Saturday, October 2, 2010

Obama's Nominee refuses polygraph; Green River Killer passes polygraph

According to the "Terri is guilty" herd mentality (see:  The herd mentality (Sock Puppetry) of the "Terri is guilty" crowd ) Terri Horman and DeDe Spicher are guilty of kidnapping and/or killing Kyron Horman because they failed / refused to take a polygraph.  The herd is wallowing in the mud and throwing out trash to make themselves appear smart because "everyone knows if you fail or refuse a polygraph you must be guilty" when the exact opposite is true.

Obama's nominee as Ambassador to El Salvador attorney Mari Carmen Aponte refused an FBI polygraph when being questioned about her affair with a Cuban national that may have had ties to Cuban intelligence.  She flat out refused even though she continued to willingly cooperate with the FBI.
The Miami Herald reported Aponte broke up with Tamayo when he insisted on visiting Cuba over her objections. Aponte said she was visited around the same time by the FBI and cooperated fully until they asked her to take a polygraph test. She refused.

“In April of 1994, I received a call out of the blue from one of the agents asking me if I would take a polygraph test. He indicated that there were some minor inconsistencies in some of the dates that we had discussed at our meeting five or six months before,” Aponte said.

“I was confused. I didn’t understand how a polygraph would solve minor inconsistencies. Then I consulted one of my law partners, and he advised me not to take the polygraph. I did want to continue to help. Accordingly, I wrote a letter to the agent, and I declined to take the polygraph.”

Aponte said she attempted to follow up with the FBI over their questions and they dropped the issue of the polygraph, instead asking her to arrange a second meeting with Tamayo.
So should Ms. Aponte be considered guilty of a crime because she refused a polygraph?  If not, then why is DeDe Spicher?

There are those who offer to take a polygraph, fail it, then are hounded for years until someone else is arrested, confesses, and is convicted of a crime.  A case in point is Melivin Foster who offered to take a polygraph in the Green River Killer case near Seattle, WA.   There are also those who take a polygraph, pass, and then later it is proven they are guilty.  The case in point is Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer)

Does the polygraph test, otherwise known as the lie detector test, work? Melvin Foster may not think so. Back in 1982, after profilers thought a taxi driver might be the Green River Killer, they targeted Foster as a suspect, partly because he drove a taxi. He generously agreed to a polygraph test, which he failed.The problem was, he was innocent.

Meanwhile, over a period of about two to three years, the Green River Killer murdered four dozen or more women near Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. During this time, Gary Leon Ridgway was briefly a suspect, and he was given a polygraph test. The test, done in 1984, determined that he was telling the truth about his innocence. He was free to keep killing, and he did.

It wasn't until 2001 that DNA evidence (and other evidence) proved Ridgway was the killer. In 2003 he confessed and pleaded guilty to 48 of the murders. Melvin Foster was finally cleared after more than 20 years.
So does failing a polygraph make Melvin Foster guilty of the Green River killings?  If not, then why does failing any polygraphs (if she did) make Terri guilty of doing anything with Kyron?

Does passing a polygraph make Gary Rigdway innocent of the Green River killings?  If not, then why does passing a polygraph make Kaine Horman innocent of doing anything to Kyron?

Once again, those with a herd mentality wallow in their mud thinking they have it all figured out based on some lies, half truths, and slander by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young.


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