Friday, October 29, 2010

Should Kaine Horman be arrested for interfering with a police investigation ?

If law enforcement is handling the investigation by giving all the information they find over to Kaine Horman, then they cannot be trusted and heads should roll - starting with the sheriff at the next election.  They need to protect the information relevant to finding Kyron Horman as well as maintain the integrity of their department.  Releasing  any information they have gathered during an investigation to aid Kaine Horman's divorce against his wife is opening themselves up to being deposed because Terri Horman has the right to the evidence being used against her. 

For the sheriff's department to release information to Kaine Horman they know will be "leaked" to the public opens the sheriff department up in a defamation lawsuit Terri's attorneys should file and it causes a lack of public trust in their department.  Terri has the right to see the information law enforcement has given to Kaine since Kaine stated in court documents (that he immediately leaked to the media) law enforcement told him Terri tried to hire his friend's landscaper buddy to kill him. Terri has the right to the evidence in order to defend herself against the allegations. Terri's attorneys could get get all of the evidence by subpoena that law enforcement allegedly gave to Kaine if they filed defamation lawsuits against him and/or the sheriff's department.

If Kaine is lying and claiming LE is giving him information when they are not, Kaine should be arrested for interfering with a police investigation. He could also be charged in lying to the court (via sworn affidavit)  If the information he is leaking to the media is "legitimate", then he is definitely interfering with the investigation to find his son by "leaking" the information.  Either way, his actions are grounds for his arrest.  He seems to forget this isn't just about his divorce and defaming his wife but it's about finding Kyron.



  1. I'm beginning to wonder if LE has really provided any information to Kaine. He might have been lying about everything along the line, with Desiree's corroboration. Maybe all LE ever said in their "briefings" is that they are searching databases and look at these mugshots and they continue to interview, and that sort of housekeeping stuff. there were briefings but not of case content as Kaine contends.

    Maybe Kaine knew for some reason that LE would never contradict him because that would compromise their investigation, which means he could say absolutely anything and if the media and the public believed it, it would fly. And it has! LE probably sat back and let it go on because they have no real case anyway, and if Kaine's shenanigans can pressure Terri into talking, great! If not, oh well. They'll keep plugging along in hopes something will turn up as they sift through everything.

    They probably never dreamed he would release documents like these texts with the implication they came from MCSO. For two days I have had people explain at length (and many rude adjectives) how LE got these texts and how much they reveal about Terri. I keep asking everybody and everywhere to tell me if they see a source stated. no joy.

    I still don't know that Kaine disappeared Kyron. I do know that he has interfered with and compromised this investigation, perhaps fatally. He has also severely damaged MCSO's credibility. BTW, sheriff was not on the ballot this time. Believe me I looked. If Kaine got the info from MCSO, the department needs to be investigated for at least incompetence and at most corruption. If these texts are bogus, then Kaine needs to be arrested for interference with the investigation etc. This is really a separate matter entirely from Kyron's disappearance. But unless MCSO speaks up or someone else steps in to investigate and or charge, this situation will continue and worsen, whether or not Kyron's case is solved.


  2. I agree, Teresa. The sheriff's department has messed this one up big time. They are WAY over their heads and were so since day one. Even the last searches and Terri's time line blew it for the prosecutor's office because even if they still believe Terri is guilty, they would have to get some pretty incriminating hard evidence before they could ever arrest her.

    I still think this could possibly be a balloon boy or a real life reality show (or even a psychological test of social media) although I'll continue on as if Kyron is really missing.

  3. I first theorized sometime in June that this could be Beyond Balloon Boy scam, posted that theory on discussion forums and talked with others. It is the best explanation for all known facts. That or the ultimate Reality Show with everyone participating. I even put this theory into my ebook Who Is Johnny Western? My biggest problem with this explanation is that Kyron has been missing for so long. I don't know who would be loyal enough to risk himself for hiding him for this long. However your point that Kaine is more likely to have access to such a perso than Terri is valid. He could afford to pay someone to keep him safe and quiet.

    I also like your theory of it being a psychological operation to see how easy it is to coop the masses. Far more elaborate schemes have been perpetrated on the masses. But if that's the case there is no way to solve it.

    To me an even worse possibility is that Terri didn't do it and Kaine didn't do it, which means that some entirely different person not only did it but is still at large to do it again.

    In the meantime, some means must be devised to discern whether or not LE is complicit with Kaine or a victim of him. Plus we need to find out what happened to Kyron, but that is beginning to seem farther off than ever before.

  4. I've also considered Desiree and Tony were behind it and they have Terri and Kaine pointing fingers at each other.

    The best chance for Kyron being alive is if Kaine or Terri did take him and "stashed" him somewhere.

    I loved the intro to your e-book (one misspelled word I caught) - and did not see where to read / buy the rest of it. The intro definitely wants me to read the rest - very good!

  5. this is the link to the ebook
    just click on the book cover to download it for free. Interacting on facebook on this case was quite an adventure for me! It was a crazy case right from the beginning.

    I have also spend some time wondering about Tony. We know the least about him than anybody in the case. On the surface he is unlikely given what we know, but there are certainly dirty cops and he of all people would have the skill and knowledge of how to pull off a crime like this.He has the advantage of being above suspicion because of being LE himself and he has not been monitored. His motivation might be as simple as wanting Kaine out of Desiree's life. I tend to think Desiree wouldn't have been part of it only because she doesn't appear to be much of an actress. Her feelings are clear as day, and she is clearly devastated about Kyron. If Tony took him, I can't believe he meant to harm Kyron. Though how he would have expected to resolve the whole thing I don't know. And again, Kyron has been gone a long time. Something would have had to go seriously wrong.

  6. Not very savy about posting comments! ... I always thought that the person with the most reason to grab & stash Kyron was Desiree. She said that every time she had him, Kyron did not want to go back to Terri & Kaine's house (was there ever any acknowledgment - outside blogging - of how often she had him?). Wouldn't that make a mother desperate to do something? Also, the fact that she was (reportedly) supposed to take him for the weekend and then canceled would make for a good alibi. But this necessitates an accomplice and as in other comments it seems odd for someone to keep quiet this long. Except for the underground ... and I am thinking the only parent of this trio that they would work for is a non-custodial mom.
    Her emotion during interviews would still be real at having "lost" Kyron. And her messages to him would be real as well.


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