Friday, October 1, 2010

Kaine Horman's timeline

Yesterday I reviewed Terri Horman's timeline for june 4.  Today we will review Kaine Horman's KNOWN timeline

7:45 AM  At home

2:00 PM Arrived back at home

Nobody is saying where Kaine Horman was between 7:45 AM and 2:00 PM on june 4.  He said he was at work although confirmation has not been released by law enforcement.  If they are going by the GPS in the car (that year of Mustang has GPS --- or did they opt not to get it?)   Kaine could have left the car in the parking lot at Intel to alibi him and used a friend's vehicle.  He may have wanted to take the Mustang that day in order to give himself an alibi with the GPS (and left his cell phone in his office)

Since Kaine has no confirmed published alibi for the time between 7:45 AM and 2:00 PM (while Terri does), we must assume there is no alibi and that he is a suspect in Kyron's disappearance.  That is plenty of time to murder Kyron or stash him somewhere with the help of a friend.  As far as what the media has reported, the Mustang was never checked for forensic evidence.   If Kaine has a legitimate alibi, all he would need to do is ask law enforcement to release that information.  Last law enforcement said anything, they did not say Kaine Horman had been ruled out as a suspect so as far as we know, he is the real person law enforcement is intently looking at as a suspect in spite of what he and Desiree have stated.

The memo Kaine sent to Intel employees ( Link: Kaine Horman's Memo  ) two days after Kyron went missing told his co-workers to not talk with the media.  It was also very revealing in he wanted them to spam their friends with Kyron's information thinking that would help "find Kyron".  This was TWO DAYS after Kyron went missing - when active searches were taking place and it had not been ruled a criminal case yet.  Why did he not ask his co-workers to help search?  He was more concerned with "getting Kyron's face out there" than he was about getting help to search for his son.  At that time, Kyron could have been lost, hurt,  and needing help.  Kaine was also too afraid of getting lost to search for his own son.  Any normal parent with a child who is really missing would be out searching for their son and get someone else to send a memo out to his co-workers.

Nothing I have seen from LEGITIMATE sources  (Kaine and Desiree are not legitimate sources) have ruled Kaine out as a suspect.

One needs to ask:  WHO has the money to have disappeared Kyron without a trace?  Certainly not Terri.  Kaine is the one that earns the big bucks - AND puts everything in his name, not his wife's or jointly.


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