Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kyron Horman and halloween

 Halloween originated in the celtic British Isles out of the pagan samhain (SOW-een)   The druids bribed "good" spirits with food and wore masks to scare off  "evil" ones.  Originally beets or turnips were carved out as lanterns to frighten away evil spirits.  Now people carve out pumpkins.

Today people "decorate" their homes and businesses with coffins and skeletons.  They do not stop to consider that missing children such as Kyron Horman may be a skeleton somewhere and may be in his coffin.  To them, skeletons and baby coffins are decorations and "harmless fun".

There are religions, such as satanism, that continue to offer up human sacrifices.  One of their major sacrifice days is halloween.  How do people with missing children feel when others celebrate a holiday that their children may have been sacrificed for?  How will those who claim to care about Kyron feel if they celebrate halloween and then find Kyron was a human sacrifice for the "holiday"?  

Do people really believe a holiday that gives glory to satan and celebrates murder, death, and dying is appropriate to celebrate especially when they claim to care about missing children?  Do they stop to think the skeleton decoration is a symbol of missing children that have become human sacrifices?  How can Kaine and Desiree celebrate "halloween without Kyron" when there is a possibility he may have been a human sacrifice to satan?

Yet you have people say "it's just fun ; we do not participate in the evilness of it".  Think of Kyron's skeleton that may be out there somewhere as you "decorate" your homes with skeletons and baby coffins. Think of how this celebration honors satan and think about the sacrifices of humans and animals on the "holiday" as you hang up your skeletons and dress your children up as demons.

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