Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Was last weekend's Sauvie Island search a scam to influence the judge in tomorrow's abatement hearing?

Last weekend's Sauvie Island search made no sense because in june the fields and areas searched were too muddy for anyone to carry a body and bury it there.  Farmers would have noticed something when mowing or working their property throughout the summer (see : Sauvie Island searches: A training exercise. Is Terri no longer a suspect?  )

One must wonder if the search of the fields was to show Terri is no longer a defacto suspect (since she never could have taken even one step into the fields without getting mud into the truck) in order to affect the abatement hearing tomorrow.  If this is the case then this is fraud committed by law enforcement in order for Kaine Horman to win the abatement hearing so they can force Terri to talk in the divorce hearing.  This way they will get Terri on the record which can be used in any criminal case which may arise.   On sunday I wondered if this was the case when Kaine was no longer pointing the finger at Terri after Desiree's spectacle on friday (see: Sauvie Island searches: A training exercise. Is Terri no longer a suspect? )

Will the courts allow this end run around someone's Fifth Amendment rights in order to force them to talk on the record for a possible future criminal case?  Will the judge see through this trick by law enforcement?


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