Saturday, October 30, 2010

Terri Horman's attorneys make court move

As I stated a couple of days ago, Kaine Horman damaged the investigation by releasing the amateurish court papers his attorney filed on october 25th. (see: Kaine Horman caused severe problems for the criminal investigation and  Should Kaine Horman be arrested for interfering with a police investigation ?

I also stated that Terri's attorneys would now be able to get copies of all the documents that law enforcement allegedly gave to Kaine because Kaine claimed law enforcement told him Terri was guilty of hiring a hit man to have him killed and allegedly gave him the "sexting" messages in order for him to use them to defame Terri.

Yesterday (friday) BOTH of Terri's attorneys -divorce lawyer Peter Bunch and her criminal defense lawyer Stephen Houze- filed court papers that stated Kaine was out to destroy Terri Horman and her relationship with her daughter :
"It is becoming evident that Father's mission is to completely destroy and sabotage the mother-child relationship," the lawyers wrote.
"Such improper and sanctionable actions by Father and his counsel must be rejected by this court," Houze and Bunch wrote. "The inescapable conclusion is that such actions are not motivated by what is in the best interest of Kiara.1
I find it highly significant that both of Terri's attorneys filed this jointly and that they were not immediately "leaked" to the media as were the papers Kaine's attorney filed (proving Kaine is the one who released the papers his attorney filed).  It appears as Mr. Houze will be filing to depose the law enforcement investigators who allegedly gave Kaine the "evidence" collected during the investigation so Kaine could use in to defame Terri. Terri has the right to see the evidence because of Kaine's accusations in court documents.    I would not be surprised if Terri's attorneys also requested Kiara be appointed a Guardian ad litem and possibly filed to have her removed from Kaine to protect her from the emptional damage by her father.

The court could have Kaine arrested by court order for his interferenc in a police investigation.  In my opinion, Kaine will be the first one arrested in this case.  I also believe he will be facing defamation charges - something that CAN be used in court during the custody hearing in january.



  1. His behavior is deplorable. No regard whatsoever for the little girl he claims to cherish. I don't think he has very wise counsel. Guardian ad Litem, please hurry! Kiara needs help.

  2. mj...agree with you there. Poor little Kiara...and where in the world is Kyron? This is soooo sad. Hi 42!

  3. I do believe you are right. in this filing page 12, (line 6) "15: Petitioner retains the actual cell phone related documents provided by law enforcement and asks that they be examined by the court in camera."
    indicatesthat LE did indeed provide these confidential (personal sexual) texts involving no illegal activity or threats of illegal activity to a private citizen to use against another private citizen. Houze and Bunch have every right to depose the investigators who released the info.

    This is surely a violation of the very purpose of Public law enforcement and MCSO needs to be investigated for corruption.

    Kaine Horman and his attorney Laura Rackner in turn have compromised perhaps fatally the Kyron Horman investigation. This is a crime entirely separate from the question Where is Kyron? and needs to be dealt with immediately.


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