Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kyron Horman: revisiting the sighting of the White Truck

There are several rumors of  "white truck" sightings on the afternoon of june 4 (around 3PM) and at 2:00 AM the next morning.  Many people speculate it was "Terri hiding Kyron's body".

What they fail to understand is that Kaine was home at 2:00 and said Terri was already there.  They walked down to the bus and Kyron was discovered missing at around 3:45.1

This should prove Terri was not driving around in Kaine's truck at 3:00 PM on june 4.  In fact, if it were Kaine's truck, he ould have noticed it was not in the driveway when he got home at 2:00 PM and he would have told this to law enforcement.  Kaine Horman also stated Terri was home and made no mention of her leaving until after they waled down to the bus to get Kyron at 3:30 and discovered he was not there.

I think it is safe to say nobody saw anyone driving Kaine's truck at 3:00 PM on june 4.  They may have gotten the time wrong and seen it at 4:00 PM as Kaine drove it to the school and the search for Kyron was started.

Qualcomm GSP-1600 Satellite PhoneThe next part of the rumor was that someone saw a white truck driving around at 2:00 AM on june 5.  This may have occurred - they were searching for Kyron and they searched throughout the first night.  It is doubtful that it was Kaine's truck since law enforcement had the family under 24/7 surveillance the first few days.  It may have been a white truck being used by one of the searchers.  Even if it had been Kaine's truck, they may have been out giving support to the searchers while they were looking for Kyron and law enforcement would have known about it.  Any normal parent would be out searching from day one and would have not been "afraid of getting lost".  If they had a good satellite phone, they would not have had to worry about the poor cell phone coverage. 

1.  Timeline: Search for Kyron Horman

SPOT Personal Tracker 

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