Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kaine's (paid?) cyber terrorists

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young go on TV and say they believe Kyron Horman is still alive and Terri "stashed" him somewhere.  Yet on the internet, Kaine's Sock Puppets (see: The herd mentality (Sock Puppetry) of the "Terri is guilty" crowd ) are harassing and threatening everyone that makes a statement even hinting that there is no evidence that Terri is guilty.  They also are accusing Terri of murder and "doing hideous things to Kyron" even though Kaine Horman and Desiree Young (as well as law enforcement) says Kyron is alive and there is no evidence to the contrary.

I have been contacted by several others that were on various forums and they suffered the harassment, name calling, being accused of being Terri, being stalked, etc. that I had happen on Oregonlive.  Not only the name calling and harassment from other users but the very same on every forum - over and over again until you stop posting:  You can say anything against Terri Horman - even stating that you would torture her to get to talk or even "she killed Kyron" but if you even hint Kaine or anyone else did it, your posts are immediately removed.  Some of the people who contacted me were even banned from the forums they were posting in just because they wanted to know exactly what the evidence is.  I have been threatened with lawsuits for months because I "speak against "saint" Kaine".

One person posting on the forums stated they would post in support for Terri Horman if they were paid (and insinuating that anyone who posted in support of Terri had to be paid)  This leaves me wondering if Kaine's cyber terrorists are being paid by him to harass those who support Terri or say anything against him.  Malignant narcissists are paranoid people and will do anything to retaliate against those who say anything against them.1
fatbbwginger October 30, 2010 at 1:34PM
I want to sign up and be paid to make defensive comments on the internet on behalf of TH. Where do I sign up? I can use the extra money. Who the hell else would defend her? 
 Is  fatbbwginger a paid mercenary? One has to wonder about their conviction if they will "change sides" for money and can be bought and paid for.

After Kaine released the court papers documenting his narcissistic rage on october 25 and especially after Terri's attorneys posted papers on friday, Kaine's sock puppets have come out in force to defend him on every online forum.  For Kiara's sake, she needs to be appointed a Guardian ad litem and be removed from Kaine until he gets a mental evaluation.  he has shows his lack of concern for his children by releasing court documents and information the courts always keep sealed to protect the children.

The fact most of Kaine's Sock Puppet terrorists do not comprehend is that the papers currently being filed are for SUPERVISED visitation and not custody (custody was abated until january)  Kaine is demanding everything that was abated until january be done NOW.

One has to wonder why people are blindly supporting Kaine and acting like every word he said is gospel truth with nothing but the media printing his fairy tales to back it up?

Here is a few examples (VERY FEW) of Kaine Horman's cyber terrorists -  how they cannot rationally discuss anything and  how they use name calling, lies, and harassment to keep others from having a real discussion.  Unfortunately all of the news media sites allow this type of harassment and cyber bullying --- and then they wonder in their own news stories why kids are killing themselves due to cyber byllying and nobody stopped it (see:  Cyber bullying, depression, and suicide )  These people are cyber terrorists paid by Kaine Horman or they are mentally ill individuals that are a danger to society.  It may seem odd ALL of Kaine's defenders online show this mental illness although it's common for sock puppets of narcissists (see: Are all of Kaine Horman's Sock Puppets mentally unstable codependents? )

Why does the media allow this???

thaddeus46 75p ·
I still think an electric cattle prod applied to Terri Hormans privates would help find Kyron......
osupport said on October 28, 2010 at 9:29 PM
i think anonymous is this wacky Koolaide drinker from THSP named emily rose! she LOVES to bash kaine and call him a child molester, tries to spread rumors! she is a sick and twisted individual who needs to get back to her padded room where she belongs!! btw, did you all know dede spicher has her very own support page? she also posts on there and she posts on the terri horman support page....
tigress007 said on October 28, 2010 at 4:40 PM
this is no tennis match, far from it let,s call it chess check mate on TH you cold-hearted child killer.I hope you do not get to ever see kiera, Tell the authority's where he is,buried at , What did kiera see you do to her big brother. Or maybe giving you supervised visits and no physical contact and let you see and miss what you will never have in your arms ever again think of when Kyron was that age and imagine holding him in your arms. Now you can only hide behind the big houze for so long. Guess what i see in his eyes you need him big time .
fagan_lb said on October 28, 2010 at 12:11 PM
I don't know either party in this, but I too feel that poor Kyron lost his life in the hands of Terri Horman. Where there is no guilt there is a willingness to be out trying to clear your name, a willingness to say enough about me me me and lets find Kyron, but no, this woman hides and schemes with her lawyers on how not to incriminate herself. I feel for Kyron for having parents so inept that they could not protect their children. Kaine is a little too late in taking action to save Kyrons life, but hopefully he can pull it together and save his daughter from the monster lady. Any Judge who would give that woman a minute with that little girl should be removed from The Bench! It is better to err on the side of caution and say "hey there is too much at stake here for the courts to allow Terri any visitation at this time. But what am I saying?? The courts rarely do anything right.
workinmom said on October 15, 2010 at 10:44 AM
Don't forget she tried to hire a hitman to kill Kiara's father, let alone all the Kyron stuff . I'm just saying that there are other reasons, other than Kyron, that should be considered, like her obvious mental issues
hello said on October 15, 2010 at 10:12 AM
Sorry visitiation for you until you cooperate with the police to find Kyron. Your failure to do whats right makes you a monster in my eyes.
KingofHillsboro October 16, 2010 at 12:06AM
(fighting my way through the sludge of Terri lovers)
The narcissist's paranoid streak is likeliest to erupt when he lacks Narcissistic Supply. The regulation of his labile sense of self-worth is dependent upon external stimuli - adoration, adulation, affirmation, applause, notoriety, fame, infamy, and, in general, attention of any kind.
When such attention is deficient, the narcissist compensates by confabulating. He constructs ungrounded narratives in which he is the protagonist and uses them to force his human environment into complicity.
Put simply, he provokes people to pay attention to him by misbehaving or behaving oddly.
Psychiatry . the replacement of a gap in a person's memory by a falsification that he or she believes to be true.

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