Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kyron Horman "reward fund"

A few weeks ago (october 1) Desiree Young, Kyrons birth mother, wanted people to donate money to increase the reward to "find Kyron".1   On october 3, The new media said  $85,000.  had been donated to "Kyron related efforts"2 --- which included the reward fund.  Kaine Horman said they could not keep the two separate so the donations went to the Kyron Horman foundation (for "searches") instead of the reward fund as it was intended to go.3
 Her [Deisree Youngs] plea for more money for the reward fund has triggered an increase in donations to the search and rescue fund. The problem is that there isn’t currently a mechanism for money from the search and rescue fund to be transferred over to the reward.

So, Kaine said, in the meantime, people can continue to give to the search and rescue fund or wait until there is a way to donate to the reward.4

So why is the reward for Kyron Horman still at $50,000. and what happened to the "reward" money people donated?

4.  ibid


  1. Possibly Kaine has been too busy filing court documents to the Family Law court to tend to getting that money transferred to the reward fund!

    I've been protesting this fundraising situation for some time on FB. Not because I have any objections to raising money to search for Kyron but because the money isn't being used for searching. It isn't being used at all. It's sitting there in the Foundation awaiting the time when Kaine decides to use it to "raise awareness" of Kyron or some other child. Or possibly to get a Foundation funded new car or build something or... whatever. I had been under the impression that there were strict controls on the spending of Foundation money but I have been told that in reality that simply isn't true.

    The only advantage of transferring the money to the reward fund is that if it is never used, it can be refunded to donors. I don't believe the reward is motivating to ANYBODY in this situation. Nobody is waiting for more reward to talk. Of course it doesn't help that one person who did talk with the police though probably not voluntarily, Dede Spicher, was threatened by Kaine with a lawsuit if she didn't tell where Kyron was!

  2. After watching Kaine and Desiree rant in the media and seeing all of Terri's friends dragged through the mud, is it any wonder nobody would want to even hint they know where Kyron may be for fear their lives will be dissected and torn apart by the social "media" ?

    The actions and posts that I have seen regarding this case makes me fear to live in America.

    I asked on OL about the fund raising and I've posted about it here several times. If the acid hoax woman got in trouble for receiving and misusing funds then why is a foundation not held to the same, if not stricter, standards?

  3. that's a good point about the acid hoax woman since she was in our area. people were remorseless about her deception but entirely accepting of Kaine's ongoing deception. Is it a sexist issue? don't know. Kaine garners enormous sympathy no matter how many times he chances his story and how cruel he is to his daughter and wife. You gotta wonder...

  4. I was very curious about this myself, and after doing some research it turns out they can legally rip people off like this all they want.

    This would be classified as a contract issue, and the most people could do is request the donated funds be returned if they were not being used in the manner specified when soliciting the donation.

    There is no federal law making this a crime, nor does any state I'm familiar with make it a crime either, though I'm not familiar with Oregon law.

    It seems quite unfair, and I hope if I am in error some9one can correct me.


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