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Nebraska Nuclear Plant is at a Level 4 Emergency

Twenty five years ago the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident was non stop coverage and was considered an extremely big deal.  Now we have had two major nuclear events in the past three months and it is barely mentioned.  First one was after the Japan earthquake on March 11, 2010 and the second one is in Nebraska.

Currently, as I am writing this, the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant is at a stage 4 emergency and airspace over the facility has been closed by the FAA.  Omaha Public Power District denies the facility is at a stage four alert and claims the airspace is closed because of flooding although cannot explain why the FAA only has the airspace over the nuclear facility closed.
"The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Facility is an island right now but it is one that authorities say is going to stay dry. They say they have a number of redundant features to protect the facility from flood waters that include the aqua dam, earthen berms and sandbags."
They said the same thing about the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan too.

Stay tuned.  The flooding in the midwest appears to be the start of something far worse.  With obama pressuring Israel to give up more land, I would not be surprised if the United States has either a major earthquake or another major disaster soon.  If nothing else, watch for food prices to rise since so much of the nations farmland is under water or suffering other adverse weather.

Did Kaine Horman care more about Terri Horman's older son than he cared about Kyron?

More I think about it, the more inconsistencies I see in the Kyron Horman case.

Kaine Horman stated that he sent Terri Horman's older son to live with his father because "he [her son] and Terri butted heads" and argued all the time.  Kaine claims he had to protect Terri's son from her, and that it was in her son's best interest to ship him to live with his father.

Kaine Horman stated several times during interviews with the media that Terri was drunk every night and had an alcohol problem.  He also stated she was on anti depressants and had postpartum depression.  If Kaine saw a problem with Terri that he sent her son (from a previous marriage) to live with his father, why did Kaine not allow Desiree to have custody of Kyron (like she asked him for in 2009) to "protect him from Terri"?  It seems if he cared enough about Terri's son from a previous marriage to protect him then he would have cared enough about his own much younger biological son and want to protect him as well.  

Not only did Kaine refuse to send Kyron to live with  Desiree even though he claims Terri had a problem with alcohol and depression, he also allowed both of his children to be regularly driven around by someone he claims was a depressed alcoholic.

If Terri was as bad as Kaine is now claiming and if Terri hated Kyron as much as Desiree Horman Young claims, then Terri, with Desiree's help, would have been able to convince Kaine to send Kyron to live with Desiree "for Kyron's well being" after all, if Kaine cared enough about Terri's older son to send him away as he claims, then he should have cared at least the same amount about Kyron.  

If Terri wanted to get rid of Kyron, she could have worked with Desiree to help her regain custody.  Instead we are suppose to believe Kaine when he says Terri was a falling down drunk yet planned a kidnapping and/or murder that numerous law enforcement agencies have not been able to solve in over a year even after spending over a million dollars investigating it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tonight's Forecast U.S. weather map

Is there a shadow investigation in the Kyron Horman case?

Another theory I touched on awhile back although now been giving it more thought than before.

The new theory is that the whole dog-and-pony show with Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and Multnomah County Sheriff and all their bizarre actions is for public consumption and the real investigation is going on behind the scenes with a totally different suspect(s).  The finger pointing towards Terri Horman could be just a game to distract the public away from the real investigation that is being carried out by the FBI.

 The shadow investigation theory seems to be the only logical explanation if Kyron's vanishing is not a parental kidnapping (which I still believe it is - either by Kaine Horman or Desiree Young), a balloon boy episode / real life reality show, or a psychological test of some sort.   If there is no shadow investigation, then Multnomah County Sheriff's Department needs to totally replaced - from the top down - due to incompetence.  If tax dollars are paying a sheriff department that is so incompetent that they do not subpoena any and all evidence that may be relevant in a missing child case before the evidence is destroyed, then that sheriff's department needs to be held accountable to the tax payers of Multnomah County.  If there is not a shadow investigation, the Kyron Horman case needs to be turned over to an agency that will do a thorough investigation so Kyron Horman is either returned alive or his body recovered so that his family has closure..

How did Kaine Horman know two days after Kyron vanished that he had vanished before 9:30 AM if roll was not taken until class started at 10:00 AM? and why did Kaine Horman contact Intel's attorneys two days after Kyron vanished since it was still assumed he may have wandered away?  Kaine knows something and he knew it when Kyron vanished.  My hope is that there is a shadow investigation since it is hard for me to believe Multnomah County Sheriff's department is so filled with Barney Fifes that they are as incompetent as they appear.  It appears if there is a shadow investigation, then Kaine Horman is one of their main suspects and they may be feeding him disinformation in order to observe his actions.  If there is no shadow investigation and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department is that incompetent, then Kaine Horman (who just happens to know Kyron's case will take years to resolve) has gotten away with a parental kidnapping right under the noses of the sheriff's department.

To summarize:

two days after Kyron vanished:
  • Kaine Horman knew Kyron Horman vanished before 9:30 AM even though roll was not taken until 10:00 AM
  • Kaine Horman contacted Intel's attorneys (Intel is his employer) -- odd behavior since Kyron was still assumed to have been lost.  Just what does he need to contact his employer's attorneys for especially that early in the investigation?
  • Kaine Horman knows Kyron's case will take years to resolve   (what happened to the "arrest of Terri is imminent"?)
This shows Kaine Horman knows what happened to Kyron Horman

What position will president Obama offer to (Washington State) governor Christine Gregoire?

Before the last governor / presidential election, there had been rumors that Washington State governor Christine Gregoire may not run for re-election or may resign as governor in order to take a spot in the Obama administration.  It did not happen during the last election although it may now.

Governor Gregoire has, thankfully,  announced that she will not run for a third term as Washington State governor. She is heading to Washington DC later today for a one day visit.  The question is:  Will president Obama offer her a position?  and, if so, what position will she be offered?    Heaven help the United States if she is going to be the vice president candidate.

Although I am very happy that Washington State is to be rid of one of the most horrendous governors in the history of the state, I fear what damage she will be to the country. As governor, Gregoire never met a tax she did not like, went behind her constituents backs and backed legislation that went against the will of the people.  Even though the state is in a four billion dollar budget deficit, she decided to spend four billion dollars on the deep bore viaduct replacement tunnel even though the people voted against it twice.  She also signed a budget that contained an illegal food tax (which was overturned by voter initiative a few months later)

Later today of Wednesday we should know what position Obama has in mind for Gregoire.  Hopefully she will not do as much damage to the country as she did to the State of Washington.

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Poll results: What do you think of the Kyron Horman case one year later?

What do you think of the Kyron Horman case one year later?

Kaine Horman vanished Kyron
  14 (25%)

Desiree Horman Young (w/wo Tony) Vanished Kyron
  1 (1%)

Terri Horman vanished Kyron
  16 (29%)

Another family member vanished Kyron
  0 (0%)
Someone known by family vanished Kyron
  9 (16%)

Stranger vanished Kyron
  6 (10%)

Never know because it's a Cold case caused by LE incompetence
  8 (14%)

Something else (submit a comment for me to post)
  1 (1%)

Votes so far: 55
Poll closed

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Emergency: Immediate Need

I have an immediate need for $3,000.

If anyone could help at all, it is an emergency.

How did Kaine Horman know on june 6, 2010 there were going to be legal issues about Kyron Horman vanishing?

Thank you to Dr. Peter Pickle for the inspiration for this article

Above is a link to the memo Kaine Horman sent to his coworkers at Intel in the morning of june 6, 2010 (two days after Kyron Horman vanished and when they still thought he had wandered off)

Kyron was still considered lost and not kidnapped.  So why did Kaine Horman alert the attorneys at Intel and tell his co-workers to not say anything to the media? 

From: Horman, Kaine A
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 8:39 AM
Subject: FW: Kaine Horman's son is missing
    2.       Do not speak to any media if contacted; I am trying to contact Intel legal to give them the heads up and help with this situation


     It is still unknown whether he left school grounds on his own or was abducted.
In this memo Kaine Horman  seemed to know Kyron was not going to be found any time soon and stated they had not determined yet if Kyron had just wandered off or was kidnapped.  Why was he so concerned with contacting Intel's attorneys and tell his coworkers to not talk to the media at this point in time?  It appears there is something specific he does not want the media to know about Kyron Horman vanishing.   What he want kept quiet has nothing to do with Intel because all Intel employees sign non-disclosure agreements.   How many other parents with lost kids (still thinking their child wandered off) first thought is to notify their employer's attorneys?  What is clear is that Kaine Horman was not expecting Kyron Horman to be found on june 6 or anytime soon.

Even the following monday (june 7, 2010)  law enforcement was not calling Kyron's vanishing a kidnapping so why was Kaine Horman anxious to contact his employer's attorneys on june 6?
PORTLAND, Ore. - Police still called the search for a 7-year-old Skyline School student on Monday a “missing endangered child” investigation and not a kidnapping as investigators filtered through more than 1,200 tips from the public.

Another thing:  How did Kaine Horman know Kyron vanished before 9:30 AM ?  The media have all stated that classes began at 10AM and Kyron was marked absent at some point.  Yet in the memo dated june 6, 2010  to his coworkers Kaine is sure Kyron Horman vanished before 9:30AM

From the june 6, 2010 Intel Memo Kaine Horman sent to his coworkers (link at top)
 The article that Becky forwarded is pretty accurate with details.  He was dropped off at school about 8:45 and went missing sometime between then and 9 or 9:30am.
Published: Thursday, June 10, 2010, 3:22 PM
    8 a.m. Skyline Elementary, 11536 N.W. Skyline Blvd., opens early so students and parents can tour the science fair

    8:15 a.m. Gina Zimmerman, president of the school PTA, arrives and sees Kyron with his stepmother in front of his exhibit.

    8:45 a.m. Terri Horman leaves after watching Kyron walk toward his classroom after touring the science fair.

    9 a.m. Kyron is reportedly seen by a student near the south entrance of the school, according to Sheriff Dan Staton, who says that was the last time the boy was seen. Multnomah County authorities later backtrack on that statement.

   10 a.m. Classes begin.

    At some point, Kyron's homeroom teacher, Kristina Porter, reports him absent.

 So just how does Kaine Horman know that Kyron vanished before 9:30AM and not 10:00AM when classes began???  The only way he would KNOW this is if he were responsible for vanishing Kyron Horman

Revisiting Kaine Horman's controlling nature : Kyron Horman's Family Boots WW and The Oregonian from Bizarre News Event

 This is the article that changed my view on the Kyron Horman case.  Until this event / article, I believed what the media was printing was from law enforcement and those investigating the case.  After this media dog-and-pony show, I saw clearly how Kaine Horman was a control freak and was controlling the media.  I quickly realized he was the most likely one behind Kyron Horman's vanishing (if it is not a balloon boy episode) and is nothing more than a parental kidnapping by Kaine Horman.  I also thought, and still think, there is a possibility that Kaine lost his temper and possibly killed Kyron Horman.

The control Kaine shows and his statement that the media had to be "team players" or they would not be given interviews is why I think Kaine Horman still controls the media coverage and is why the media is continuing to gaslight Terri Horman - they sold out their integrity for a story and for ratings.


Kyron Horman's Family Boots WW and The Oregonian from Bizarre News Event
July 1st, 2010 By JAMES PITKIN 

The saga of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman got a little more bizarre today at a news conference held this morning by the boy's family.

The event at Brooks Hill Historic Church was arranged on Wednesday by Kyron's father Kaine Horman, biological mother Desiree Young and her husband, Medford Police Detective Tony Young.

Absent was Terri Moulton Horman, the stepmom investigators say was the last person known to have seen Kyron before his June 4 disappearance. Kaine Horman filed for divorce and a restraining order against her earlier this week. And she's since hired star criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze.

Today, Kaine Horman and the Youngs sat at the head of a table in a room filled with more than two dozen national and local reporters for print, TV and radio. As the meeting began at 10 a.m., Kaine Horman started out by explaining "the agenda." This wasn't going to be a typical press conference.

Horman said the family's goal was to make "the story" about Kyron. With news of the divorce and investigators homing in on the stepmom, media coverage (including in WW) has increasingly focused on Kyron's troubled family.

First came Horman's "ground rules," as he described them.  No cameras. No recordings. Everything was off the record and couldn't be reported, unless agreed otherwise. Horman made everyone in the room agree to these rules before proceeding. And so this roomful of reporters consented, in essence, not to be reporters.

Horman then laid out how the meeting would go. They would take questions, make some phone calls (presumably to investigators, to find out what they could say in their answers), then return and make an on-the-record statement. But first, Horman wanted all the reporters he didn't know to introduce themselves.

KEX radio, KATU, The Portland Tribune and "Inside Edition" all got the nod from Horman. But then came Shane Kavanaugh and Bryan Denson of The Oregonian.

Horman said the family didn't like The Oregonian's coverage and wanted them to leave. Horman said the daily had failed to be a "team player."

"This is a team, and if we're not going to play as a team, there's no point in being here," Horman said. "This is about Kyron."

Denson objected, saying he's new to the story and after 28 years in journalism he's "a pretty good reporter." But there was no arguing. The family wanted The O gone, and a woman who said she's a manager at the church escorted them out. The biggest newspaper in the state had been eighty-sixed.

I introduced myself and said I'm with Willamette Week. Horman said the family has the same problem with WW. I agreed to leave. And so the paper with the second-biggest circulation in Oregon was also kicked out.

As far as I was concerned, after getting kicked out all deals were off. I wasn't going to keep the meeting off the record.

According to a reporter who stayed, the family went on to lay out more "ground rules" for the future. They said they'd hold these "news conferences" (if you can call them that) twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, as time allows. They would make prepared statements, answer some questions submitted in writing and may also do occasional interviews.

"They want us to cover Kyron, and they're not going to get neck-deep in gossip and rumors," the reporter said.

ABC News convinced the family to make an on-the-record statement in front of one camera, with the tape available as pool footage for other reporters. After more than an hour inside the church, the reporters were sent outside while the family stayed in to prepare a statement.

The reporter at the scene said The Oregonian had somehow gotten back on the family's good side and was among those waiting outside to hear the prepared statement.

At shortly after 12:30, the family emerged from the church and Desiree Young gave a brief statement in which she implored Terri Moulton Horman to cooperate with investigators. She also said the family believes Kyron is still alive. Check out the video with KATU's coverage here. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Was there a romantic connection between Kaine Horman and Kristina Porter (Kyron Horman's teacher) ?

One has to wonder about the roll Skyline School and Kyron Horman's teacher Kristina Porter has to do with Kyron's vanishing.  Also the confusion about a doctor's appointment that was / was not scheduled for Kyron.

Kaine Horman is now stating there was some talk between Terri and him about taking Kyron to the doctor because he allegedly was "spacey"   Terri was the one who wanted to take him to the doctor and Kaine refused in spite of his claims he cares about his children and has very good health insurance. I posted about this last august and as recently as a few days ago.  It is my view that Terri Horman suspected Kyron was being sexually abused.  Since she is not a biological parent, she would have to have Kaine approve the appointment or show some proof that Kyron was being abused.  One has to go back last june shortly after Kyron went missing where Kaine Horman said he was not aware of a doctor's appointment for Kyron.

Allegedly Terri Horman took papers from the doctor for Kyron's teacher to fill out / sign on june 3, 2010.  Kyron disappeared on june 4, 2010 and Kristia Porter was confused of where Kyron was and stated to students he was in the restroom and failed to mark him absent because she "thought he was at the doctor" (two conflicting stories and LE quickly covered them up) 

What if Kristina Porter and Kaine Horman were involved romantically?  If there were papers that Terri Horman wanted her to fill out, she would see what it was all about.  What if she notified Kaine Horman about the papers?  Kyron's classmate Tanner Pumala reported he saw Kyron with a "male chaperon".  It is reported there were no male chaperons that day.  Tanner likely only knew Kyron from school - what if Tanner saw Kyron with Kaine Horman or a friend of Kaine Hormans (Michael Cook?) ? and Kristina Porter is covering up the fact that Kaine or Kaine's friend took his son that day in order to protect him (or maybe even to protect herself?)

There are inconsistencies with what happened at Skyline School that day and none of those inconsistencies involve Terri Horman.  Kaine Horman did not want Desiree to regain custody of Kyron like she had been asking him for and he had the means and motive to have Kyron kidnapped.  terri Horman did not.

Go back and re-read all the old posts in this blog:  Kaine's time line, Terri's time line, parental kidnapping, and the articles where Desiree stated she wanted custody of Kyron and Kaine told her no.

Why did Kristina Porter tell Tanner that Kyron was probably in the restroom or getting a drink?  Does she usually allow second graders to go to the restroom or get a drink without asking permission?

Interview with Tanner Pumala:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Desiree Young : One year anniversary of Kyron Horman missing press release (.PDF format)

I apologize that we can’t be there in person to give this message.

As you know Saturday marks the 1 year from the day that our Kyron was taken from us. It is a very difficult time for us and the rest of his family. We have thought of how to honor Kyron and make this mark in time about him. This past year has been the most difficult and heartbreaking for us and everyone related to him. We feel honored to have Kyron in our lives, but our sense of loss and the senselessness of this act cannot be forgotten. While we think of this last year as a tragedy, we have also been witness to the incredible good in people that makes this burden easier.

We will be spending this time with family, looking at pictures of Kyron, and remembering how wonderful Kyron is. We will be planting some of Kyron’s favorite flowers and dedicating an area to Kyron under his favorite plum tree in our yard. This day will be about the good and positive that Kyron brings to our lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have provided us with support, thoughts and prayers over the past year. We would not be able to get through this without the support of law enforcement, volunteers, family, and the support of people everywhere that think about Kyron and care about bringing him home every day. My belief in the goodness in people and the strength of hearts everywhere has been restored. I believe that is what will bring Kyron home to us, the goodness in people.

Poll Restarted

I unintentionally left Terri Horman out as a choice and since polls cannot be edited after starting them and the poll had only been up for a short time, I elected to remove the first poll and restart it.  If you voted in the first one, please vote again.


POLL TIME: What do you think of the Kyron Horman case one year later?

Poll will remain up for a week.  It will be a year tomorrow that Kyron vanished from Skyline School in Portland, Oregon.  The poll:  What do you think of the Kyron Horman case one year later?

If you have any comments, post them here - or ideas for another poll.

And PLEASE help keep this blog independent and self supporting!  It would be bad to have to sell out because of lack of finances and become a "team player" (IE:  SOCK PUPPET)  --- we all saw what that was like during the media coverage of the Kyron Horman investigation. 

Kyron Horman cold case: Law enforcement confirms Kaine Horman and Desiree Young are liars

Today the sheriff has admitted the entire Kyron Horman investigation has been mishandled from the start and has now become a cold case.  They also confirm that Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young have been lying to the media (although Oregonlive still tries to cover up the lies and protect their puppet masters)

Sheriff Staton states that in the last six months they have been investigating SIXTY persons of interest.  Yet last fall, Desiree and Kaine both claimed law enforcement proved to them that Terri Horman was guilty of vanishing Kyron Horman.  Law enforcement has NEVER said Terri Horman was a person of interest.  In fact, they have stated she was NOT a person of interest yet Kaine and Desiree as well as their media sock puppets continue to point their fingers at Terri Horman:
Multnomah County Sheriff's detectives, FBI agents and up to four state justice department investigators have spent the past six months examining at least 60 persons of interest in the disappearance of Kyron from his school.
 Note that the Oregonian continues to point their finger at Terri Horman.  They just got done stating their were SIXTY persons of interest (and Terri Horman has NEVER been named a person of interest by law enforcement) yet they had to,  like all good and obedient "team players",  protect the agenda of their puppet masters Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young
At the one-year anniversary of Kyron's disappearance, Kyron's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, remains the focus of investigators. But they still don't know what happened to the child and have had to consider all options, including his being abducted, becoming a victim of human trafficking or being killed.
 Why is The Oregonian continuing to claim Terri Horman is the one and only "person of interest" when law enforcement said she was not a person of interest and they have been investigating SIXTY other persons of interest over the past six months???  Maxine Bernstein just stated law enforcement had been actively investigating sixty people yet then immediately states Terri Horman remained the focus of the investigation??? This is proof that The Oregonian and the rest of the media have been LYING for their puppet masters (Kaine Horman and Desiree Young) in spite of what law enforcement tells them directly!!!

Sheriff Staton admits that much of the technology forensics data was not protected.  He also states hard drives were seized.  This is nearly worthless unless they also subpoenaed the records of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and email account records (gmail / hotmail / etc.)  If they had not done that, it is way too late.  (same article: )
During the investigation of the other potential persons of interest, the team realized that some evidence -- namely phone records and computer log-on information from Skyline School the day Kyron went missing -- were not kept by the school district as the sheriff's office didn't request the preservation of those records.
The sheriff said the inquiry will now "transition toward a more technical focus," starting July 1, such as examining all the cell-phone tower data and computer hard drives seized from search warrants.

Also July 1, the $196,034 county funding the district attorney's office received last year to support an extra deputy district attorney and investigator will dry up.

Apparently law enforcement does not learn very well.  They are scratching people off their lists because they pass a polygraph? (and since people cannot be forced to take a polygraph, how many took one and how many refused?)  are they not aware the Green River Killer passed a polygraph (and went on to kill several other women because law enforcement "cleared him" ?) and another possible Green River Killer suspect failed his polygraph even though he was innocent???
During the six months, the team divided up lists of dozens of other people of interest, interviewed them, checked accounts of where they were June 4, and in some cases, administered polygraph tests before scratching names off lists. 
.Read the post about polygraphs.  After what I read during my research, I will never take a polygraph test under any circumstances.  Obama's Nominee refuses polygraph; Green River Killer passes polygraph 

So now we have proof Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young have been lying to us through their media sock puppets.  They stated Terri Horman was the focus of the investigation and they had "overwhelming evidence" she was guilty and now the Sheriff is stating they botched the investigation and that there have been SIXTY persons of interest in the past six months.  Yet their sock puppet (media and otherwise) will continue to believe every lie out of Kaine  Horman and Desiree Horman Young's mouths.

As for the sheriff vehicle across the street from Terri Horman --- with a fruitcake like Desiree and her vigilantes,  If I were Terri, I would want the sheriff deputy their to protect me.  Those who think the vehicle is there to "keep an eye on Terri Horman" - it is more likely to protect Terri from Desiree and Desiree's mental instability.

What gets me is why Maxine Bernstein (writer of the Oregonian article quoted) does not see she has been lied to and has lied to her readers.  She continues to write Terri Horman is the focus of the investigation even though she had just written there were SIXTY other persons of interest just two paragraphs previously.   During the last six months Maxine wrote numerous articles on the Kyron Horman case and each one stated Terri Horman was the focus of the investigation and now we are told that same time frame law enforcement had been investigating SIXTY persons of interest..  Does Kaine Horman continue to have Maxine Bernstein under his narcissistic control?  or is she just that good of a "team player" ??? (See: The Oregonian Continues to gaslight Terri Horman )  Maxine needs to wake up and admit she has been lied to and played.

Maxine Bernstein:  It is time to stop being manipulated and controlled for your "exclusive" stories by the Kaine and Desiree show (which are full of lies) and get some journalistic integrity back (if you ever had it)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

KGW Kyron Horman Special : One Year Later

KGW Kyron Horman Special : One Year Later aired tonight on KGW (Belo / NBC Portland, Oregon)  It was nothing more than a propaganda piece blaming Terri Horman for vanishing and / or murdring Kyron Horman.

Just a rehash of everything that's already been in the news,  Not worth watching although if you want to see it, it's a four part video.  Sort of wish I hadn't taken the time to download all four parts although I keep all media clips for comparison and clipping later if I want it for a blog post.


Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Kyron Horman June 2, 2011 Press Release - 06/02/11

 What about all the other missing children?  What about Yashanee Vaughn ??? Kyron Horman and Yashanee Vaughn --- Contrasts and contradictions (or is it just racist?)

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Kyron Horman June 2, 2011 Press Release - 06/02/11

Kyron Horman was last seen on the morning of June 4, 2010 inside the Skyline Elementary School in front of his class room doorway. It was only after school was dismissed, nearly 6 hours later that it was noticed he was missing and a call was placed to 911 dispatchers. The initial fear was that he had wandered off by himself and might be injured. Members of the Portland Police Bureau began checking the school and surrounding area for Kyron. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office district patrol unit and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue were activated to assist in the search. Based on jurisdictional lines it was determined that the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office would take the lead on the search and any subsequent investigation. After an initial assessment of the situation, and the time that had passed since Kyron was last seen, Sheriff Dan Staton contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and requested they assist the MCSO investigation team.

The search and subsequent initial investigation quickly evolved, enlisting assistance from local, county, state and federal partners as it grew into the largest single search effort in the State of Oregon. The multifaceted response immediately involved the coordination of the East County Major Crimes Team, the FBI, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office along with other investigators from Sheriff's Offices and police agencies in Oregon.

As the ongoing investigation expanded the Kyron Horman Task Force was organized by Sheriff Staton. Created on October 12, 2010, the Task Force was comprised of MCSO and seven partner agencies, including: the FBI, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office, Oregon Department of Justice, Oregon State Police, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and the Portland Police Bureau. The Task Force brought a fresh set of eyes to examine all the information collected during the first few months of the search for Kyron. To best utilize the highly skilled and experienced experts that had been brought together in the Task Force we developed task assignments, case briefs and expanded techniques and strategies as needed. The formation of the Task Force established an affirmed direction for the next phase of the ongoing investigation and assignments.

To date--through leads, interviews, search reports, search warrants and evidence collection--more than 68 four-inch investigative binders have been compiled. The total number of leads has exceeded 4,500, with over 3,500 interviews having been conducted by investigators. The Sheriff's Office and Task Force investigators have invested over 26,650 hours into the case to date. Additionally, Multnomah County Search and Rescue Coordinators and volunteers have logged 24,638 hours in the effort to find Kyron.

To meet the demands of this investigation as it continues to progress we will transition toward a more technical focus for the case starting July 1st. The agencies that will be involved at that time will include: the FBI, Oregon Department of Justice, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, who will remain as the lead investigative agency. We will be concentrating on technology based forensics, data entry and review of information compiled, leads and specific tasks that have been identified for the investigation, along with continued case development.

Although we have adapted our approach and techniques as this case has dictated, our dedication and resolve to find out what happened to Kyron has not changed in the least. This case will continue to hold the highest priority for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and all of our partners; from those actively involved in the beginning, through those involved in the Task Force and those that will continue after the July 1st transition. The impact of this case has touched the lives of all who are involved as well as families across the state and nation. Through all of the searches, interviews, leads followed, briefings, meetings and discussions with the leaders of the investigation the conviction remains the same--there will be a conclusion.

Kyron Horman: Admission the investigation has grown cold?
The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office announced this afternoon that the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman will take on a "more technical focus" as the case enters its second year.

Lt. Mary Lindstrand, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, issued a news release saying that the agencies involved will "be concentrating on technology based forensics, data entry and review of information compiled, leads and specific tasks that have been identified for the investigation, along with continued case development."
Just now law enforcement is going to focus on technology forensics?  Unless they have already obtained the information by subpoena, this is a little too late.  Most companies only keep records for 6-12 months and starting the forensics part of the investigation on july 1, 2011 is twelve months too late.  Even if they did subpoena the information,  if there is an arrest, the defense will not be able to independently obtain information from the same sources and the information obtained will likely be thrown out as evidence by the court especially if they only obtained the records on one party and not others who are most likely the ones guilty of vanishing Kyron Horman.

One needs to ask why this had not been done MONTHS ago.  Back in july, Kaine said they had not searched his computer at that time so any technology evidence law enforcement could have obtained from his computer or email accounts they may or may not know about is gone or contaminated.  Even if you believe Terri is guilty, she could have used Kaine's computer so the forensics is gone / contaminated.  So when it was too cold to dive for Kyron dollars in the winter, exactly what was the investigators on the Kyron Horman case doing besides allegedly leaking information to the Kaine and Desiree show?  They obviously were  not concerned about tracking emails, web sites, phone pings, or anything else that even Kaine and Desiree's sock puppets claim is important.

This admittance that the technology forensics focus is going to START on july 1, 2011 leads one to ask if law enforcement actually showed Desiree Horman Young any of the emails as Desiree claims.  Desiree alleges law enforcement showed her emails allegedly by Terri Horman where Terri was blaming Kyron for her failed marriage and that they showed a hated Kyron and led Desiree to come to the conclusion Terri Horman killed Kyron .  SO: Desiree was going to murder Terri last june because Terri told her she loved Kyron and Desiree assumed that meant Terri killed him?  then Desiree goes on TV within a couple of weeks after that claiming Kyron is alive? and now she's back to saying he's dead because of a few emails she claims she was shown??? and now law enforcement is stating the focus on the technology forensics will start on july 1, 2011???   More twists than a B rated reality show.

So once again we have two conflicting stories in the Kyron Horman case (is anyoe surprised?)

1.  Law enforcement showed Desiree Horman Young emails by Terri Horman that stated she blamed Kyron for her marriage and hated Kyron  (and had never even looked at Kaine Horman's computer or any other devices that may have been important)

2.  Law enforcement is going to start focusing on the technology forensics part of the investigation on july 1, 2011

If the alleged emails exist and law enforcement showed them to Desiree Horman Young, why has Kaine Horman (who is in on every other part of the law enforcement briefings) not said much about them when he never misses any other opportunity to blame his wife Terri Horman in Kyron's vanishing?

This case gets stranger every time Kaine, Desiree, or their law enforcement sock puppets opens their mouths (at least as the media parrots them)

It's so strange to me with all of the twists and contradictions and Kaine and Desiree's sock puppets still believe every lie they are fed by them and yet call Terri Horman a liar when Terri has not even said a single word.  Makes me fearful to be an American.

Revisiting the Kyron Horman timeline on june 4, 2010

Friday June 4  (2010)

8 a.m. - It's Science Fair Day at Skyline Elementary School. Kyron Horman, 7, and his step-mom arrive at school.

8:45 a.m. - Kyron says goodbye to his step-mom in the hallway and goes toward his classroom. He is last seen near his classroom, near the south entrance to school.

9:00 a.m. - Investigators say this was the last time Kyron was reportedly seen but they do not identify who saw him last. (this precludes Terri Horman from vanishing Kyron Horman)

3:45 p.m. -  Kyron doesn't get off the school bus. A call to the school reveals that Kyron's teacher has marked him "absent." Kyron is reported missing to  9-1-1. The Portland school district sends out an automated message to parents in the district that "a student is missing." An intensive search begins on the ground and in the air. Multiple agencies are involved.

Kaine Horman recreates his own reality - hopes people forget the facts

Looks like Kaine Horman is now ramping up his lies and vicious attacks against Terri Horman again.  I was sure he would not let Desiree get all of the media attention coming up on the one year anniversary since Kyron Horman disappeared from Skyline School on june 4, 2010.

Yet another bizarre attack by Kaine Horman against his wife Terri Horman:
"Based on the behavior we've seen in Terri and her lack of interest in wanting to do anything related to this case, either coming forward with the one version of the truth of what happened that day, or even helping to search for him or spread the word for him. I look at those actions and I find it hard to believe that someone who didn't have something to do with the activities that day is not involved."
Has Kaine Horman forgotten about the restraining order he has against Terri Horman that prevents her from searching for Kyron (searching is something he has refused to do because he is afraid of getting lost) and is he that ignorant of the restraining order that prevents Terri from getting near him?  If Terri had fund raisers "for Kyron", Kaine and his sock  puppets would have bad mouthed her for that.

Does Kaine Horman forget that both he and law enforcement, up until the failed murder for hire sting, stated Terri Horman was fully cooperating with the investigation? and now since the failed sting she is doing exactly what her attorney is telling her to do?  If it were not for the failed murder for hire sting and the subsequent kidnapping of Kiara by Kaine, it is likely Terri Horman would still be fully cooperating with law enforcement.  If Kaine Horman wants someone to blame for Terri no longer cooperating or helping "search" for Kyron, he can blame himself and the idiot in law enforcement that orchestrated the most stupid sting operation ever.

Why does Kaine Horman refuse to search for his son (claiming he was afraid of getting lost and claiming law enforcement would not let him) yet badmouth Terri Horman for not searching when he knows perfectly well she is prohibited to search by the restraining order he filed against her.

Quite sure his ignorant and deluded sock puppets will be eating this statement up and using it as "proof" that "Terri did it" (without ever defining what "it" is)

The smear campaign against Terri Horman by Desiree Horman-Young continues

According to the nearest smear campaign against Terri Horman by Desiree Horman-Young, Desiree is claiming she thought from the start that Terri Horman killed Kyron Horman.  The newest "tidbit" Desiree Horman-Young has thrown to her sock puppets is that Terri Horman told her:
“I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and she leaned over the chair and said, 'I want you to know, I loved your son.’ And I flipped out. I told Tony, ‘You better get me out of this house or I'm going to kill her,” Young said.
Of course this implies that Desiree thought Terri was admitting she killed Kyron because Terri used past tense 'loved' and not present tense 'love'.  Desiree's self admitted reaction confirms this is what she thought otherwise why did she want to kill Terri?

If we are to believe this happened, then the only logical explanation is the one I presented above.  It also had to happen sometime before june 26, the day of the failed murder for hire sting when the four "parents" would never be together again.

Yet if this happened and Desiree was blaming Terri Horman for killing Kyron, then why on earth did Desiree Hornan-Young go in front of the camera on the july 1, 2010 press conference and declare "Kyron is alive" ?  Is Desiree now claiming she thought Terri Horman killed Kyron in june and then went in front of the cameras on july 1 and stated unequivically Kyron was alive???  Does this make sense to ANYONE (besides Desiree's deluded sock puppets) ???

Still having problems uploading videos.  I'll upload it when I can (Desiree declaring Kyron is alive on july 1, 2010) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kyron Horman's ficticious seizures

All of a sudden people are believing Kaine Horman when he claims Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron because of SEIZURES.

This is NOT from Terri Horman, It is NOT from Skyline School, and it is NOT from law enforcement - it is from Kaine Horman - master manipulator and master liar.  So now why, all of a sudden, are people taking it as a fact that Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron because of SEIZURES???  - because Kaine Horman - master liar - is now saying so???  Why are those that never believed Kaine Horman's lies before all of a sudden believing him when HE claims Terri Horman was concerned about Kyron Horman because of SEIZURES???

WAKE UP PEOPLE - this is yet another one of Kaine Horman's LIES.  Kyron Horman's alleged seizures and that being the reason for Terri wanted to take him to the doctor are no more of a fact than anything else Kaine Horman has ever said. Terri Horman NEVER said anything about Kyron having seizures to ANYONE.  This explanation by Kaine Horman is to throw his sock puppets off from the REAL reason Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to the doctor and why Kaine absolutely refused to let Kyron go see the doctor.  Once again, Kaine is trying to make Terri into the "bad guy" and make himself look to be the concerned parent he isn't.

Way back last summer Kaine had even denied Kiara was sick - now he is claiming she kept the whole family up for weeks?

Kyron Horman: Conflicting stories from the Kaine and Desiree Show

Oh so subtly is Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young letting the REAL facts out about what happened to Kyron Horman by their conflicting statements.

First Kaine Horman is claiming Terri Horman wanted to take Kyron to a doctor's appointment to get him checked out for ADHD or seizures.  Kaine, the uncaring parent that he is, did not want Kyron examined by a doctor.  The only reason he would refuse to have his son examined is because he knew the doctor would find signs of sexual abuse.  It is likely that Terri did not have the authority / permission (being his step mother and not biological or adoptive mother) to take Kyron to a doctor unless she had, in writing, other indicators he had been abused.  This is a strong motive for Kaine Horman to have kidnapped Kyron - he did not want to have the sexual abuse discovered.

Kaine, by stating that Terri wanted to take Kyron to a doctor and by stating Terri took Kyron to the science fair is stating she was a good mother to Kyron.  Confirmation of this is when Terri ran into the gym employee, Andrea Leckey, at the Fred Meyer store and Terri showed her a picture of Kyron and said she had just come from her son's science fair project (referring to Kyron)  Trouble uploading video.  Will try and upload it later

Next is Desiree Horman Young - who blamed Terri for Kyron's disappearance from the first phone call when she found out Kyron was missing on june 4, 2010.

Now Desiree is saying she went ballistic and wanted to kill Terri when Terri told her she loved Kyron:
“I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and she leaned over the chair and said, 'I want you to know, I loved your son.’ And I flipped out. I told Tony, ‘You better get me out of this house or I'm going to kill her,” Young said.
Early on (june 2010) Desiree claimed that Kyron was going to be in Medford that weekend and detective Tony Young (Desiree's current husband) was going to take Kyron fishing with the fishing pole they gave him for christmass.  So if Terri was so angry and hateful to Kyron, why did she not plan to "get rid of him" on the way to Eugene, Oregon (the usual meeting spot) ?   Now Desiree comes up with this:
“She blamed Kyron for a lot of her and Kaine's marital problems. She blamed Kyron for a lot of stuff that was going on in the house. It was becoming very tense and it all came down to the weekend. It came down to that day and she was very angry,” Young said.
So Desiree admits, before the failed murder for hire sting operation, that she blamed Terri and wanted to kill her and she alleges Terri hated Kyron.  Yet Kaine is stating that Terri wanted to Take Kyron to a doctor because she was concerned for him and Andrea Leckey states that Terri showed her a picture of her son (Kyron) at his science fair project and was acting normal that day.  Now Desiree Young is stalking Terri Horman.  She has been blaming Terri from the start regardless of lack of evidence Terri had anything to do with Kyron's vanishing:
Young admits she drives through Roseburg to keep an eye on Terri Horman, and has even held candlelight vigils in front of the home.
It seems the doctor's appointment is key especially since Terri wanted to take Kyron to the doctor and Kaine refused.  Why is that ?
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