Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is common sense being used on the Kyron searches?

I have seen a few video clips of the recent searches being conducted by law enforcement in the Kyron Horman case.  Some of the clips of the searchers seem staged for the media.  I have seen several things that seem to be off.

I would post the videos on the blog except there are copyright issues and I don't want to argue with the media about them.  I have them downloaded as support documents though.

The first video clip showed several searchers hiking in tall grass.  Each of them had on a backpack loaded with enough junk for a Mt. Everest exploration.  They were walking around (as best as they could carrying all the junk on their backs) and aimlessly poking at a few bushes with their walking stick and turning over a board.  No camper or hiker would be carrying the amount of junk they were carrying and I have never seen searches where the searchers carried so much - not even on mountain rescues.

The recent searches - the last few days since Dede Spicher was becoming a target the searchers went back to where Dede was working on june 4 to search some more.  The searchers were rappelling down cliff faces and going through all sorts of rough terrain (note to media: it is rappel not repel)   Obviously they were not looking for a body otherwise they could never assume either Terri, Dede, or even an unknown alleged accomplice would be rappelling down cliff faces.  So the theory printed in the media is that they were searching for a cell phone.  Do they not think if anyone disposed of a cell phone they would not throw it in the middle of the river?  Obviously they are assuming whoever hid the cell phone went back to hide it because if it were Terri or Dede, they didn't have time to go more than 1/2 hour in - and that is including the time they did whatever it was they were suppose to have done to Kyron.  Through rough terrain and muddy fields (wet spring this year) that would not be very far.  If they were looking for a cell phone, why would they assume it was tossed and not buried in a hole or thrown in the river where it would corrode?  The Willamette River is just a few minutes away and there are a number of ponds and streams where a cell phone could be disposed of.

Since the cell phones were not purchased until after Kyron went missing, why do they even assume they were disposed of on the property DeDe Spicher was the morning of june 4 ??? A better location would have been the middle of the Willamette River.  Certainly neither DeDe, Terri, or an unknown person would have gone back to that property just to dispose of cell phones.

I have a question emailed waiting for an answer and may have more to post about the searches tomorrow.

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