Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yesterday's "UFO" Invasion - it REALLY happened! (sort of)

If you remember, I briefly mentioned that a former Norad commander claimed UFO's would invade the planet on october 13, 2010 (yesterday) Apparently he was just promoting his book (see: Will the Middle East break out in war this month? It sure looks likely)  It looks like some people in New York thought the U.F.O. invasion really happened:

Weather Causes 'UFOs' to Hover over New York City

.....By Henry Margusity , Expert Senior Meteorologist
.....Oct 14, 2010; 1:54 PM ET
Thousands of people witnessed objects hovering and exhibiting unusual blinking colored lights over New York City Wednesday, prompting a rash of calls to the NYPD and the FAA about UFOs.

Some even thought that a real life "War of the Worlds" was about to happen.
However, the UFO sightings can be easily explained, and the weather actually was the cause.

The objects in the sky were actually several shiny balloons that were released by unknown persons. How the weather played into the event can be explained.

It was sunny and beautiful across New York City. The sunshine played a role by reflecting off the shiny balloons, which in turn caused the light to be seen in multicolor. That would account for the reports of people seeing what appeared to be lights blinking.

The hovering of the balloons was caused by very light winds 5,000 feet above the city. Upper-air data showed winds less than 5 mph, which would account for the balloons appearing as if they were hovering in one spot.

It would also account for the flickering lights, because the light winds caused the balloons to bobble up and down.

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