Friday, October 1, 2010

Part one: Desiree's Statement

The media did not cover this live and they had a comment about what desiree said on the 5:00 news and will air Desire's statement (to Kyron) at 6PM

What she did say is she wants everyone to donate money to raise the reward money.  Yet neither her, Kaine, nor the Kyron Horman Foundation donated any money to increase the reward.  Kaine and Desiree refused to search for Kyron and refuse to contribute to the reward money yet they want others to search and they want others to donate money.  Kaine makes over $120,000. a year and has ample savings (plus his house) and has not given one cent to the search effort or reward fund.

And, as usual, she said Terri and her friends were responsible for disappearing Kyron and they need to come forward.

Part 2 will be after the 6:00 news.  I'm sure it will be a real tear jerker in order to gain sympathy and get people to donate more money.   With over $30,000. in the Kyron Horman Foundation, they had money to increase the reward on their own without crying for more.  When will the foundation be investigated?  When will the parents search and donate some of their own ample funds to find their son?


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