the truck that day, the only logical place to search if you really believed Terri Horman was guilty of doing anything to Kyron Horman is right along the roads.  Since this area is popular with hikers, cyclists, equestrians, it is very unlikely a body in the feasible search area would not have been discovered by now.  I know people who would have been out looking 24/7 for a lost pet and yet Kyron Horman's egg and sperm donor have refused to search even during the nice days of summer.
The search had been planned for months, but poor weather conditions forced a wait until this weekend, he said. The owners of special dogs used in the search said the animals did not work well in snow but recent conditions were good for sniffing out clues.

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young told KGW she felt encouraged by the Sunday effort.

"We are supporting the police and very hopeful that they are closer to finding Kyron," she said. "We know they will find Kyron. They are acting on some new information that they shared with us. We are confident they are getting closer to bringing him home."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inconsistencies in the search for Kyron Horman

 This past week law enforcement in the Kyron Horman case supported placing his picture on nationwide semi trucks  in the hopes someone has seen him and call them with leads.  Today the same law enforcement is using cadaver dogs searching for Kyron Horman's body as I predicted earlier this month they would in order to use it as a gimmick to get more funding for Kyron Horman searches.  The comment made by the law enforcement sock puppet Lt. Mary Lindstrand that they hope to have closure so the next step is "Law & Order" made me think they are trying to get Kyron Horman's story as a Law & Order episode and not necessarily justice for Kyron (if he is even missing)  Law & Order was an unusual term to use for this circumstance.  One has to wonder if the Law & Order script writers have contacted them about using this is a story (as they used the story of the "Lakewood Four" police officers that were killed in a coffee shop)

Law enforcement supports giving $$$ to a local Portland trucking company (friends of Kaine's?  I'm getting this checked out as I type)  to display Kyron's picture because "there is no evidence Kyron Horman is not alive" and at the same time they are using cadaver dogs to search for him and "throwing darts" just so they can dupe the Multnomah County tax payer "feelers" into forking yet another million dollars over for Kyron searches?   I think many are interested in this case because of all the inconsistencies and they want to know what the truth is.

This is so inconsistent, a sis everything else in this case, one has to wonder if this is a psychological test or a real life reality show or just a divorce scam.  Too many inconsistencies to take it at face value.  Yet you have the sock puppets / script writers / whoever trying to tell everyone it is exactly what they claim it is.

If law enforcement showed Desiree Young more [phony] evidence on why they are searching with cadaver dogs they apparently had for weeks (or they would have searched sooner but because of the weather they couldn't), then why did they waste the time, effort, and money in paying a trucking company to place ads on their trucks in the hopes someone in the country has seen a live Kyron Horman???
A tractor-trailer rig with a giant likeness of Kyron Horman will be on display this morning at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office headquarters as part of an effort to find the missing boy.

In an effort to keep the public on the lookout for Kyron, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office announced this week that it has partnered with the Washington State Patrol to include the boy in WSP's Homeward Bound Program.

As part of that program, Kyron's image has been affixed to the side of a truck operated by Gordon Trucking Inc., which runs routes nationwide.

Officials say the hope is that someone who may have seen Kyron might see the truck and make the connection. Along with Kyron's image will be the phone number 1-800-THE LOST (1-800-843-5678), the contact number for the program.
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lt. Mary Lindstrand said officials are hoping to bring closure today to the Kyron Horman search that has lasted seven months.

"Will that happen today? We can hope," Lindstrand said Sunday morning. "The ultimate goal in any investigation is to bring closure and take it to the next step, which is law and order."

Gustafson said authorities plan to send the canine teams in first so searchers do not contaminate the search areas. The seven total dogs on the teams are trained to pick up the scent of human remains. He also said searchers are looking for a body, remains or any clues in the case.

New Kyron Horman searches: "Diving for [Kyron] dollars" --- I told you so
Story Published: Jan 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM PST
Story Updated: Jan 30, 2011 at 11:00 AM PST
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Investigators are combing two rural locations Sunday in search of the Oregon boy who disappeared from his Portland school seven months ago.

Search and rescue workers are searching for Kyron Horman in areas north and west of Portland.
 I stated that there would be more "diving for [Kyron] dollars" searches at the end of january in order to prepare the taxpayers to shell out even more money for Kyron Horman searches at the beginning of february when the current funding runs out.  I knew if Kyron was not found that there would be more diving for dollars searches.  I'm shocked they didn't dive for dollars last weekend as well as this weekend - nothing like cutting the deadline close!

Edited to add (after I found the post I was looking for) :

Monday, January 3, 2011

Watch for new Sauvie Island searches on the weekend of the 22nd and the 29th [january].  Money / funding runs out on february 1 and law enforcement needs to show they are doing something before they ask the taxpayers for another million for Kyron dive searches (while claiming there is no evidence he is dead)

Judge gave the attorneys dates for a new hearing up to three months out (just the amount of time that law enforcement asks for funding - are these guys tag teaming this?) so this may last well into the spring.  I'm guessing Kaine Horman will not reappear Kyron until after the divorce but the judge will hold the divorce off until Kyron is found or Terri Horman is totally cleared.  Sounds like stalemate.

Saturday, December 4, 2010
The sheriff is pushing for something to shake loose by Feb. 1, the end of a 120-day deadline he set for the task force and when he reports back to county commissioners about the status of an investigation that has cost nearly $1.4 million as of Nov. 29. 
In other words:  They are preparing the feely good tax payers to shell out more tax dollars to "Bring Kyron Home [For Valentines Day]"  --- this can be shown a couple of lines later:
They point to one undeniable fact: They lack any physical evidence of Kyron or physical evidence that links anyone to his disappearance

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sheriff Staton's statement "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said investigators must push forward as though the child is still alive." yet spending hundreds of thousands of dollars searching Sauvie Island and  diving ponds and rivers to search for Kyron is throwing darts.  This shows they are knowingly wasting tax dollars to search for Kyron Horman and yet are about to ask for even more money.

Never mind that Sheriff Staton stated they had no evidence of who took Kyron.  Six months and NO evidence yet he claims they will have a suspect named after Kaine and Terri's divorce hearing which is in january?  He cannot honestly say this and based on the same thing happening last time he asked for more money to search for Kyron, this entire article is a set up of the taxpayers (the "feelers") to get them to fork over more money which will be wasted on Sauvie Island searches for a child there is not one shred of evidence that is dead.

Diving for [Kyron] dollars
Is anyone surprised by the new searches this weekend?  If you have been reading this blog, you shouldn't have been!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is Egypt a repeat of Iran?

Obama is a bumbling buffoon just like Carter.  Makes sense people in other countries would take advantage of both.

Violence in Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids from the Hotel Sofitel le Sphinx Cairo, Egypt
The last several days, there has been rioting in Cairo.  The military is protecting the national museum that has suffered some damage (this is where all the King Tut, the mummies of the pharaohs, and other Egyptian artifacts are on display) and the Giza Plateau where the Great Pyramid (and several other pyramids) as well as the Great Sphinx has been closed.  The protests are against the government.

This is right out of the prophecy of Isaiah 19 and shows how close to the antichrist rule and the end times we are in:

Isaiah 19

 1 The burden of Egypt. Behold, Jehovah rideth upon a swift cloud, and cometh unto Egypt: and the idols of Egypt shall tremble at his presence; and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it.
 2 And I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.
 3 And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst of it; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek unto the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards.
 4 And I will give over the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them, saith the Lord, Jehovah of hosts.
 5 And the waters shall fail from the sea, and the river shall be wasted and become dry.
 6 And the rivers shall become foul; the streams of Egypt shall be diminished and dried up; the reeds and flags shall wither away.
 7 The meadows by the Nile, by the brink of the Nile, and all the sown fields of the Nile, shall become dry, be driven away, and be no more.
 8 And the fishers shall lament, and all they that cast angle into the Nile shall mourn, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish.
 9 Moreover they that work in combed flax, and they that weave white cloth, shall be confounded.
 10 And the pillars of Egypt shall be broken in pieces; all they that work for hire shall be grieved in soul.
 11 The princes of Zoan are utterly foolish; the counsel of the wisest counsellors of Pharaoh is become brutish: how say ye unto Pharaoh, I am the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings?
 12 Where then are thy wise men? and let them tell thee now; and let them know what Jehovah of hosts hath purposed concerning Egypt.
 13 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Memphis are deceived; they have caused Egypt to go astray, that are the corner-stone of her tribes.
 14 Jehovah hath mingled a spirit of perverseness in the midst of her; and they have caused Egypt to go astray in every work thereof, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit.
 15 Neither shall there be for Egypt any work, which head or tail, palm-branch or rush, may do. 
Time is short.  The end times are here and unless you have accepted Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) you are about to enter the wildest seven years in human history.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering Challenger

In Memory of my friend Dick Scobee and his fellow Challenger astronauts.

 The crew of STS-51-L. Front row, from left to right: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ronald McNair. Back row, from left to right: Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, and Judith Resnik.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the Dry Bones Blog

"Us" verus "Them" - the new (?) war in Amerika

The last year or two in particular there has been a war in America not yet realized by many people.  It is the police against the people.  There have been numerous fatal shootings of police officers by lone gunmen.  There has also been numerous shootings of unarmed or non threatening people by the police.

While the incidents make the news, little is said about the increasing violence by people against law enforcement or about the lethal force used by some police officers against unarmed or non threatening people.

I'm not disounting the officers deaths in violent situation although those situations are not the topic of this post.  This post is regarding the massacre of police officers that were not involved violent encounters with suspects.  Last year in the Seattle / Tacoma area there were several shootings of police officers that were sitting in a coffee shop or parked along the road.  (The "Lakewood four" and officer Brenton who was killed on Halloween while sitting in his patrol car)

There are also incidents of police officers killing unarmed men (the pastor defending his property in Spokane and the wood carver who was shot last summer in Seattle because he was deaf and did not hear the officer tell him to drop his knife)

It seems that this is a vicious circle:  The police are likely to use force because of all the recent violence against police officers and mentally unstable going after the police because of the killing of innocent and unarmed people by the police.  Something needs to be done so both sides "stand down" and do not over react to situations.  If this does not happen, there will be more innocent people on both "sides" who will be killed because of this circle of violence that seems to be escalating.

It is unfortunate prosecutors refuse to stop the violence by police officers and it is unfortunate those who are mentally unstable are not receiving the mental help they need because the state prefers to build a worthless viaduct replacement tunnel (four billion dollars) than to fund social programs for those who are mentally unstable.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Was the Tucson shooting and the Spokane, WA terrorist plot related to the same skin head group?

Most have heard about the Tucson shooting by a mentally ill neo-nazi / skinhead.  Most have not heard about the terrorist plot in Spokane Washington on the Martin Luther King Holiday this past monday.

There was a backpack with explosives / shrapnel left along the MLK parade route in Spokane.  It was to be detonated by a terrorist watching it from afar.  The FBI has stated it was a sophisticated bomb plot by someone that knew what they were doing.  Yesterday it was reported there were ties between that backpack bomb and a group of neo nazis in northern Idaho (~20 miles from Spokane, WA)

This hate group has threatened president Obama and is now carrying out their threats of killing Jewish leaders (congresswoman Giffords is Jewish) as well as those who were marching in support of MLK and his views on equal rights for all races of people.

One has to wonder why the media has not connected the two events when both events were carried out by people with the same racist world view.  If this group is escalating, then there may be another event they attempt to carry out soon.

PS:  Does anyone know why I'm getting so many page view on this blog from the governments of North Korea and Iran?   Neither of them read my blog on nuclear physics.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Datamining I did years ago is now gaining credibility

I tried to get mydatamining noticed and had even sent letters to the Seattle Fire Department regarding the high incidents of certain cancers in firemen stationed at station 31 in Seattle . The latest email I sent to them was nearly a year ago - an email they replied with"thanks but no thanks"
Date: 4/1/2010

From: Think I'm that stupid?


Subject: Fire Station 31 and cancer


Biggest reason for increase in breast cancer (and brain cancer) in the western world is due to a lack of melatonin caused by EMF. Risk can be reduced by taking a melatonin supplement before you sleep (it causes natural drowsiness) This will also reduce certain cancer risks for fire fighters and nurses (as well as others) that work the night shift. Seattle fire station 31 can reduce their cancers if they would listen - and the city of seattle refused to even hear this free information when I offered it to them ...... It works because the melatonin temporarily naturally suppresses estrogen production in the body. EMF interferes with this (through the pineal gland) which causes an unnatural 24 hour estrogen production (which is normally shut down 8 hours a day by natural melatonin) This was discovered because blind women have a significant decrease in breast cancer than sighted women.
I even posted some of the same datamining results on this blog back in early October: Can Melatonin reduce the risk of some types of cancer?

Now after numerous emails to the media and to Seattle Fire Department, KING TV (Belo) is covering the news that light and lack of melatonin is linked to high breast cancer incidents in Seattle:
But cancer cops like Fred Hutchinson Cancer Researcher Dr. Scott Davis keep looking for clues. Lately he's been finding them on the night shift.

"We were looking at whether or not the risk of breast cancer is influenced by whether or not a woman works the night shift," says Dr. Davis.

His group found a woman's body doesn't produce as much cancer fighting melatonin if she is working under bright lights at night instead of sleeping in the dark.
I have only been posting about this for years on various news stories and have been emailing the Seattle Fire Department so they could inform the firemen about using Melatonin to decrease their risk of certain types of cancer.  Now, years after I have been posting about it, Fred Hutchinson Cancer  researchers are releasing their study results and taking credit for what I (as well as many others) have known - and have been posting and talking about - for YEARS

Now if only they would take my datamining research about ALS and Parkinsons Disease seriously ...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's 7.4 Pakistan Earthquake

Today Pakistan suffered a major earthquake.  Preliminary reports stated it was a 7.4 at a depth of six miles - shallow enough to cause major damage at that magnitude.  After USGS review, the USGS placed it at 7.2 at a depth of 52 miles.

The quake was centered 289 miles W-SW of the city of Dalandin at 1:23 AM local time Wednesday (12:23 PM tuesday PST)  So far there are no reports whether there was significant damage or not.


Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 7.4 Mw
  • 18 Jan 2011 20:23:17 UTC
  • 19 Jan 2011 01:23:17 near epicenter
  • 18 Jan 2011 12:23:17 standard time in your timezone
Location 28.782N 64.048E
Depth 10 km
  • 47 km (29 miles) WSW (249 degrees) of Dalbandin, Pakistan
  • 253 km (157 miles) W (265 degrees) of Kalat, Pakistan
  • 317 km (197 miles) ESE (105 degrees) of Zahedan, Iran
  • 788 km (490 miles) NE (42 degrees) of MUSCAT, Oman
Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 13.3 km; Vertical
Parameters Nph = 164; Dmin = 999.9 km; Rmss = 2.00 seconds; Gp = 28°
M-type = Mw; Version = 1
Event ID US 2011ggbx

The solution for airport security - and doing away with the invasive body scanners

People complain about "racial profiling" at airport wanting would be terrorists treated the same as law abiding citizens.  Others are concerned with the privacy violation and cancer risk of full body scanners.

The solution is to have a security booth people step into and have any explosives detonated that is on that person.  This would solve all problems of invasive minimum wage gropers (oops - TSA agents) and porn shots.  It would also free up seats for people on standby.

Another thought I've had is wondering why TSA can get away with taking child porn shots of children with the full body scanners?  Groping children is also a crime.  Considering most suicide bombers in the middle east are children, allowing children to pass through security unchecked is a security risk yet checking the children with the porn scanners or groping are criminal acts.

Israel security chief in charge of Ben Gurion airport security said the full body scanners are worthless in stopping explosives from getting through and they give a false sense of security.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Feelers need to learn to think!


"Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think." 

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Kaine Horman "There's an app for that" Kyron Horman app scam

I wanted to post about this earlier although my Portland nd Oregon contact was unavailable to check out a few things until late this past week.

Once again Kaine Horman is using Kyron Horman's disappearance to further the business of one of his friends.  By using Kyron Horman's poster as an auto response to a call to a sell phone, Kaine Horman is hoping it will increase downloads of the free application (app.) for his friend's business of selling ads and announcements to companies.  Just because someone downloads the app. to "help Kyron" is no guarantee they will inundate their friends, family, coworkers, and business contacts with Kyron's poster:  I could very well be some other paid advertisement including those they would prefer to not send to certain people (viagra ads to their child?)

People complain they have to listen to ads while on hold and people complain about junk emails advertising all sorts of scams and products so why would any person want to send out junk mail to anyone that tries to call them on their cell phone?  A simple message of "I'm on the road, I'll call back as soon as I can" is much more polite and professional than an ad for viagra or asny other type of scam Kaine's app. developement friend sells to their advertisers.

Anyone who sends me junk when I try to contact them shows they have no common sense.  It would be like placing advertisements in your vacation email auto responder instead of just a short message you will respond when you get back.  If you are searching for a job or have business contacts that call you:  Do you really want to harass those trying to contact you with an advertisement?  If Kyron Horman's disappearance means so much to you already do not your friends and family already know all about it?  ow would you like it if an Alternate-Theories Blog ad was sent to your cell phone when you made a call?

Once again Kaine Horman is using his son Kyron's disappearance for financial gain for either himself and/ or his friends' businesses.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are Kaine Horman's supporters as mentally unstable and dangerous as Jared Loughner (the Tucson shooter) ?

One thing that stands out after the nazi terrorist shooting of Gabrielle Giffords last saturday is that the warning signs of his mental illness and mental instability was observed for over a year and nothing was done about it.  The community college he briefly attended  at least one of his instructors and many students were fearful of him and at least one was stalked and felt threatened.

There are several Kaine Horman supporters that have shown this same mental illness / mental instability and have posted threats against those who believe Kaine Horman had something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance.  Several of these supporters are stalking, harassing, threatening, bullying, and committing numerous crimes violating several state and federal laws against computer harassment and stalking (Washington State  RCW 9a.46.110 is one of many) yet Facebook, Oregonlive, and numerous other forums are allowing this to continue.  Law Enforcement has to be aware of this illegal activity and yet they are allowing it to continue.

Will another Tucson massacre need to happen by those who have shown the same mental instability as Jared Loughner before the public cries out about it?   Some of Kaine Horman's supporters have posted on public forums that they wished people would commit suicide or that someone should "put them out of their misery" (referring to those who do not believe Terri Horman is guilty of anything)   One thing is for sure:   Multnomah County Sheriff's department will do nothing  to stop Kaine Horman's supporters from their criminal activities until someone is hurt or killed - and then there will be a public outcry about it and people wondering why nothing was done when the warning signs were clearly there.  There will soon be arrests of Kaine Horman's Sock Puppet cyber bullies / stalkers  - but not by Multnomah County.

It is interesting that Kaine Horman's supporters are involved in illegal activities and computer crimes and it is ignored by Multnomah County law enforcement just like Kaine's kidnapping or killing Kyron Horman has been ignored.  You can bet if someone who does not think Terri Horman is guilty of doing anything to Kyron was stalking and harassing one of Kaine Horman's supporters, law enforcement would be all over them by now and they would have tried to tie it in with Kyron's disappearance.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Political correctness stealing our freedom and security


Israeli security is the toughest in the world.  Ben Gurion airport is one of the most secure airports that there is - and yet they reject the full body scanners as a waste of money.  Ben Gurion security experts have stated they can trick the full body scanners and carry enough explosives through the scanners (and pass) to bring down a 747.

When I was in Israel a few years ago they was security everywhere - but not "in your face" like in the United States.  They also allowed liquids through security with no 100ML in a quart container limit.  You can also carry your beverage through airport security in Israel.  Also there is no shoe scanning - and all of this after the would be shoe bomber caused homeland (in)security and the EU to limit liquids in carry ons and to scan all shoes.

Israel leads security because they profile and only go after those who fit the profile of a would be terrorist.  The United States does not profile terrorists because they don't want to hurt peoples feelings.  The United States prefers to take away innocent Americans' rights instead of profile neo-nazis and muslim jihadists that have stated publicly they support terrorism against the United States.  Already the democrats are calling for more gun control and a quashing of freedom of speech because the neo nazi shot 20 people killing six on saturday.  Anyone who observed this white supremist knew he was a danger several years ago and yet now we all must pay because no one did anything to stop him.

The same can be said about the Kaine Gang cyber bullies - they will end up hurting or killing someone and then everyone will pay because Multnomah County Sheriff refused to stop their cyber terrorist activities.   Everyone is outraged when an event happens and yet refuse to do anything when there are warning signs of the future event.  The cyber bullying / cyber terrorism of Kaine Horman's supporters needs to be stopped before they hurt or kill someone - the signs are warning of that happening and yet law enforcement and the media will not care and will not do anything until after it happens.

Why is the bullying never stopped until after some one is hurt or killed?  Why do web sites condone this illegal activity while claiming they are doing everything to stop it?  Why does law enforcement ignore the computer crime laws and allow it to repeatedly happen?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will political correctness lead to the United State's downfall?

Ever since WWII and the internment of the Japanese people living in the United States and the fallout because of the "racial profiling", the United States and the media has gone overboard in not mentioning that there are certain groups of people who are likely plotting terrorist attacks in this country.   I previously - briefly - mentioned this in a previous post (see  In another post I pointed out the Fort Hood massacre was a terrorist event by a palestinian muslim terrorist who hated the United States (see: Seattle King County (Washington State) Metro Transit to run arab terrorist anti-Israel ads ).  Yet none of this is mentioned by the government and is glossed over by the media if they even mention it at all.

Saturday there was another terrorist event.  This time it was by a neo-nazi white supremist  Jared Loughner, 22, who's favorite books were listed as :  "The Communist Manifesto," "Siddhartha," "The Old Man And The Sea," "Gulliver's Travels," "Mein Kampf," "The Republic" and "Meno."   Mein Kampf , for, for those unfamiliar (the younger generation seems ignorant of history) was written by Adolph Hitler and was anti-Semitic and blamed the worlds problems on the Jewish people.

What most of the main stream media is ignoring is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the target of the neo-nazi self proclaimed terrorist, is Jewish.  This is definitely a hate crime and yet the politically correct media and government are not mentioning it. 

Groups that exist because of their hatred towards others need to be closely monitored and need to be profiled to prevent events such as this from happening again.

Just like bullies / cyber bullies - there are groups that hate and exist only because of their hatred towards others.  To profile against terrorist groups is to protect the people of the United States.  Yet the United States government opened their door to palestinian terrorists and welcomed them into this country to e seen as "not profiling" and "being inclusive" after the muslim terrorists attacked the United States.

One thing history has shown:  If you invite your enemy into your camp, you may very well wake up with a Trojan Horse in your midst.

Of course, in typical Unites States fashion, the terrorist groups will not be profiled and innocent Americans will have yet more of their freedoms and rights taken away in the name of "security".

Saturday, January 8, 2011

White supremist terrorist attack in Tucson, Arizona

Jared Lee Loughner, nazi sympathizer and radical liberal, shot 18 people, killing six, at an Arizona congresswoman's public meeting with her constituents this morning.

Jared Loughner, 22, was a reported pot head who's favorite books were listed as :  "The Communist Manifesto," "Siddhartha," "The Old Man And The Sea," "Gulliver's Travels," "Mein Kampf," "The Republic" and "Meno."

On is youtube page, he identified himself as a terrorist.  It is believed he is also a military veteran.   He told authorities he acted alone although there are reports that the FBI is looking for an accomplice.  It is unknown of is religious ties, if any.

Monday, January 3, 2011

(yawn) Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce hearing postponed. Watch for "Breaking News" Sauvie Island searches towards the end of the month

Not surprising since nothing has happened in the Kyron Horman case that the judge had no other option than to postpone Kaine and Terri Horman's divorce hearing.  The judge stated in october that since Terri was a defacto suspect, her rights would be violated by holding the divorce hearing.  Since nothing but a bunch of phony diving searches looking for a live Kyron happened since then, the same reasoning had to apply and the divorce hearing had to be postponed.  The only surprise I have is that it happened today and did not wait until the fifth or the sixth.

Watch for new Sauvie Island searches on the weekend of the 22nd and the 29th.  Money / funding runs out on february 1 and law enforcement needs to show they are doing something before they ask the taxpayers for another million for Kyron dive searches (while claiming there is no evidence he is dead)

Judge gave the attorneys dates for a new hearing up to three months out (just the amount of time that law enforcement asks for funding - are these guys tag teaming this?) so this may last well into the spring.  I'm guessing Kaine Horman will not reappear Kyron until after the divorce but the judge will hold the divorce off until Kyron is found or Terri Horman is totally cleared.  Sounds like stalemate.

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