Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can Melatonin reduce the risk of some types of cancer?

Melatonin is a natural substance made by the body when it is dark out.  The pineal gland in the brain causes the melatonin to be secreted when in complete darkness.  This is important for a number of reasons including the cyclic reduction of estrogen production.

During a 24 hour day, estrogen production is increased during the day and is slowed at night due to the affects of melatonin.  This is a normal occurrence.   When the pineal gland is exposed to either light or EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) then the secretion of the melatonin in the body does not occur and the estrogen is not shut down during sleep as it normally would be.  Electro Magnetic Fields are caused by electrical equipment, cell phone towers, and power lines.

Proof of light or EMF causing an increase in cancer is in a number of studies that show some people such as nurses, firemen, and night shift workers have higher incidences of breast and other hormonal types of cancer than those on a typical daytime work schedule / night sleep schedule.  It is also proven in reverse by the significant decrease of incidences of breast cancer in blind women.1

There are some places that have a higher risk of brain cancer in their employees such as Fire Station 31 in Seattle, WA.  The Seattle Fire Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the cause of the cancer outbreak but found nothing of environmental concern.2 I emailed the Seattle Fire Department of my findings and told them how cancer risks could be significantly reduced for less than $5. a month per fireman.  They were not interested in finding out - for free - what I had found out because they spent $300,000. and didn't find anything.  They refused to even listen to what I offered them for free.

The reduction of melatonin in the body can also be related to reduced serotonin.  Reduced serotonin levels can cause depression and, in some instances, mental illness. 

The bottom line:  risks of some cancers have increased due to EMF, lights, and the lack of complete darkness needed by the body every day.  The good news is you can reduce these risks by taking a melatonin supplement at night before you sleep.  You can purchase melatonin supplements - which are not derived from animals (I checked) for less than $5.00 a month.  It is available at most pharmacies and health food stores.  As always, check with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

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.                                                           mesothelioma

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