Monday, October 25, 2010


You need to stop posting your harassing comments on my blog.  If you do not like what I write, go elsewhere.

You must think your threats of Kaine suing me means anything to me - or the threats that I won't get any more "followers" bothers me. 

Just how narcissistic are you that you claim you do not know Kaine and yet threaten me with him suing me and then claim nobody else will ever follow my blog because I won't post your harassing comments?  I did not create this blog to see how popular I can be.  If I  did, I could think of a half a zillion better topics for that.

Neither bothers me - so go back to the sock puppet site and stay away from here.  People have the right to opinions that oppose yours without being harassed.  Or are you just pissed because others are now sharing theories that do not include Terri being gaslighted and defamed?  Kaine's sock puppets control 99.9% of the sites that discuss Kyron Horman - and this will never be one of them - even if I have to disable comments again (which is obviously what you are trying to force me to do )

You may claim to not know Kaine but if that is the case, why do you care whether people think he's guilty or not?

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