Monday, October 25, 2010

Already the harassing comments are starting (I'm not surprised)

Didn't take long before the mentally unstable cyber bullies started posting their harassing comments.  It's obvious they did not read my blog and only posted to harass and threaten Kaine suing me for libel - as well as wanting  to know who my sources are (as if I would tell them)

clarice --- do you really think I would reveal my sources and allow them to be harassed by you and Kaine's other sock puppets?

My "sources" (if I have any) may work with Kaine and if you think I would subject them to his narcissistic rage, you have another think coming.  If you think you can harass and bait me by posting comments, you are the one that should fear a lawsuit.  Go back to your fellow sock puppets and defame Terri with absolutely no evidence and stop judging me for posting an alternate theory to the herd mentality.  With Terri's high price attorneys, it's Kaine and Desiree that should fear the slander lawsuit.

i might just have to get a few of our other friends to join in on the comments on here we will do.... a 42ndstate comment forum..;ets see the first one will be (what do people think of this person 42ndstate)

if banned i will remake another account,if this person thinks she/he has the right to her sick lies about kaine 2 can play this game,and i promise you they wont be able to stop many other of kaines and desi`s friends from commenting their thoughts about this 42ndstate

 Notice the herd mentality of the highlighted statements:  Agree Terri is guilty or be harassed and bullied by Kaine Horman's friends.  This is one of the reasons I no longer post on oregonlive where Kaine's sock puppets  are allowed to harass and piss all over those who dissent to the herd mentality that "Terri is guilty".  This person does not even know me yet they threaten to harass and bully me because I think Kaine is likely guilty and Terri isn't.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Please do keep it up, even if it means disabling comments due to some who think it wise to post threats.

  2. I'll keep the blog going. The comments --- that may be another story (so far they will stay)

    As long as I think of things to write when there is no news anyway :-) There were two kids in my area that killed themselves this week because of cyber bullying and that's the only reason I wrote about it. For myself, It's more like stepping in dog crap and I have to clean it up. I would rather be doing other things (like playing with the blog design and tweaking it)

    I'm thinking about writing an article on the apparent mental instability of Kaine's friends and supporters. That could not be a good environment for children.

  3. Love this blog! I'm also INTJ so it seems especially articulate to me. Keep it up, please!

    These threats of lawsuits by Kaine, coming from Kaine's "friends", go way back into June. I had my own experiences with this on Facebook boards and wrote it up into a free ebook available at
    The Terri bashing started out very quickly, and right along with it the protection of Kaine from any questions because of grieving reinforced by threats when guilt didn't work. It was systematic right from the start


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