Friday, October 8, 2010

Is Kaine Horman going to reappear Kyron soon?

Once again Kaine Horman alludes to having "stashed" Kyron somewhere and continues to talk as though he will have him home soon.  He is also likely making future plans for another co-dependent sock puppet and is probably already shacking up with him or her.  Notice the plural --- and it is not the "royal we"

The statement Kaine made after court is very interesting.  He fully expects Kyron to be home soon and expects to have full custody of Kyron as well as Kiara and has someone else in mind.
After the hearing, Kaine Horman said he is satisfied with the judge's decision.“I think it’s a great step in the right direction," he said. "We want to get through this as quickly as possible. We want to get the kids in their routines and then, outside of the divorce, we want to get Kyron in a nice, stable household."

When Desiree was divorcing Kaine, she thought that Kaine was going to kidnap Kyron and her son from a previous marriage.  She filed a restraining order against him and it was granted to her.
What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad.

At the time, she had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. In court documents, Young said she feared Kaine Horman would “remove our children from their residence.” It’s unclear whether the couple was living together at the time. Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau granted Young’s request, forbidding either her or Kaine Horman from taking the children without the other’s consent.

As I have previously stated, Kaine planned out a way to get both kids - only this time he made sure he was granted custody.  He is the one that had the money to plan out a kidnapping and the time to rehearse an alibi and learn to pass a polygraph (if he did pass it)  And he knew he could once again push Desiree into another mental breakdown so he could be assured of being awarded full custody of Kyron.

Remember:  The house is in Kaine's name even though he had been living with Terri for five years and married her a couple of months after purchasing it.  If he had not planned on divorcing Terri at some point, the house would have been in both of their names and not just his. (see:  Did Kaine always plan on divorcing Terri? )

I still believe if Kyron is missing, Kaine Horman and his boyfriend or maybe even one of his girlfriends (he bats for both teams) is behind it.


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