Monday, October 4, 2010

Is the Kyron Horman case being used for psychological testing or brainwashing ?

After reading the Yahoo News article that the military has planted psyops personnel in civilian media to learn persuasion techniques (Army embeds active-duty PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations ) I think it is time to re-address a theory I presented when I stated this blog:  See Is Kyron missing? ) - the same thing I posted on oregonlive in late june in more detail.

This entire case smelled fishy from the start.  The parents refused to search, the media libeled Terri from the start, Terri's defense attorney uncharacteristically gives no statement on behalf of his client, the searches are so bizarre (rappelling down cliffs and searching fields too muddy in june for someone to go out in to hide a body)  that I had my suspicions from the start this was a homeland security psychological / brainwashing test or a balloon boy episode (or a real life reality show)  In june on oregonlive after Terri was starting to be blamed for Kyron going missing,   I stated that if it were a reality TV show then there would be another person "voted out".    With Kaine and Desiree now seemingly at odds (Desiree still blaming Terri and Kaine seemingly distancing himself from that view and from Desiree) it gives this theory a little more credibility than it had last week.

If Kyron is really missing, then what I see is the government or military using the situation to brainwash and manipulate people through the media.  Obviously the "Terri is guilty" herd has been brainwashed into thinking she is guilty with absolutely no real evidence.    Nothing has been typical of this case from day one.  Even the fundraisers where people donate money for searches yet none of it is being used for searches and the agencies that usually care about such things ignore it.  It also seems what people post about online is brought out in the media a week or two later - sort of like they are taking the script from what people are posting about.  The discrepancies of what Kaine and Desiree say from one press conference to another is also very strange - especially since the press goes right along with it without questioning it.  It is also very odd that whenever Kaine and/or Desiree choose to speak, the media is right there any time and any place - even after one bizarre event after another.

 I'll continue to post about Kyron as though he is really missing although I believe some sort of intentional manipulation or brainwashing is also taking place.  Maybe the emperor really does have clothes but so far I do not see them  (see:  The Emperor's New Clothes  )  If Kyron is really missing, this needs to start being investigated like a real case and not like a reality TV show.

I pray the truth about this whole bizarre story comes out soon and the perpetrators are found and punished for what they have done - whether it is for Kyron missing or for the fraud they have committed on the people (or both)


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