Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kaine Horman: Unfit parent

Thank you Peter

Peter brought up an interesting point.  Kaine was the one who likely released the court documents to the media after filing them (and why they have the court stamps on them)

If so, Kaine Horman is an unfit parent because he released court documents in which he defames his wife with irrelevant information to the visitation hearing and hurt his children by doing so.  Family court documents are normally sealed to protect the minor children - something any normal parent would want.   Kaine Horman is in a narcissistic rage because the abatement hearing postponed the divorce and custody until january and he is attempting to cause everything to be settled RIGHT NOW instead of waiting until january as the court ordered. The document was obviously prepared for the public and not the court. 

NOTHING in yesterdays court documents have any relevance to supervised visitation (the purpose it was filed for) - everything in it is relevant to custody and to the divorce hearing - which will not be heard until january.

The judge and the courts need to automatically seal any documents and issue gag orders regarding custody and visitation in this case to prevent Kaine Horman from using the court system to defame and gaslight his wife (as well as brainwash the public) which harms his children.  It is shameful this behavior is being allowed. The child(ren) need to be removed to protect them from being used as pawns in a divorce war that everyone who had eyes open could see coming from a mile away.


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