Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Will the Middle East break out in war this month? It sure looks likely.

I previously posted about Stuxnet malware that is interfering with Iran's nuclear program and Iran threatening war over it  and the terror threat in Europe  (See:  cyberwars and Stuxnet : WWIII may - or may have - started in cyber-space )

Now there is a threat by Syria and Iran working with hizbollah to take over Beirut (Lebanon's capitol) after Iran's presidet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Lebanon on october 13-14. ( http://www.debka.com/article/9062/ )

Iran has told that Iran will attack Israel in october ( http://www.debka.com/article/9052/ ) Here is a preview of that members-only article (Assad is Syria's president) :
Iran Wants Revenge for Cyber Worm
Ahmadinejad told Assad to prepare for Iran to strike Israel in early October.

All this plus Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stating there will be worldwide terror if the Mid East "peace" talks fail. ( http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/egypt-president-warns-of-global-terror-if-mideast-peace-talks-fail-1.317285 )  They are not peace talks.  The ex-jordanians ("palestinians") want ALL of Israel's land and will not stop until they get it ALL and Israel no longer exists.  It's a family feud that started 4,000 years ago when esau sold his birthright for a cup of soup.

Things are going down just the way the bible says.  All the preparations are made and now the earth is ripe to be deceived and follow the one world leader who is soon to be put in control of the earth.  This person is alive today.  If he is who I think he is, he is on the world scene and is an integral part of the peace process and was even the author of the Oslo peace accord - although most people have never heard of him and do not know who he is.

The Kyron Horman case has shown most people can be manipulated and deceived into believing anything with just a little bit of disinformation and innuendo from someone claiming they have insider information.  People are ripe for deception and they will gladly receive the antichrist's mark in their right hand or forehead in order to buy and sell when he demands it.

Interestingly a former Norad commander, Stanley A. Fulham,  has written a book and claims there will tentatively be major UFO sightings throughout the world on october 13 (this year)  The book's title is Challenges of Change  and web site is http://sites.google.com/site/challengesofchange/    Mr. Fulham claims the information was channeled to him (channeling is obtaining information from demons)   This date could be a coincidence, an advertising gimmick to sell his book (the date he was "given" is a TENTATIVE date), or it may become a very interesting month in the earth's history.   If there is a "UFO" appearance, it is a deception - a manipulation and brainwashing by either demons or the governments of the world to bring about the one world order and bring their ruler into power.

.Oh - in case you are wondering who I think the soon to be one world ruler will be, he is Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.  He is uniquely the only individual who meets all of the biblical requirements for the antichrist AND the muslim's requirement for their mahdi AND is the (former?) president of the Club of Rome.

Just remember:  The Christian antichrist is the muslim's mahdi.

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