Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Racism in the search of missing Portland, Oregon children

All eyes were on the search for Kyron Horman since day one when he went missing from his school in NE Portland on june 4, 2010. The sheriff spent over a million dollars (US) in his search and tomorrow will ask for nearly $210,000. more.1

During the time Kyron Horman has been missing, his parents have held many fundraisers to "search for Kyron" where none of the money has been used to pay for the searches. People around the world are riveted on every detail about Kyron. Most of the web "detective" sites already have his stepmother Terri Moulton Horman tried, convicted, and executed for his "brutal murder" even though there is no evidence he is even dead and his parents are sure his step mother "has him stashed somewhere".  From the beginning the FBI were called out and numerous other law enforcement agencies were immediately alerted.  Ground searches continued for days and volunteers donated water and food for the searchers.

Today there was a brief article of another young boy missing after he got off of his school bus in Portland Oregon.  There were some searches although nothing has been said of contacting any other agencies or volunteers to help search for him.  Like with Kyron "Detectives do not have any reason to believe this is a stranger abduction case."2  HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS?  And now I suspect that this is the standard lie they state to keep people from panicking about their children.  It is HIGHLY irresponsible.

The difference between these to cases is striking:  Everything for 7 year old caucasian  Kyron Horman, and the bare minimum for Native American 11-year-old Lok Chante Marcellay.  Racism is alive and well in Portland Oregon.

How much money will the police chief and/or sheriff ask for searching for  Lok Chante Marcellay ?  How many web "detectives" will even care about him?  How many people will donate money for his search? How much money will the Kyron Horman Foundation donate to help search for Lok?  I know the answer and it saddens me that people only care about kids if they are of a certain race.  Lets all help Lok's family.  Hopefully he will be found today.

1. Sheriff to request $209,656 for Kyron investigation

2. Portland Police Searching for Missing 11 year old Boy


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