Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hinky, Blinky, and Winky

Reading on this case I have seen that people fall into two categories regarding the Kyron Horman case:  1) people that believe anything that point towards Terri Horman's guilt and 2) people who think for themselves.

Two of the most popular crime with the "Terri Horman is guilty of all things in spite of the facts" people are blink on crime and the hinky meter.  I cannot believe the fairy tales they publish as fact on these two blogs.  Both claim to have law enforcement sources and had multiple contacts with attorneys (who, conveniently, none wanted to be named) but post the most bizarre and idiotic opinions / theories that would make a thinking person blush in embarrasment that a fellow human being could come up with such idiotic garbage and claim to be credible..

blinky posted the reason why Terri Horman had sheriff deputies escorting her to family court was because Terri was likely "under civil commitment" or was in a mental hospital and had to have a police escort.  Where did this screw ball come up with such a hair brained idea as that?    Never mind Kaine Horman has also had police escort when he appeared in court and sheriff escort is common in high profile cases when there have been threats against the party and the attorney requests protection for their client (in spite of what their mythical attorney sources allegedly claim)

People who follow a narcissist (Kaine Horman in this case) will believe anything that defames the narcissist's scapegoat (Terri Horman) even if it is illogical, not factually based, and makes their malignant narcissist "god" appear virtuous.  They even use phony "law enforcement sources" and make claims of having consulted attorneys and psychologists to make themselves appear to be credible sources and "in the know" where Terri Horman is concerned..  The bible even states people prefer lies and smooth talkers to those who speak the truth.  The Kyron Horman case certainly proves this.

Oh, yes, blinky even threatened to sue anyone who posted their "proprietary conclusion" about why they claimed Terri had a law enforcement escort at the court house.  I guess they think the threat of a lawsuit makes their idiotic theories appear more credible --- or maybe they are afraid Jay Leno is going to steal it for a comedy skit.

Saturday, August 28, 2010



8/19/2010   At the same time, Terri fired off long e-mails to Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, peppered with complaints.

"She was venting about the teacher and why she should have her job," Desiree said, "and she was venting about Kaine — everything."


8/27/2010 “Speaking for myself, she was a great actress,” said Desiree. “I never knew she was unhappy in any way shape or form. But I didn’t live with her.”

So which is it -  Terri regularly fired off long complaining emails to Desiree or Desiree never knew Terri was unhappy


On 7/16/2010, Kaine was asked:

Q: While you have said your marriage suffered after Kiara's birth and Terri's post-partum depression, was there any talk of separating or divorce before Kyron disappeared?

A: Yes there was but we worked through them in a positive manner (at least that was my impression.)


8/27/2010 When asked how he would describe Terri, since by all appearances in her Facebook photographs she’s a loving, devoted mother and loving wife, Kaine said that was the image she wanted to portray to him, too.

“That’s the image I saw,” he said. “Much more so in the beginning, not so much towards the end, but that’s how she came across to me at least for the first four or five years: very loving, very focused on children, wanting to do the right thing, and then it became much more about her and a lot more selfishness involved; how she was, I guess, apparently unhappy with our marriage. But yet, not willing to work through it or talk to me about it.”

Which is it:   they talked about divorce and worked through it in a positive manner, or Terri was unhappy and was unwilling to work through or talk about the marriage problems???

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kaine violates restraining order , states jail awaits Terri unless she "cooperates"

It is obvious that Desiree Young (Kyron's birth mother) is Kaine's sock puppet.  The statement she gave gave on camera was READ (she admitted it) so obviously Kaine approved if he did not write it.   After yesterday's court hearing (which Kaine was "too busy" to show up for) in which Kaine did not get his way, today's individual media briefings (which Kaine apparently had time for) was nothing more than threatening Terri with jail unless "she cooperates" and tells investigators more than she knows.

Restraining orders work both ways.  Both parties are not allowed to contact the other even through a third party (they both have attorneys and communication needs to be through their attorneys)  Desiree stated she was reading a statement - and obviously Kaine had to approve of it.  Desiree is communicating to Terri through the media under direction of Kaine.  Stating Terri is guilty and will be thrown in jail when law enforcement has not even named Terri a person of interest let alone a suspect is nothing more than a gaslighting / defamation.  If law enforcement had evidence that Terri was guilty of anything, she would have been arrested or at least named a suspect by now.  Not naming her a suspect means they do not have enough to keep her in the country if she decided to leave.

Apparently Desiree does not understand if Terri is guilty, she has the right to not self incriminate and will not be locked up for not cooperating  (even though she has cooperated as much as her attorney has told her to)

Desiree "has a problem" with people "putting their needs before his" (referring to Kyron)  Does this mean she is against Kaine pushing the divorce / interfering with the criminal investigation instead of going out searching for her son?  Remember, both her and Kaine said they did not go out and search because they were "afraid of getting lost".  Kaine and Desiree are forcing Terri to defend herself because of all the gaslighting / defamation / and harassing court proceedings and then  Desiree has the nerve to make the statement she has a problem with Terri's actions???   If Terri doesn't know anything more than she has already stated, then the ones that are putting their needs before Kyron's are Kaine and Desiree.

Also the media is reporting Kaine and Desiree are moving Kyron's shrine.  They are not doing it, the school district is.  Likely if they are there for the moving, it will only be for the photo op.

Today's gaslighting event has given Terri's attorney ammunition in separating the two hearings that Kaine demanded be consolidated.   It shows that the divorce hearings need to be put off until after the criminal investigation in Kyron's disappearance has concluded AND it shows Kaine has enough time for two court hearings if he had enough time to give individual media briefings.   Terri doesn't have to do anything to help herself in court - Kaine and Desiree is doing it for her with their media dog-and-pony shows.

Once again, Kaine controls and manipulates the media

Instead of the press conference, Kaine and Desiree will be giving one on one media interviews.  How much they will give each media will be dependent on how good of a "team player" (AKA sock puppet) each media entity has been.  They will also spin their stories differently to each media outlet depending on what they want that media entity to report.   Confusion and control are manipulative tricks of a malignant narcissist.

The media needs to wake up and see how they are being manipulated.  Kaine complains he doesn't have enough "time" and how going to court twice would be a hardship so how does one on one media interviews with several media outlets (five? six? seven?) instead of one press conference save him his "precious time" ???  The courts had better see this manipulation for what it is.

By giving many interviews instead of just one Kaine will be able to claim he was taken out of context when the different media outlets report different versions of the same event - of course the reporting he doesn't like will be the one(s) he will claim was taken out of context.   The off camera interviews will also be protected and can not be used as evidence against him (court just upheld the right of reporters to keep their notes private - even during a murder investigation) since it will not be a real news conference as previously announced.

Law enforcement better wise up and start investigating Kaine Horman.  The media better wise up and see how they are being controlled and manipulated.  The courts had better open their eyes and see how justice is being manipulated --- Kaine Horman has plenty of time to go to court twice if he has enough time to give several media interviews instead of giving just one press conference.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another press conference scheduled

As previously stated in this blog, whenever something does not go Kaine Horman's way, he retaliates.  Yesterday the judged postponed the hearing he was trying to use to manipulate the legal system - an end run around the criminal investigation.  Because Kaine did not get his way, he and his previous wife (Kyron';s mother) have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to try and get people to refocus on Terri's "guilt" (never mind there are no FACTS pointing towards her guilt - just a malignant narcissist control freak soon to be ex husband's media "leaks" of lies and half truths)

Will it be informative or yet another dog-and-pony show gaslighting and defaming Terri?

By her own admittance, Desiree was blaming Terri for Kyron's disappearance even before she arrived in Portland.  Terri was under suspicioun from the first hour which Kaine and Desiree will not let anyone forget.

When will the media and law enforcement (as well as all the gullible fools who believe Kaine Horman) wake up and realize what a malignant narcissist he is and how he is manipulating them into believing what he wants them to believe?

Has anyone recently checked Kaine's house and see if he hasn't reappeared Kyron yet?

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Oregonian admits to being Kaine Horman's Sock Puppet

via Oregonian affiliate KOMO TV in seattle

Law enforcement and prosecutors have a responsibility to share information with victims and their families concerning ongoing investigations, as well as an obligation to warn someone who might be in danger or is being threatened.

"And if the families later reveal some of that information publicly, I don't think the law enforcement officials have done anything wrong," said professor Tom Lininger, who teaches a University of Oregon Law School course about the legal profession, with lessons on the Model Code of Professional Responsibility and Code of Judicial Ethics.

Oregon's ethics rules for lawyers prohibit prosecutors from making statements about an investigation if they're likely to be disseminated widely and be prejudicial, meaning they would make it harder for the accused to get a fair trial, Lininger said. But Oregon's ethics rules don't clearly regulate the indirect disclosure of information to the public, via the victim's family, he said.

The Oregonian is admitting what I have said all along: All the information from the investigation "leaked" to the media is coming from Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and Tony Young.   They also implied, but not admitted outright, that the media is being fed Kaine Horman's spin on the information given to them by law enforcement.  As I also stated all along, the media has been controlled by Kaine Horman and the media is Kaine's sock puppets as the Oregonian is freely admitting.

What I also stated is that Kaine Horman is controlling the investigation.  He is doing this by feeding them information that point's towards Terri Horman's guilt.  All he needs to do is feed them information about DeDe Spicher, her working near his house on june 4, 2010 (the day Kyron went missing), and all of a sudden you have law enforcement rappelling down cliffs looking for "evidence" that apparently did not exist until long after Kyron went missing (ie: the cell phones)  You also have an equally narcissistic ex-boyfried of DeDe spicher who told the police about some property her aunt lived in so law enforcement drops everything to investigate and dig up the aunt's garden.

Law enforcement seems to be investigating any lead that points towards Terri's guilt - even years and several people removed from Terri (ie: DeDe Spicher's ex boyfriend) yet they refuse to investigate leads that points towards anyone else's guilt - including Kaine Horman and his boyfriend.  They even refused to investigate a child's bloody sock found in the woods by a law professor ( http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2010/07/web_exclusive_a_bloody_find_an.html )

The reason why law enforcement is so quiet and not releasing information is because of Kaine's boyfriend.  This happened in the Nicholas Francisco investigation.  As soon as they discovered Nicholas' homosexual lifestyle (including his making homosexual pornography), law enforcement clammed up and did not say another word - they even allowed people to spend time and money searching for Nicholas when they knew he had moved to California with his boyfriend to make homosexual porn.  Even his wife was shocked he would walk out on her (after finding out she was pregnant) and their young children.  If homosexuals want "equal rights" then they should be treated the same by law enforcement - including releasing the information if it is relevant to the investigation.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Oregonian Continues to gaslight Terri Horman

No news to report on the Kyron Horman case so Kaine Horman's "team player" - the Oregonian - a tabloid in Portland Oregon, has taken it upon themselves to continue to "investigate" and report on Terri Horman and trying to "prove" (as tabloids do) that Terri Horman is guilty and Kaine Horman (their "team captain") is innocent.

For those who do not know how Kaine Horman has manipulated the media (as I previously posted about) Please read this article before continuing on:  http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2010/07/01/kyron-hormans-family-boots-ww-and-the-oregonian/     It is obvious that the Oregonian promised to be a good "team player" in order to be "allowed" to cover the story whenever Kaine speaks - just like a good little sock puppet.

If one did a search of Kaine Horman's background, you will find he was molested by his grandfather, he has had boyfriends off and on since high school, and he is also controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic - much worse than Terri.

Kaine Horman cheated on his first wife (Desiree) when she was eight months pregnant.  He cheated on both his wives with his boyfriend.  Desiree was scared she would take Kyron and her son from a previous marriage when she filed a restraining order against him.  Why would she have thought her son from a previous marriage was in danger of being kidnapped by Kaine unless their was a reason?

It is obvious the Oregonian is milking the "cash cow" of the Horman story (via page views, clicks) and is only publishing tabloid garbage to keep it going and keeping the blame pointed towards Terri Horman.  Any legitimate media would look at ALL angles - including Kaine Horman - instead of turning into a tabloid and digging up dirt on the soon to be former wife of a narcissistic control freak who is the one who most likely disappeared his son (if it was not a stranger abduction)

When will the Oregonian do an expose of Kaine Horman's upbringing and mention his child molesting brother as well as the likelihood his grandfather molested him as he did his brother?  When will the Oregonian publish the fact that Kaine Horman was cheating on Terri like he cheated on his first wife (Desiree) --- or is terri his third or fourth wife?  When will the Oregonian publish the details about Kaine's boyfriend and the types of activities they are involved in?

The Oregonian has proven themselves to be a tabloid that publishes gaslighting and defamation of Terri Horman.  They are no longer a news publication but a publication of soap operas and gaslighting by a husband and those who have an agenda against Terri (ex husbands, ex in laws, etc.)   

The Oregonian does not allow anything to be said in their comment section about Kaine Horman or even mention the possibility that he and his boyfriend may be involved in Kyron's disappearance - but people are free to speculate or even state that Terri killed Kyron or was responsible for his disappearance even though Terri Horman has never been named a person of interest let alone been named as a suspect.

It's time for the media "team players" to leave Kaine Horman's "team" and start being legitimate news sources and investigate him for Kyron's disappearance.  It is time for law enforcement to start investigating Kaine and his "team players" and sock puppets and find out what happened to Kyron.  All of them have foolishly followed Kaine's rabbit trails because Kaine promised they would find Terri at the end of them - and they haven't.

Why is it law enforcement releases details about the search for Lindsey Baum but refuses to release anything about Kyron's disappearance?   I'm still thinking this may not be a real investigation since law enforcement is not acting like law enforcement has always acted in other investigations.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yet another gaslighting event - this time DeDe Spicher is the victim

People magazine ran a story where Dede Spicher said she does not believe Terri is guilty in disappearing Kyron.  As always, immediately after any media runs a story that does not point to Terri's guilt or defames her, yet another story comes out to discredit it and make Terri look guilty again.  The Oregonian (tabloid based in Portland Oregon  - online known as oregon Live) ran a story linking to a PDF file allegedly by Dede's ex boyfriend Jason Wishert.

In his little rant to the oregon live, Jason Wishert claims Dede is gullible and was likely suckered in by Terri.  he did a good job pointing the finger at Terri's guilt even though he claims he never even met her.

Yet another narcissistic idiot in Oregon, Wishert said he told Dede to not volunteer for a HOA position she previously held after she became unemployed - yet thinks nothing about his volunteer work.

Wisehert's letter to Oregon Live is a classical gaslighting of a narcissist speaking about his "scapegoat" :
"she's wonderful BUT"

"She wouldn't do this BUT"

Here is a good article on gaslighting:


Yes, it seems like there are many narcissists in this case.  This is not coincidental.  Narcissists are attracted to people they can control and manipulate.  Unless one understands the dynamics of narcissism, narcissist's victims are vulnerable to falling victim to another narcissist and narcissists seek out those whom they can victimize.  It's a vicious circle and is why so many people end up in serial relationships instead of finding a healthy permanent relationship.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The cost of something does not necessarily = purchase price (except in Kaine Horman's narcissistic world)

How does one get from these text messages that any money was paid for legal services???
"Yep, guess how much he costs?" Terri wrote back.

 "Zillions?" Cook asked.

"350K," Terri Horman replied late
 All I get from this is the cost of an attorney.  There is no indication it was paid.  There is no indication if the attorney is working pro bono.  There is no indication cost isn't contingent on a book / movie deal, There is no indication of anything except a cost of an attorney.   By filing this, it proves two things to me:  1) Kaine Horman is abusing divorce court to "get justice"  since there is no evidence Terri did anything and he cannot get the criminal court to harass her and 2) Kaine Horman is manipulating his attorney to harass Terri. 

Only a fool thinks this exchange proves any amount of money exchanged hands.  Of course, Kaine & Company and their sock puppet CW Jensen has done a good job in manipulating people to believe Terri is guilty with no evidence.

Monday, August 16, 2010

According to Kaine Horman : Delay of divorce == Delayed Justice

Only in Kaine Horman's narcissistic world does a delay in granting his divorce equals a delay in justice.  Just how in the world does delaying a divorce mean no justice let alone delay it?  Today's continuing saga, Kaine Horman filed court papers last week to reject the delay of divorce proceedings claiming "a delay would violate his right to the swift administration of justice."     http://www.komonews.com/news/local/100805544.html

Kaine Horman is a narcissist and a control freak.  He will pull every trick there is to force Terri to talk - which violates her rights.  He will continue to pull every trick he can to gaslight and defame Terri at all costs.   While he is busy filing court papers and manipulating the legal system to suit his agenda against Terri, he still claims he is looking for Kyron and "it's about Kyron, not Terri".   This in spite he is on record in a television interview claiming he was not searching because "he might get lost" and "he is not qualified" to look for his son.

So, Kaine, when has it ever "been about Kyron" and not about you in your narcissistic little world?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sleazy Character of CW Jensen

KGW spokesperson CW Jensen , former Portland Oregon police captain / homicide detective has decided Terri Horman is guilty unless proven innocent.  From the early part of the Kyron Horman investigation, CW Jensen has decided to place a "psychological noose" around Terri Horman and "tighten it until she cracks"

Jensen has recently stated that the alleged murder for hire plot is very important to Kyron's disappearance because   "it paints a picture of Terri's Character"` 1.  Jensen acts like he has all the answers and believes Terri Horman is guilty.  By everything he has said leads one to believe he has inside information and that law enforcement knows she is guilty and is just trying to "line the ducks in a row" to get a conviction.

Many people believe Jensesn because he was formerly a police captain and homicide detective -so he would "never lie", right?   Only in a perfect world (and in a perfect world, police are not needed)

CW Jensen had a shaky career as Portland police captain.  In 1999 he allegedly claimed reimbursement for meals he was not entitled to be reimbursed for and he instructed subordinates to do the same.  While being investigated, he went on medical leave for job related trauma as well as an alcohol problem claiming it made him unable to work.  While on medical leave, he became a reporter for KGW in Portland (Belo / NBC affiliate)

When Jenesen's disability benefits were about to run out, he claimed he was better and wanted his job back.  This reopened the investigation for the fraud.  While undergoing psychological investigation to see if he was able to return to work, he gave conflicting statements about his medical condition so the department was going to fire him.  Jensen immediately said he was not fit for duty and went back on disability - which prohibited the department from firing him.  He then went on to work for KGW as well as speak on infomercials. 2

Since Jensen's action paints a picture of HIS character, I find it very likely he is Kaine Horman's paid sock puppet (spokes person)  He is no way objective and would lie to get his job back so he would definitely lie for money to defame and gaslight Terri Horman.

Supporting documents:



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right on cue

As I stated after the law enforcement briefing yesterday how since law enforcement did not defame Terri there would be another release of (mis)information that would point to her guilt within 24 hours.

Right on cue now we are being told Dede Spicher left the property she was working at but did not take her car and that she was gone for three hours.  We are also being told that Dede and Terri had 1-1/2 hours where both were unaccounted for at the same time.

I stated yesterday they would come up with yet another story to point towards Terri / Dede's guilt and adjusting it so Dede could be the second adult seen in the truck.

When will law enforcement and the media get a clue???

Yes - Terri and/or Dede may be guilty of something but the more this is becoming a predictable defamation / gaslighting of Terri, it's obvious to me Kaine & company is behind the leaks.  If law enforcement and the media do not see this pattern, they need to take their blinders off and see the entire picture and not just go at this "investigation" with tunnel vision.

Cell phone detection dogs

Last night I posted about the search and was waiting for information before including what I suspected.

Several people commented on oregon live about how they were looking for Kyron's body because they were "using SAR / maybe cadaver dogs" (their comments, not mine)  I know about cell phone detection dogs although I was not sure if they would be able to detect a cell phone that was left outside for a couple of months.  It was confirmed to me by an expert dog trainer that a cell phone detection dog would be able to find a cell phone left outside for an indefinite amount of time.

It is likely the dogs being used in the Kyron case (at present time) are cell phone detection dogs since law enforcement has repeatedly stated they have no information that Kyron is not alive.  Although maybe they have absolutely no idea what is going on and are searching for anything they can find.  Or maybe they are just going out for photo ops to feed the media frenzy.

If the cell phones were purchased to use at some point after Kyron disappeared (either the same day or after the divorce papers were served - or both --- both were reported as fact) then why would they be searching for them on the property Dede was working at on june 4th and not assume they were discarded in the numerous ponds, streams, rivers in the area - or taken to the coast and dumped in salt water which would have corroded it / them?

This entire search scenario is very strange.  If someone told them something, why would they not know exactly where to look instead of  rappelling down cliffs and searching fields like they do not have a clue what they are doing?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is common sense being used on the Kyron searches?

I have seen a few video clips of the recent searches being conducted by law enforcement in the Kyron Horman case.  Some of the clips of the searchers seem staged for the media.  I have seen several things that seem to be off.

I would post the videos on the blog except there are copyright issues and I don't want to argue with the media about them.  I have them downloaded as support documents though.

The first video clip showed several searchers hiking in tall grass.  Each of them had on a backpack loaded with enough junk for a Mt. Everest exploration.  They were walking around (as best as they could carrying all the junk on their backs) and aimlessly poking at a few bushes with their walking stick and turning over a board.  No camper or hiker would be carrying the amount of junk they were carrying and I have never seen searches where the searchers carried so much - not even on mountain rescues.

The recent searches - the last few days since Dede Spicher was becoming a target the searchers went back to where Dede was working on june 4 to search some more.  The searchers were rappelling down cliff faces and going through all sorts of rough terrain (note to media: it is rappel not repel)   Obviously they were not looking for a body otherwise they could never assume either Terri, Dede, or even an unknown alleged accomplice would be rappelling down cliff faces.  So the theory printed in the media is that they were searching for a cell phone.  Do they not think if anyone disposed of a cell phone they would not throw it in the middle of the river?  Obviously they are assuming whoever hid the cell phone went back to hide it because if it were Terri or Dede, they didn't have time to go more than 1/2 hour in - and that is including the time they did whatever it was they were suppose to have done to Kyron.  Through rough terrain and muddy fields (wet spring this year) that would not be very far.  If they were looking for a cell phone, why would they assume it was tossed and not buried in a hole or thrown in the river where it would corrode?  The Willamette River is just a few minutes away and there are a number of ponds and streams where a cell phone could be disposed of.

Since the cell phones were not purchased until after Kyron went missing, why do they even assume they were disposed of on the property DeDe Spicher was the morning of june 4 ??? A better location would have been the middle of the Willamette River.  Certainly neither DeDe, Terri, or an unknown person would have gone back to that property just to dispose of cell phones.

I have a question emailed waiting for an answer and may have more to post about the searches tomorrow.

Law enforcement's media briefing

Today's press conference.  Much of this should have been two months ago.  How many people will legitimately remember a certain vehicle in their neighborhood or at a Fred Meyer store this morning let alone two months ago?  Sure, if you know a vehicle you see this morning will be important to remember tonight, you would pay attention to it otherwise you won't remember it.  Why would anyone have paid attention to a white truck the morning of June 4 if it's importance will not be made public until a few days later? (the public did not know anything about the truck until at least the next day) 

They are looking for someone else's car at the skyline School parking lot.  Could it be the red mustang driven by Kaine that day?  Michael Cook's vehicle?  Are they STILL thinking Dede Spicher may be involved and she drove to the school (in which case the time line given by her co-workers will need to be changed yet again) or do they have yet another suspect?  I believe they may be trying to rule out if a certain vehicle that was reportedly seen that day was actually driven by someone else not involved (a look alike vehicle)

Law enforcement did not defame terri or point guilt at her.  Watch for a major new "leak" / (mis)information pointing towards terri's guilt within the next 24 hours (as soon as something is fabricated)  It will likely even contradict something else previously released (par for the course for this story)   This ALWAYS happens when law enforcement and/or media says something that does not point towards Terri's guilt.

Why is law enforcement not using balloon / kite / blimp cameras to aid in their search?   It would not be beneficial in the wooded areas although it would be an immense aid in checking the fields to see what areas the ground crew needs to search further.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Kyron missing?

Two way out theories - although ones that need to be mentioned:

1)  Another elaborate"balloon boy" episode or real life "reality show"

2) homeland security test to see how society can be manipulated by the media / social media.

They may see far fetched - but so did "balloon boy" yet many people believed it when it was happening.  Media control has been used during times to tell people what the government wants them to believe such as what they wanted people to believe about 9/11.  There has even been unintentional "manipulation" of the masses using radio and television.  Two examples are the radio broadcast of  The War Of The Worlds on October 30, 1938 and the  Collapse of the Space Needle  april fools joke on April 1, 1985.   Both of these events had many, many people believing them.  Just because something is broadcast (or printed) as news does not make it fact.       government manipulation using media

While it is likely Kyron is missing, the other alternate theories need to be kept in the back of your mind.  With this case, everything has 3 or more versions and even Kaine and Desiree give different versions when it suits them. even when it contradicts versions they gave previously.

Tonight law enforcement's sock puppet 'former Portland homicide detective C. W. Jensen' is saying it is important to find out why Dede Spicher was missing for three hours.  Yet nothing is said why it was all of a sudden changed that Dede was now missing for three hours instead of one hour which had been reported for a couple of weeks.  He also says it is important to see if Dede was the other person in the truck.  Is this guy that much of an idiot???  If the current story is she left her job at 10:00 AM (earlier story said 9:45) returning at 1:00 PM (previously she was reported gone from 11:15 - 12:30PM)  then obviously Dede was not in Terri's truck at Skyline School at any time between 8:00AM and 9:00 AM  ---- or maybe she never went to work in the morning ??? (that will likely be the next version).   When they realize how this new version of Dede missing for three hours makes it unlikely the other person in the truck was Dede, they will change this yet again to make their time line fit their theory that Terri and Dede are guilty of disappearing Kyron.

The more this goes on without law enforcement's sock puppet Jensen realizing the inconsistent stories makes the above "way out" theories more believable.  If Kyron really is missing, and if law enforcement actually believes anything Jensen is saying, there is absolutely no way this will be solved except by pure chance.

The ever changing stories to make Terri Horman look guilty

For the last 1-2 weeks, it was reported that Dede Spichter (friend of Terri Hormans) left her job "unexpectedly" at lunch time --- 11:15 --- and returned at 1:00 so she "had to have been guilty of something" in Kyron's disappearance because her co workers could not reach her on her cell phone.  The area she was working is reportedly infamous for it's poor cell phone reception yet they make this into a huge issue.

The time line does not fit.  Terri Horman left Skyline School between 8:45 and 9:00 AM and apparently has a receipt from a local Fred Meyer store for 9:12.  She was at they gym at 11:20.   Just when is she suppose to have done anything to Kyron?

Last night Terri's emails showing the above time line was reported by KATU TV.  Today it is reported Dede's coworkers really didn't mean she left at 11:15 but left at 9:45 AM instead.  They are changing their stories to make Dede and / or Terri appear guilty. 

Once again it is being shown Kaine Horman is controlling the media and they will continue to report what he wants them to because he only gives interviews to the media that are "team players"

Every time the media or law enforcement says something that makes Terri look like she may not be guilty or reports something and doesn't defame Terri in the process, a new tidbit of (mis)information is released that would show Terri is likely guilty --- even if it totally contradicts a previously piece of (mis)information.  I am saddened with how many gullible foolish people there are that cannot think for themselves and will buy into it.

Law Enforcement better wise up and realize they are being fed a pack of lies by a malignant narcissist that wants to punish his wife and his ex wife for crossing him.

Media control by Kaine Horman

I was previously posting on oregon live - the tiny news outlet in Portland, Oregon that has become a tabloid instead of a news organization.  oregon live has made it clear they are Kaine Horman's "team players" and will not allow posts on their comment section that even mentions Kaine Horman's boyfriend let alone theories that Kaine Horman was responsible for disappearing his son.  At the same time they allow all sorts of theories and speculation about Terri Horman.  They also allow the Pink Triangle Mob to harass those who do not go along with the mob  "Terri did it, lets lynch her" mentality of so many others.

Here is how Kaine Horman has manipulated and controlled the media:


My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case

My job is computer network administrator.  I have many friends in computer networking including one who worked with Kaine Horman.  After Kyron Horman went missing, this friend told me they had at one time worked with Kaine Horman and Kaine Horman had a boyfriend at the time my friend worked with him.

Kaine Horman is a narcissist and is a control freak.  His narcissism prevents him from empathizing with others and never allowing himself to be gotten the best of without getting even at some point.

When someone is married and "comes out" admitting their homosexual lifestyle, that person is eventually forced to choose: their family or their homosexual lover.  Mostly because they feel their homosexuality was suppressed for so long, they finally feel free so they choose their homosexual lover.

In some cases, they totally abandon their family (as Nicholas Francisco did when he left his pregnant wife and two kids to go make homosexual porn in Californian with his boyfriend) or they choose to take their children with them. 

Because Desiree was afraid Kaine would take Kyron and her older son from a previous marriage, she filed a restraining order against him when she was divorcing him (Just above the mid story ad http://wweek.com/editorial/3633/14183/ ) and it was granted by the judge.  This showed me when Kaine made the decision to leave terri for his boyfriend, he would take the children with him.

Seeing that Kaine is a malignant narcissist and control freak with OCD ( http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2010/07/01/kyron-hormans-family-boots-ww-and-the-oregonian/ ) it is so easy for me to see he would plan on setting up Terri - and kidnapping Kyron so he gets full custody (not shared with Desiree) and as payback for what Desiree did to him  --- and the way he would get Kiara without having to share custody with Terri.  As a a malignant narcissist he does not feel remorse for what he did - and can pass any polygraph test.

Terri was about to take Kyron to see a doctor because she thought Kaine was molesting him and Kaine found out about it so he had to hide his guilt so he acted before the doctor's appointment took place instead of waiting for summer vacation.

I think it's likely Terri was meeting a boyfriend or something the two hours she was allegedly driving Kiara around.  Maybe even a girlfriend - and if it was a girlfriend, that's why she doesn't want it known.  Since DeDe was gone while Terri was accounted for, it does not appear that it was with DeDe.

Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life 

Kyron Horman case

I started this blog because of the mob mentality I see forming on the Kyron Horman case.  It is quite clear that law enforcement has tunnel vision in this case and have made numerous blunders.

Kyron Horman, 7 years old, went missing on june 4, 2010 form his rural Portland Oregon school.  The last person to see him was either his step mother, Terri Horman, or a classmate.  Both were reported as fact.

A week after Kyron Horman went missing, the police passed out fliers with pictures of his step mother Terri Horman and her truck. They handed out questionnaires at Skyline elementary School -the school Kyron was last seen at.  At that time I commented they should be passing out fliers in the community as well.   It wasn't until august 5, 2010 that law enforcement got the "bright idea" of passing out fliers in the community asking if anyone saw the step mother, her truck, or the step mothers female friend.

It is clear that law enforcement has tunnel vision on this case just like they did with Jon Bonet Ramsey.  They are just now investigating what they should have done two months ago.  They already have Terri Horman guilty and are looking for evidence to convict her instead of looking for evidence to find out what happened to Kyron.

Terri Horman may very well be guilty but the way law enforcement is "tightening the psychological noose around her" and not looking at other possibilities, if she isn't guilty, with their tunnel vision they will never find out what happened to Kyron.                http://photos2share.blogspot.com/
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