Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peter Pickle's post gets Pickle Juiced - What is Oregonlive hiding???

Thank you Carole for sending me this 
(and thanks for the link to such a great blog)

Peter Pickle made a post today and apparently Oregonlive had a problem with it.  Oregonlive removed it within ten seconds of being posted so I am posting it here so the people who need to see it see it.  I did format it into paragraphs (apparently Oregonlive no longer allows paragraphs in their posts)
@ to those with "insider" information 

I read True Nelson's blog and if you are for Kyron, you need to send him any of the "insider" information that you have that you so freely share with others.  If you refuse, it will prove you either do not care about Kyron or you are a fraud

To those who received this person's "insider" information emails:  If you care about Kyron you will forward all of the "insider" emails that you received to True Nelson, a Portland Oregon private investigator. [My note: His blog is:  True at True Associates ] If you refuse to do so, then it is obvious you do not care about Kyron and that you only care about defaming Terri and instigating a lynch mob against her

If you are for Kyron, you are for the truth no matter what it is.
 What problem does Oregonlive have for having information sent to True Nelson that is already being sent to numerous sock puppets in the "Terri is guilty" underground herd ?  There needs to be an investigation of this mentally unstable fraud and her equally mentally unstable herd of sock puppets.  She obviously cares more about her popularity than she does about Kyron.  Her sock puppets are gullible fools thinking they are getting information from law enforcement through her.

Once again I am asking:  Is this person being fed lies to tighten the psychological noose around Terri or is she making all of this up to boost her self esteem and gain sock puppet groupies?  Or is she being used as part of a psychological or brainwashing test ? (if so, she was duped and she really believes the lies she or whoever made up)  Maybe the brainwashing is part of Kaine Horman's narcissistic manipulation of people.


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