Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kyron Horman : repeat a lie often enough and you can get nearly everyone to believe it ! (even those who never believed Kaine Horman before)

One thing is apparent in the Kyron Horman case:  If Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman Young repeats a lie often enough, most people will end up believing it - even those who know Kaine and Desiree are liars and manipulators.

One such lie most are starting to buy into, even those who believe Terri Horman did not have anything to do with Kyron Hormans's vanishing, is about the doctor's appointment Terri allegedly was taking Kyron Horman to because of alleged ADHD / or seizure concerns.

First:  The only ones saying anything about the alleged doctor's appointment for "spaciness" is Kaine Horman.  Kaine Horman is now claiming Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor for an alleged "spaciness".  One would need to ask why Kaine Horman would disagree with Kyron getting a checkup to make sure nothing was wrong if it was about ADHD or seizures.  The ADHD / seizures is only being spread by Kaine Horman, his sock puppets, and people speculating on the internet.  NOTHING like this has come from law enforcement.  Using this to show Terri Horman was a "bad mother" because she left Kyron Horman is the school hallway is basing this on something Kaine Horman - master liar and manipulator - said.

If Terri Horman was harming Kyron Horman as Desiree Homran Young hints at, then why would Terri want to take Kyron to the doctor where any evidence of physical abuse would come out?

The only reason why a father would object to their son having a medical checkup to make sure nothing was wrong - especially a parent that pretends to care about their son and has excellent health insurance - is if they were hiding something they did not want discovered.  From all the digging I have done and information gleaned from those poking around - the most believable reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron Horman to the doctor is because Kyron was being sexually abused.  Obviously it was not by Terri or Terri's teenage son otherwise Terri would not be the one to want to take Kyron to the doctor and Kaine Horman would not object to it.

If one uses common sense and reasoning then one would have to see Kaine Horman is hiding something and Terri Horman was the one that wanted it to be checked into.

For those who are looking at this case objectively:  WHY are you believing Kaine Horman (after all his conflicting statements / lies / and manipulation) when he says the reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor is because of seizures / ADHD / or other such nonsense?  If that's all it was, Kaine would never have objected and Desiree would have had knowledge of this.  WHERE did your common sense / reasoning go when Kaine started mentioning the doctor appointment???


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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kyron Horman: Watching The Oregon Police Hang Themselves

There are finally news organizations (besides Willamette Week) that see that Multnomah County Sheriff department is being one sides in their witch hunt against Terri Horman,

The video of Desiree Horman Young (below) proves she is after Terri Horman regardless of what the REAL evidence shows.  People have rights in this country yet Desiree Horman Young claims Terri's rights should be taken away from her without due process because she feels Terri is guilty of either kidnapping, killing, or harming Kyron (which it is depends on which interview you listen to and whether Desiree is manic or depressed)

Desiree Horman Young says Terri Horman should not be around children because she feels Terri did something to Kyron.  She claims that she was shown proof of this - yet does not show anyone what this alleged "proof" is (and if there is "proof", why is Terri not even a person of interest let alone a suspect yet?)  All Desiree Horman Young's sock puppets are going on it her word for it - and she was blaming Terri Horman from the very moment Kyron Horman vanished:

Young replays that day over and over in her mind. The phone call from the school that afternoon, informing her that Kyron was missing. Her call to Terri Moulton Horman, the boy's stepmother. Their confusing conversation. Young knew instantly something was horribly wrong.
 Here is a news article from the UK:


Posted: 8th, March 2011

Kyron Horman: Watching The Oregon Police Hang Themselves

KYRON Horman: An Anorak reader in the US provides us with an update on the  case of the missing Oregon schoolboy. The police have yet to ascertain what happened to him, let alone find him.  Instead they continue to focus on Terri Horman, Kyron’s step-mother. The witch hunt goes on:

On December 4 2010, Sheriff Dan Staton gave an exclusive to OregonLive:

    “The sheriff is pushing for something to shake loose by Feb. 1, the end of a 120-day deadline he set for the task force and when he reports to county commissioners about the status of an investigation that has cost nearly $1.4 million as of Nov. 29.

    “The scope is narrowing. My belief is we should be relatively close to something by then; that’s why I set the time frame I did,” Staton said. “While we may not be at an arrest or an indictment phase, we’re going to have it narrowed down to a point where we may be calling out a suspect, identifying certain people or things.”

Staton has been blowing that smoke since last June. Now, we learn that six FBI agents have been drafted in to work on the case. Staton revealed this development during a February 24th meeting with the Multnomah County Commissioners.

Here is the kicker, he once again gave an exclusive to Maxine Bernstein. The Oregon Live backed him in his election. It this journalist the Law Enforcement’s mouthpiece, since practically every report she does is from exclusives with the police? Has she written anything in support of Terri Horman’s innocence? )

She quotes Staton:

    We know more about what potentially did happen than we ever did in the past.

Blimey. The police are clueless.

Staton broke her story at 4:am PRIOR to Staton’s meeting with the Commissioners – they read about the police getting 6 FBI agents in to help them solve the case before Staton told them at the meeting that morning.

Below is the link to the story she BROKE at 4:00 a.m., which is far more detailed than the above one re the Commissioner’s surprise.

It features the line:

    The investigation, which has cost the sheriff’s office $1.42 million, has turned up no physical evidence of the 7-year-old boy who was last seen June 4 at Skyline School.

No physical evidence. No evidence at all.  But the campaign to unhinge Terri Horman and force a confession continues.

Desiree Young [Kyson's natural mother] going to Roseburg, where Terri Horman is living with her parents., with her entourage to pass out fliers. They say Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron being missing all.

It gets worse.

So-called prayer groups for Kyron, with Desiree’s encouragement, have been traveling there, some from hundreds of miles away, to meet about twice a week about a block or so away from Terri’s parents’ home.

There are allegations of harassment and stalking. Furthermore, some of the prayer group members are, allegedly, posting threats on FaceBook towards Terri. One campaigner posted on Oregon Live last week all personal information on Terri’s relatives, including her parents, ex-husbands, and her biological son James (age 16).

Desiree Young held a press conference in Roseburg,which was videoed and shown on the news last week. She stated that the police had shown her and her husband Tony Young (he is the detective she is married to) the evidence they had that possibly indicate Terri Horman as responsible for Kyron’s disappearance.

Holy hell! If the police have been showing her ‘evidence’ all along they were gathering on Terri Horman – confidential information on a private citizen – the investigation loosk compromised.

Terri Horman has not been named a suspect. But Desiree Young goes on the TV to say:

    “She blames a lot of the marital problems between Kaine and herself on Kyron. It was a huge point of contention in their marriage and she had expressed in great detail her hatred for Kyron. I now believe, without a shadow of a doubt that not only is she capable of hurting Kyron, that it’s clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way.”

Young says he has proof. She says he has seen emails given to her by police. Yet no-one in the public has seen that writing; and further keep in mind this is Desiree’s interpretation of what she read into the emails allegedly written by Terri Horman.

On another note, Terri Horman had an affair with Kaine Horman while he was still married to Desiree  and pregnant with Kyron. Desiree did NOT have custody of Kyron.

Her speaking of the alleged evidence shown her by the LE will now be excluded from use in Court by the DA to prosecute Terri Horman if she is indeed charged. If they had all the so-called evidence Desiree Young is claiming they have they would have charged Terri Horman with a circumstantial case, they don’t need Kyron’s remains.

It looks a lot like the police are playing games.

Mr. Houze, Terri Horman’s lawyer, is NOT saying one word through all of this and refusing to make any comments. No doubt he is just sitting back watching the police hang themselves with all that is going on – releasing information through the bio-parents; showing the bio-parents confidential information, etc.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Did one of Kaine Horman's love interests get rid of Kyron out of jealousy?

I've stated for months that Kaine Horman has been involved in BDSM and that it could have been one of his male or female sex partners that got rid of Kyron Horman either with or without Kaine's knowledge.  Most likely they helped Kaine Horman kidnap Kyron (or kill him) because Kaine was afraid what the doctor would discover1 and/or was afraid Desiree Horman-Young was going to regain custody2,3.  what I find odd is the statement Kaine Horman recently made about "his dating card being revoked"  Apparently he is admitting cheating on Terri Horman or is admitting he was engaged in "inappropriate behavior" after Kyron went missing (Kaine's sockpuppets call Terri Horman's alleged "sexting" inappropriate so they should feel Kaine dating within a few months after Kyron's disappearance is just as "inappropriate")

But he does second-guess people who come into his life now, saying that his dating card has been revoked.*
* (saved as a .PDF because it will be edited out)

Seeing that Kaine is a malignant narcissist and control freak with OCD ( http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2010/07/01/kyron-hormans-family-boots-ww-and-the-oregonian/ ) it is so easy for me to see he would plan on setting up Terri - and kidnapping Kyron so he gets full custody (not shared with Desiree) and as payback for what Desiree did to him  --- and the way he would get Kiara without having to share custody with Terri.  As a a malignant narcissist he does not feel remorse for what he did - and can pass any polygraph test.

Terri was about to take Kyron to see a doctor because she thought Kaine was molesting him and Kaine found out about it so he had to hide his guilt so he acted before the doctor's appointment took place instead of waiting for summer vacation.

2. Desiree Horman-Young : manipulated and deceived Sock Pupet or perpetrator ?
In her interview on Today, Young also said that she tried to get custody of Kyron a year before he disappeared, but Kaine would not allow it.

3. Parental Kidnapping - not as uncommon as you think 
What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad.

At the time, she had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. In court documents, Young said she feared Kaine Horman would “remove our children from their residence.” It’s unclear whether the couple was living together at the time. Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau granted Young’s request, forbidding either her or Kaine Horman from taking the children without the other’s consent.


Where are the Kyron Horman searches?

Almost one year ago, Kyron Horman disappeared from school.  The weather is a little colder and a little wetter although it would be the best time to search for Kyron Horman's body (remember in january we were told there was "credible information" that his body would be found near Skyline School) and here is why:

All of Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young's sockpuppets claim that Terri Horman killed Kyron Horman and buried him.  Since she only had a 90 minute window where she did not have proof of where she was, Kyron's body (assuming he is dead) would have to be around Skyline School or around Hillsboro.  The fields and trails are MUDDY and no one would have been able to get very far - especially carrying a body - on that day.  Even if they had gone out in the mud a little ways, there would have been mud evidence in the vehicle.  Also, if  "Terri did it" (whatever "it" is) the person from the gym she ran into at Fred Meyer would have noticed the mud on her clothes.  We are led by Desiree Horman-Young  that Terri Horman harmed / killed Kyron Horman because:

"We now have information that shows us that Terri is very capable and most likely hurt him," she says. "She put it all in writing and we have seen all of it." 
 Yet there was no opportunity for Terri to have harmed / killed Kyron and disposed of his body in the timeframe without his body having been found by now.  Yet months after he disappeared, law enforcement continued searches where Terri Horman could not have gone that day because of the mud.  They also rappelled down cliffs "searching for Kyron" full well knowing Terri Horman did not have the time or the ability to do so - especially not if she was carrying a body and equipment to bury the body (and no mud on her clothes when she was at Fred Meyer to show she did any of this)

Right from the start Terri Horman was being grilled by both her husband and her husband's ex wife (and likely her husband's ex wife police detective husband) on where Kyron was.  For three weeks Terri Horman cooperated with law enforcement - up until she was set up in a [failed] murder for hire sting and hired a defense attorney that told her to keep quiet.  Most likely if they had not tried the idiotic sting in the alleged murder for hire plot set up by Kaine Horman and his nursery owner friend's landscaper acquaintance, Terri Horman would still be cooperating and repeating everything she knew about last june 4 (for the billionth time)

Young replays that day over and over in her mind. The phone call from the school that afternoon, informing her that Kyron was missing. Her call to Terri Moulton Horman, the boy's stepmother. Their confusing conversation. Young knew instantly something was horribly wrong. 
If law enforcement wants to find Kyron Horman, they need to look into Kaine Horman, Desiree Horman-Young and Detective Tony Young.  They have been sent down a rabbit trail by Kaine and Desiree and will not find Kyron as long as their sole focus is on Terri Horman (if it is - we only have Kaine and Desiree's word for it that she is the only one they are focusing on)  My only hope that Kyron Horman will be found is that there is a shadow investigation going on that Kaine, Desiree, and Detective Tony are not privy to.

And for all of the sockpuppets that wonder why Terri Horman is not helping search for Kyron or attending fund raisers:

1) The biological parents have refused to search for Kyron because they were "afraid of getting lost" and 2) the restraining order has prevented Terri Horman from participating in the fund raiser scams (even if she had wanted to)

Too afraid of getting lost to search for Kyron Horman (yet law enforcement allowed  Yashanee Vaughn's family search for her body - and they KNOW she is dead:  http://alternate-theories.blogspot.com/2011/04/kyron-horman-and-yashanee-vaughn.html )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did sleep deprivation cause Kaine Horman to lose his temper and kill Kyron Horman?

According to Kaine Horman, the entire family was becoming sleep deprived due to Kiara Horman's earaches / teething leading up to june 4, 2010 (the day Kyron Horman disappeared)

Kaine attributed the staring spells to sleep deprivation. In the weeks leading up to Kyron's disappearance, the baby – Kiara – had been dealing with an ear infection. He says her crying at night was keeping the whole family up, especially Kyron, whose room is right across the hall.
It is known that Kaine Horman is a control freak and loses his temper easily.  That coupled with his steroid abuse and sleep deprivation made him into a ticking time bomb on june 4, 2010.  Someone with roid rage and sleep deprived would become explosive if they found out their wife wanted to take their son to the doctor especially if he had been sexually abusing that son.

At least the media is now admitting that there was no time for Terri Horman to have done anything to Kyron that day:

The infection plays a key role in what Terri claims she did after the science fair. Surveillance video shows she visited two different Fred Meyer stores to get medication for Kiara.
When woukd she have had time to go to two Fred Meyer stores, dig a grave, and kill Kyron, work out at the gym, and get home by 1:30 ?  The fields were muddy that time of year (as they will be this year on june 4) so if Terri Horman did anything to Kyron, it would have been very close to the road and his body would have been found by now.

Kaine Horman had the time, opportunity, motive to have kidnapped and/or killed Kyron Horman.  He also had the opportunity: he parked the Mustang at Intel so the GPS would show it was there all day and he used another vehicle.  With this admittance of sleep deprivation, likely he killed Kyron Horman in a fit of narcissistic rage fueled by steroids (read the prior articles specifically the one on Kaine's time line and how steroids / narcissism go together) 

Of course, several months ago Kaine Horman stated he did not know Kiara was sick and now he is saying she had not been feeling well for WEEKS and kept the entire family up and sleep deprived.  I guess whatever works at the moment - his sock puppets are sure to believe every conflicting statement and lie he feeds them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making up crimes to blame Terri Horman for them

Now me are suppose to believe that Terri Horman committed arson in her parents home 20 years ago.  All of a sudden the accidental fire is now called an arson to blame Terri Horman for SOMETHING (anything) to "prove" she had it in her to do SOMETHING (which is still undefined) to kyron Horman.


Investigators can put little direct pressure on Terri Horman. But behind the scenes detectives dig into every part of her life.

Sources told KGW they were looking into a fire in the family's garage 20 years ago that they now believe may have been arson, a sign the investigators are poring over every aspect of Terri’s life.
The justice system can do little to pressure Terri Horman. But Young can pressure her, and she has. Just outside of Roseburg along Interstate 5, a large billboard shows five pictures of Kyron and a note from his mom: "I promise I will find you. I will never stop".
Young says it's for Kyron, but also for Terri.
 Of course, we are suppose to believe Desiree Horman Young sees Terri Horman when she drives past Roseburg, Oregon as well:
"I've been driving up the freeway going to Portland and I've seen her," said Desiree Young. "I'm like, 'You have got to be kidding me!'"
The fact are:  Terri Horman is being framed by Kaine and Desiree Horman as well as law enforcement.  They have to look back 20 years ago and all of a sudden declare a fire to be arson to cast suspicion on her because they have NOTHING ELSE.  We have been fed (often conflicting) packs of lies by Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young in order to lead us to believe Terri is guilty of whatever happened to Kyron Horman  (and they can't even tell us what it is)

First law enforcement has given no information to anyone.  NOTHING has come from law enforcement except through Kaine and Desiree and we are suppose to believe whatever they say with no confirmation?  Both Kaine and Desiree have agendas and they are feeding lies to their sock puppets in order to cast suspicion onto Terri Horman. Law enforcement refuses to say anything because they know it is all lies (and there are so many conflicting lies they would not know where to begin)

Both Kaine and Desiree mention emails that say Terri hated Kyron yet they "can't talk about them"  Both Kaine and Desiree claim law enforcement has uncovered a "double life" regarding Terri Horman yet they "cannot talk about it" and now, all of a sudden, a 20 year old garage fire in Terri's parents home is declared to be arson???  If that's the only thing they can sling at her, they are looking down the wrong rabbit trail.

If Kaine and Desiree Horman are being used to put pressure on Terri Horman, then it needs to stop.  Terri Horman is innocent of all crimes unless and until she is convicted of a crime.  Placing pressure on her to confess to something is what nazi germany did to its citizens.  Even if they did get her to "confess", a confession under duress would be thrown out of court because it was coerced,  may not be true and may have only been given to stop the harassment.

Once thing that has become extremely clear:  Desiree Horman Young is mentally unstable and needs as much mental help as SoCalIdiot (SoCalDreamer) needs.  She is getting to the point she is going to hurt or kill someone - or get someone to do it for her. 

We have been repeatedly fed the lie the arrest is imminent so why has Kaine Horman scheduled fund raisers through the summer and claim "this could go on for years" ?  And whatever happened to the searches near Skyline School a couple of months ago that were suppose to be happneing because of "credible information" (yet were scheduled months prior) ?

Why does Kyron Horman have a "war room" yet no other missing child in Oregon even has their own filing cabinet?  Why does he rate all this extra attention yet no other missing Oregon child has ever come close to as much attention from law enfocement than Kyron?

Seeing how incompetent Multnomah County Sheriff department is, I could see why they allow Kaine and Desiree to be their spokespeople (especially since they are obviously Kaine Horman's sock puppets) but since the FBI took over a couple of months ago, why does the FBI allow Kaine and Desiree to leak all the bogus garbage they are leaking to the media?  I thought the FBI would straighten the crap up but it's the same inconsistent manipulative reality show garbage from Kaine and Desiree as it was from day one.

I hope and pray that the FBI are looking into Kaine, Desiree and Tony Young's lives as hard as they are looking into Terri's life.  Also have to wonder why the FBI is allowing themselves to be led down the same bogus rabbit trail as Multnomah County Sheriff's department.  Maybe if they looked into Kaine Horman's BDSM and steroid abusing lifestyle they would find out what happened to Kyron.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Has obama brought judgment to the United States?

President obama, in his stupidity and ignorance, has stated Israel needs to move back to it's indefensible pre 1967 borders.

For someone who has visited Israel, obama certainly does not comprehend the security issues of Israel and how giving up a single inch of land would endanger them.  Israel is a tiny country that is the same size of Vancouver Island and two of Israel would easily fit inside of Washington State.

Those who believe Israel should give up land for any reason would be the same ones who would scream to take over Bellevue, WA if Bellevue started firing missiles towards Seattle.  Yet that is the equivalent of what is happening in Israel:  The terrorists are closer to Israel than Bellevue, WA is to Seattle and they are firing missiles towards Israel citizens on a daily basis.

In today's speech, obama demanded Israel go back to the 1967 border.  God does not like people cursing Israel and has said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.  The time president Bush had Israel give up land (IE: Gaza strip) hurricane Katria hit the United States.  There were other times when the United States turned against Israel

 Genesis 12
1 The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.
 2 “I will make you into a great nation,    and I will bless you; I will make your name great,  and you will be a blessing.
3 I will bless those who bless you,  and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

In his book Eye to Eye, Bill Koenig shows the corelation between cursing Israel and judgment brought on by it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was Kyron Horman's body found in Maine?

First the investigators state there is 'no reason to think Kyron is dead' then they dive for him and search the wood in january due to "credible information".  Now they are still believing he is alive and will be brought home even though he has been missing nearly a year:

But they're still holding on to the hope of finding him alive.

"I sure hope he is," Krafve said. "I hold out some hope he is. We don't have any physical evidence to suggest he's deceased. But it's been 11 months and I'm a realist. And it wouldn't surprise me if he is deceased."

We were fed lies from Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young that law enforcement "knew" Terri Horman was guilty and they were just biding their time to arrest her.  We heard from SoCal-Idiot that an arrest "was imminent" since last july.  Now Kaine Horman is saying the investigation may take years.

Of course this is if the body found in Maine is ruled out as being Kyron Horman's body.  If it is Kyron's body, then there will be more questions than answers:  Kaine Horman has relatives in Maine.


Update:  Body found was confirmed to be another boy and not Kyron Horman

Computer generated image of body found in Maine                Kyron Horman

Saturday, May 14, 2011

INTJ and ESFP MBTI personality types

People have been asking me what the difference was between a Myers-Nriggs (MBTI) INTJ personality and a ESFP personality.   Here is just a few examples of the differences.  You can find tons more online.

Ideas come easily to INTJs. Not only do they understand unfamiliar concepts quickly, but they tend to form their own creative ideas and solutions to problems. This tendency is consistent with this type's appreciation for theory. In effect, while others around them may observe a problem and struggle to produce a potential solution, INTJs will often devise several possible resolutions. In fact, they will frequently eschew the obvious and simple solution for one that is more complex or even paradoxical. INTJs are generally highly intelligent and analytical.

The attributes that guide ESFPs throughout their lives carry inherent weaknesses that can either lead to problems or pose them directly. Their inclination to live their lives without planning can expose them to unfavorable circumstances. When stress emerges, an ESFP - accustomed to seeing life through a positive lens - will typically experience more emotional distress than others. In the end, as with all personality types, ESFPs must find a balance that allows them to leverage their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

IE:  INTJ is saying 'I'm with stupid' .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The three [mentally unstable facebook sock puppets] stooges and obama bin ladin


The three stooges that planned the Terri Horman harassment "vigil" are just like osama bin laden.  They want to take American peoples freedoms and rights away just like osama did.
"We're hoping the vigil will push Terri to talk," said Amy Walcott, one of the organizers.

The three mentally unstable sock puppets who coordinated the three person harassment campaign against Terri Horman on mothers day are terrorists who want to destroy America and the Constitution just like any other fanatical terrorist.  There is no difference behind the satanic force of these three mentally unstable women and the force that is behind al qaida and its deceased leader osama bin laden.

The media covering this terrorist campaign is as despicable as these three stooges are.  These woman would be happier living in nazi germany than they are living in the once-great once-Constitution-loving United States.

The three stooges that planned this terrorist campaign against Terri Horman obviously hate the United States and hate the rights so many Americans have fought and died for.  The three stooges showed themselves to be unintelligent and ignorant during their "fifteen seconds of glory" giving their shallow sounding sound bites.   If they are representative of those who think "Terri did it" (without even agreeing or stating what "IT" is) then it's no wonder Kaine Horman is getting rich off of his missing son (who he is most likely guilty of disappearing)  Do these fools even remember Terri has a restraining order against her so she couldn't search for Kyron even if she wanted to?  And how can they think selling trinkets, plants, pumpkins, etc. is the same as SEARCHING for Kyron?  Instead of holding this terrorist campaign against Terri Horman, why do they not expend the energy to search for Kyron Horman where Desiree Horman Young said they had credible evidence his body is?  Oh, I know - they are "afraid of getting lost" just like Kaine and Desiree are too afraid of getting lost to actually go out and search for their son.

What is wrong with actually going out and LOOKING for Kyron instead of just "getting his name out there" ("getting his name out there" to sell more junk???)  It's obvious with fundraisers scheduled throughout the summer that Kaine Horman is not actually expecting Kyron to be found any time soon.  It also shows that the "credible evidence" Kaine and Desiree claimed law enforcement had to search back in january was not all that credible.

Thinkers can see this whole story smells badly.  Feelers just go along with whatever lie Kaine or Desiree tells them that makes them feel good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harassment and stalking of Terri Horman tonight in Roseburg, Oregon

The cyber terrorists who claim "Terri did it" (without even agreeing what "IT" is), will be holding a terrorist hate meeting in Roseburg, Oregon tonight to harass and stalk Terri Horman and her parents.

One of the mentally unstable "organizers" of the terrorists claim Kyron is alive and is "being held" possibly "out of the country"  Yet just a couple of months ago Desiree Horman Young stated the new searches near Skyline School were being held because of "credible evidence" [that Kyron's body would be found].  The "searches" lasted just long enough for a few photo ops and then stopped.  If there was "credible evidence" then the searches would have been ongoing.

1/31/2011 http://www.nwcn.com/home/114941789.html
The search had been planned for months, but poor weather conditions forced a wait until this weekend, he said. The owners of special dogs used in the search said the animals did not work well in snow but recent conditions were good for sniffing out clues.

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young told KGW she felt encouraged by the Sunday effort.

"We are supporting the police and very hopeful that they are closer to finding Kyron," she said. "We know they will find Kyron. They are acting on some new information that they shared with us. We are confident they are getting closer to bringing him home."

2/20/2011     http://www.kptv.com/news/26928571/detail.html
The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed details of the investigation, but the Sheriff is expected to update commissioners next week. Young said Saturday that she’s confident in the investigation, but said it’s time to name a suspect.
“We’re confident that what they’re doing is all the right stuff, and every bit of information we’ve gotten from them has reassured us of that,” said Young, but added she believes it’s time to name a suspect.“We have overwhelming evidence,” said Young.
5/5/2011  http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2011/05/vigil_for_kyron_horman_planned_for_mothers_day_in_roseburg.html
Walcott feels the boy is being held captive somewhere -- perhaps out of the country.

I think he's very much alive," she said. "If we don’t keep up the hope for the family what else do they have."
 So many inconsistencies and yet the media and mentally unstable civilian sock puppets believe every conflicting lie that Kaine Horman or Desiree Horman Young spews without questioning it.  Whatever happened to investigative journalism?  Now the media just spews whatever they are fed.

Once again the Oregonian (Oregonlive) has proven if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes a "fact" in some peoples minds.  No credible law enforcement source has stated Terri Horman is a focus of the investigation.  Only in Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman's warped minds is Terri a focus of the investigation. 

Shame on Oregonlive and the rest of the news media that advertised this terrorist hate campaign against a person who the law says is innocent unless and until she is proven guilty in a court of law.

Shame on those who participate in this hate filled harassment campaign (including the media) :  You are no better than osama bin laden and his mob of murdering terrorists.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden dead?

Breaking news in a few minutes will be that Osama bin Laden is dead.

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