Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another search of Sauvie Island

Today 160 volunteers and law enforcement are searching Sauvie Island looking for Kyron.  Obviously they would not be thinking Kyron is alive if they are searching the fields and woods.  Terri did not have time to do anything to Kyron if he's on Sauvie Island.  The two hours she had would have been narrowed down to sixty minutes to have killed him, buried him so he wasn't found for four months, and cleaned up the forensic evidence (see Terri's Timeline )  So if they are searching Sauvie Island due to credible evidence, they have pretty much ruled Terri out as a suspect.

If they knew anything, you would think that they would not have volunteers taking part and would only allow law enforcement.  This also shows the fallacy of Kaine and Desiree claiming they did not search because they would get lost and may contaminate evidence.

160 searchers took some planning and does not appear related to Desiree's demand yesterday that Terri's family give her $350,000. to increase the search fund.  You would also think if anyone gave a tip, they would have waited until the reward was increased.

Maybe some farmers just needed their fields or gardens dug up so they dropped a hint where to dig knowing they could get it done for free.

Maybe it's just a last effort before the rains set in.  Maybe it's a training session for new search and rescue volunteers (see: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Seeking New Members )

More later if the situation warrants it.


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