Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is Multnomah County Sheriff Staton scamming the taxpayers?

It's interesting that after I exposed the "diving for Kyron dollars" scam by Multnomah County Sheriff that used the Sauvie Island searches to manipulate the "feeler" taxpayers into giving him more money to "dive for Kyron" (even though there is "no evidence Kyron is not alive") we now have the FBI re-entering the picture.

It is also interesting that the Sheriff is now not asking for more tax dollars and yet is continuing the investigation apparently unfunded?  This obviously cannot happen.  After the diving for dollars scam was exposed, we now have SIX FBI agents entering the picture.  What the taxpayers do not realize is they are paying for the FBI agents but it does not have to go through Sheriff Staton and his begging for Kyron dollars budget.  It is funded in an entirely different way (but from the same taxpayer source)

While doing some rough calculations this evening with information obtained from public records and a few of my contacts that know about such stuff, the six FBI agents will cost the Multnomah County taxpayers nearly double the cost the next three months (until june) that Sheriff Staton regularly asked the taxpayers for for his department to search for Kyron.  Double the cost but paid another way so Sheriff Staton can claim he is not asking / getting the tax money for Kyron.  It will be interesting to see how the Multnomah deputies on the Kyron Horman case are being paid.  I'm willing to bet their pay and over time will be paid through another source that Sheriff Staton will not have to include on his buget / expense account.

Once again:  Sheriff Staton instead of directly asking for Kyron dollars is doing en end run around the taxpayers and getting them to pay double but not having to admit it to them.

If anyone wonders why the FBI is suddenly back on the scene in full force:  It is so the Kyron Horman investigation can be funded without Sheriff Staton having to put it on his budget and without the people realizing they are still funding it

Sheriff Staton came up with a new way to fund his investigation without holding the obviously bogus diving for Kyron dollars searches (while claiming there is no evidence Kyron is dead)

Just another turn of events that makes this entire case even more suspicious.  It does give the psychological testing / reality show theories even more more credibility than before.

Someone needs to investigate the investigation and this entire case (or the reality show needs to be cancelled and the script exposed)

Is socal-idiot Desiree Horman Young's mentally unstable / deluded sock puppet?

Once again, Desiree Horman Young makes false statements for the masses of foolish sock puppets that contradicts what the Multnomah County Sheriff clearly states: They are not close to an arrest of anyone in the Kyron Horman case.  This is proven again by bringing in profilers to profile a probable suspect.

Desiree Horman Young sounds more and more like socal-idiot (SoCalDreamer do a google search or search this blog)    I would not be surprised if socal-idiot is Desiree's sock puppet.  Both are definitely is deluded enough to think law enforcement is feeding her information on the case and both sound as mentally unstable as the other.

If the FBI wants to solve this case (if it is a real case and not a psychological test or reality show) then they need to investigate Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman Young.  Both have motives (discussed on this blog previously) to kidnap Kyron Horman from the other birth parent.  I have clearly stated in numerous posts that if Kyron is really missing it is most likely a parental kidnapping by either Kaine Horman (most likely) or Desiree Horman Young.  Too many inconsistencies in Desiree Horman Young's behavior and statements although she may be in denial or may be in verge of a mental breakdown - but she could also be involved.  From her first letter to Kyron back in june, it is clear to me something is fishy (plus I believe she is acting - from the first "Kyron is alive" statement at the media dog and pony show Kaine took over)  The birth parents are the most likely suspects for reasons I have clearly outlined previously.  I still think it was Kaine although it would not surprise me if it was Desiree (if Kyron is really missing, etc.)


They point to one undeniable fact: They lack any physical evidence of Kyron, or physical evidence that links anyone to his disappearance. 

And, with "not one shred of evidence to indicate the child has died," Staton said, investigators must push forward as though Kyron is still alive.
Asked whether she thinks Kyron is still alive, Young said, “Actually, I hope he is. I don’t know the answer to that.” 
"In the beginning of the case, I did believe that," she said. I hope every day that Kyron comes through the door and that we find him okay. I want that with everything... "But with the information and evidence that I have been presented against Terri, I'm confident that she probably did something to him."
The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed details of the investigation, but the Sheriff is expected to update commissioners next week. Young said Saturday that she’s confident in the investigation, but said it’s time to name a suspect.
“We’re confident that what they’re doing is all the right stuff, and every bit of information we’ve gotten from them has reassured us of that,” said Young, but added she believes it’s time to name a suspect.“We have overwhelming evidence,” said Young.
For the first time since her son vanished more than eight months ago, Desiree Young conceded that Kyron is probably dead.

"I'm disappointed this isn't over with. I'm disappointed we haven't found this young man," Staton said. "I don't put the blame on our investigators...Everybody who has been involved in this has worked on this case as diligently as possible. We know more about what potentially did happen than we ever did in the past. The biggest hope is we would have found him."
By mid-June, if there's been no arrest, Staton said he will review the task force's progress once again. "One thing I can assure you, if this case stagnates and there's nothing more coming in, we'll have to take a different approach."

FBI takes over more of the Kyron Horman investigation

As previously stated on february 19 ( What happened to the Kyron Horman "searches" after all the "new leads and information" they claimed they had? )  the feds were taking over more of the Kyron Horman investigation due to the foolish blunders and/or corruption in the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department.

Today, it's news.  Maybe it seems like I have insider information or a copy of the script - but neither is true (although I wouldn't admit it if I did - so believe what you want)  Too bad socal-idiot can no longer claim to have insider information now the feds are taking over.  Only one of her most foolish sock puppets would believe the FBI is feeding her all of the "details" in the case - then again, only a fool would believe Multnomah County sheriff's department is feeding her information as she claims.

FBI Steps Up Role in Search for Missing Oregon Boy, 7
Published February 24, 2011

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The FBI is increasing its role in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, the 7-year-old Oregon boy who was last seen in June at his Portland school.

The Oregonian reports up to six agents will help the task force investigating the case.

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele says they'll follow up tasks that were identified by profilers who recently reviewed the investigation.

Meanwhile, Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton will update county commissioners Thursday on the status of the search.

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, of Medford, believes her son's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, knows something about the disappearance -- even though police have never named her as a suspect or even a person of interest.

Monday, February 21, 2011

nazi germany repeat: Welcome to Amerika

Although it is possible that Kyron Horman is really missing, I am finding it harder and harder to believe as the events pass.  I remember in the first few days the FBI stating they will use social media extensively in this case (they never had before and it was too early to have made that statement if this is a real case)

When hitler came to power, he turned the German people against all groups of people he detested and blamed those groups for the world's problems: The Jews, The Christians, The Homosexuals, The Gypsies, and anyone else that was not blond and blue eyed.  He lied about those groups and said they were liars, thieves, evil,and were not fit to live on earth, etc.

Now we have what is looking like a psychological test that has a poorly written script written by amateurs that has blamed Terri Horman for doing all sorts of horrible things (or stashing) Kyron Horman when there is absolutely no evidence any harm has come to him.  In fact, there is evidence that Kaine Horman is the guilty party (even in the script) and yet the nazis (oops - sock puppets) ignore it and go with the [nazi] party line: "Terri Horman is guilty even if there is no evidence."

Desiree Horman Young leading a hate campaign to Roseburg to harass Terri Horman (through her neighbors) is the very same thing hitler did with the German people against those groups (named above) he was trying to blame for the world's problems.  You even have the press cooperating with this nazi propaganda campaign.  They report on Desiree Horman Young's nazi tactics and yet refuse to mention that Terri Horman is not even a person of interest let alone a named suspect.  If there is "all this evidence" that Desiree Horman Young claims, law enforcement would be arresting the suspect.  Who does she think she is that feels she has to call the shots and tell law enforcement how to do their job especially since she always says what a wonderful job they are doing and how she is 100% behind them???

What is this country coming to when vigilantes are allowed to harass and intimidate others?  Why is the media aiding in this terrorist activity?  Why is law enforcement allowing this to happen?  This does NOT happen in a normal case and I THINK it is more likely this is a real life reality show or psychological testing than a real case of Kyron Horman missing.  Whatever it is, it is not normal.  If Kyron Horman is really missing then Desiree Horman Young is mentally unstable and needs to be locked up for the safety of society since she is escalating  and there is no telling what violence she or one of her equally mentally unstable sock puppets will do to Terri Horman if this is not immediately stopped.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New low in the Kyron Horman reality show: Desiree Horman Young starts a new bullying campaign against Terri Horman

Desiree Horman-Young must have given up her "Bring Kyron Home For ....[insert holiday]" business since now, after months of selling trinkets because "Kyron is alive" and fundraising at Kaine's friend's businesses (including the recent long haul truck campaign), she is now claiming Kyron is dead and starting a Roseburg, Oregon harassment / bullying campaign against Terri Horman.

Why her "police detective" husband Tony Young would allow Desiree Horman Young to go to Roseburg to pass out fliers to harass Terri Horman - who is not even a named suspect or person of interest in Kyron Horman's disappearance - is a question that needs answered.  This type of harassment / bullying campaign is typical of the Kaine Horman sock puppet brigade that has been harassing and stalking those who believe Kaine Horman is guilty of murdering or disappearing his son.  This shows to me that Desiree Horman Young is either part of Kyron Horman's disappearance / murder or this is a reality show.  This would never happen in any other case.

One would hope that Terri Horman's attorney, Steven Houze, will file a restraining order against Desiree Horman Young first thing tuesday morning (monday is a holiday) or sooner if he can get an emergency restraining order.

After last month's farce of "diving for Kyron dollars" right after the long distance campaign to find a living Kyron Horman, I expected something new and this fits the bill - especially right before the thursday Multnomah County update on the investigation.  The script writers are getting desperate using this bullying / harassment campaign against Terri in real life.  It seems since the cyber bullying / harassment campaign did not work, they are now taking it real world.

If law enforcement does not stop this harassment / bully campaign then they will guarantee there will be no justice for Kyron (if Kyron is missing or dead / Terri Horman had anything to do with it / etc.)  They also need to protect Terri Horman from the bully campaign:  She is not even a person of interest let alone a named suspect in any crime.  If the people of Roseburg, Oregon participate in this bully campaign: Shame on them.  This country's constitution states that a person is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.  Just because Kaine Horman's ex wife wants to harass her ex husband's current wife and blame her for a crime that law enforcement cannot prove ever happened does not mean anyoner else should participate in the hate / harassment / bullying campaign.  Is this what you want to teach your children - that  it's okay to harass and bully someone you "feel" may have done something???  It is not up to Desiree Horman Young to coerce Terri Horman and have her neighbors harass her to try and get her to say something.  This is despicable and needs to be immediately stopped.  For the media to participate in this bully campaign is just as despicable.

To me, this last action gives more credibility this is a real life reality show or some sort of psychological testing / manipulation of the masses.  This would never happen in a normal case.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What happened to the Kyron Horman "searches" after all the "new leads and information" they claimed they had?

In december, I predicted the "diving for Kyron [Horman] dollars" at the end of january to beg for more tax dollars.  Right on cue, the searches happened and they claimed it was because of "new leads" and "new information" they had since november but it was the first chance ("due to weather") they had to search.  The search led to nothing and they said they were only able to search a small area of what they wanted to.  Here it is, a nice weekend to search and yet why are they not out searching since they have "new credible information" ???   It's obvious Multnomah county knows I can read them like a book and they are now going to advise their committee and this time not beg for tax dollars.  It should be obvious the searches were only for show and for the money they were sure they could get from them.

Why do they only search when they need something for the media to print about (and increase their ad revenue and page views) ?

I also predicted the egg donor would claim valentines day was "Kyron's favorite holiday" (right after the 4th of july, labor day, halloween, thanksgiving, x-mass, and new years)  Now his favorite holiday will be ishtar (easter) and st. patricks day.  OOPS - I left out groundhog day which everyone knows "was Kyron's favorite holiday"

The federal government is investigating the way this investigation is being handled.  It's only a matter of time before the feds release information about the way the Kyron Horman case has been handled (if there is a case and if Kyron is really missing)

For those who have not been able to reach me via the temp. accounts which I have deleted, you can reach me at (and not the name socal-idiot claims is me)

Not much to write about regarding the Kyron Horman case.  I'm working on an interesting article I may post either tomorrow or monday.  An article that will make you think twice about what you do online.

KS:   Has anyone contacted you regarding CM?  I now have contacts that are close to CM (I never told anyone anything - and I won't)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hollow earth, rumor mill "news" and socaldreamer 's mentally ill sock puppets

One thing is for sure: there are gullible people ("feelers") who will believe anything that they want to believe whether there is any factual basis to back it up or not.

Three internet examples prove this.  First are the "hollow earthers" who believe the earth is hollow and there are civilizations that live inside the earth.  Some even think it possible to fly a helicopter or airplane through the center and alleged "expeditions" are posted online for people to either support or laugh at (they are quite humorous)

Another example of internet lunacy is a wacky site called "rumor mill news"  This site the lunatic that runs it believes her late husband worked for a "super secret government operation:" and used to fly his "super secret rocket" to the planet mars.  This ding bat actually believes this

The third group of mentally ill deranged individuals is socaldreamer and her three stooges (oops - mentally ill sock puppets) who thinks socaldreamer is a "rock star" (even though she refuses to say who she is) that is being fed every detail of the Kyron Horman investigation by her "super secret" law enforcement contacts.  Never mind she claimed last july that an arrest (of Terri Horman) was "imminent" and that law enforcement had found Kyron Horman's body last july and were "withholding it from the public" to gather more information so they could "arrest and convict Terri Horman"  Now this psychopath is spreading the same rumor and claiming that law enforcement found Kyron Horman's body in the end of january "diving for dollars" Kyron Horman searches.  The most unbelievable thing is how many gullible foolish people actually believes a single thing she says.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time." (wrongly attributed to PT Barnum and likely first spoken by Abraham Lincoln)  Obviously socaldreamer's foolish followers belong in the first category.

socaldreamer's followers suffer from Stockholm Syndrome as well as mental illness and this is the only type of person that defends Kaine Horman which is quite telling.

One has to wonder why law enforcement is letting mentally ill people like socaldreamer claim she is getting all her information (she claims is ":facts") from their department.  Making false allegations such as this reflects negatively on their department and on the Kyron Horman investigation.  It calls for a federal inquiry to get to the bottom of the phony leaks and propoganda, bogus searches, and incompetent investigation.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tunisia and Egypt civil unrest: is Jordan and Syria next? maybe the United States?

what is disconcerting to many about the obama administration stating they want a regime change in Egypt "to democracy" is that the obama administration is supporting the "muslim brotherhood" takeover of egypt.  The "muslim brotherhood" is a radical islamic terrorist organization that will rule with sharia law.

Currently egypt i friendly towards both Israel and the United States.  This could soon change if obama gets his way.  This will be very important to the world because egypt controls the Suez Canal which is a major transportation route for the world's oil. 

A few days ago I posted a cartoon that showed what happened after president carter visited iran: iran became radical and unfriendly to the U.S.  Now after obama visited egypt, it appears egypt will be going radical.  Do we want yet another radical islamic nation in the Middle East?

Just yesterday there was a fire in the pipeline that transported natural gas to Jordan.  There is a bible prophecy that the Ashwan Dam in egypt will be brought down (likely by terrorists) which will flood much of Cairo and cause many deaths.

The islam uprising started in Tunisia and is now in egypt.  There are indications that Jordan and syria may be next for the islamic uprising.  Just last week, the King or Jordan released his cabinet.  There have been unrest in both Jordan and Syria in recent weeks.  There has also been iranian warships that have moved through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea in recent weeks.  Things are about to heat up in the middle east as never before seen on planet earth.

One needs to wonder with the internet kill switch legislation in the United States whether the United States government is also preparing for the possibility of civil unrest and uprising.  China has already blocked searches on egypt and tunisia to prevent a Chinese uprising.  One wonders what the obama administration would do to prevent people from calling for him to step down?  After all, he supports the people of egypt calling for a president to step down so why is he taking counter measures to keep the United States people from doing the same thing?

Is one of Kaine Horman's mentally unstable sock puppets hiding Kyron Horman?

One things is so odd in this case:  all of Kaine Horman's defenders are mentally unstable and feel no one has the right to even think that Kaine Horman may be involved in Kyron Horman's disappearance.  This is not normal in any other case and shows that there is an underlying cause to their mental instability..

Some of the most obvious reasons is a tie to Kaine Horman.  This could be a sexual tie (one of Kaine Horman's numerous male / female bed buddies) or it could be drugs:  Kaine Horman is a known steroid dealer at his gym.

Those would be the obvious reasons.  The not so obvious I have mentioned before on this blog:  a psychological test / manipulation of people to see how far they need to go to get people to capitulate to their side (and to see who are the gullible followers versus the thinkers)  This was done in nazi germny by hitler as well as in other oppressive regimes.  It would not be beyond the obama administration to use such tactics on the people of the United States.

Whatever it is:Kaine Horman's supporters use terrorist tactics as well as bullying, stalking, and harassing to defend their beloved Kaine.  They unfairly judge others by stating people are "slandering (sic) Kaine" by stating he had something to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance while in the same breath claim Terri Horman is guilty of murdering Kyron Horman in cold blood even though law enforcement has repeatedly stated there is no evidence Kyron is dead.  It appears the mentally unstable feel they can state lies and yet feel nobody else can post any opinions that goes contrary to theirs.  This is a major sign of narcissistic mentally unstable individuals who are a danger to society.

One has to wonder if Kaine's mentaly unstable sock puppets are so sure Kaine had nothing to do with Kyron Horman's disappearance just how close to Kaine and the case they are?  You have mentally unstable people who claim that law enforcement is feeding them information (so they could post it online for their groupies???) because they are a "famous rock star" (that remains anonymous to "protect her privacy"   --- her groupies - gullible "feelers" believe this idiotic mentally unstable garbage)  It would not be beyond them to have Kyron stashed and trying to set up Terri Horman so Kaine can have custody of both Kyron and Kiara.  Whatever their tie is to Kaine Horman is not normal.

One thing that stands out for me from the start:  The FBI stated, within the first days of Kyron Horman's disappearance, that they "would be using social media in this case"  and this leads to the possibility they are using it as a psychological test as I have previously stated.  They stated this within a few days like they knew there would not be a quick and easy conclusion.  This has since disappeared online (before I realized how the media would change and edit their stories to fit what is currently being told to the people)

I'm not sure although I assume even feelers have to be able to think - at least just a little - yet none of Kaine Horman's supporters do.  They just continually repeat the party line which leads one to wonder if this is just a psychological test or Kaine's drug / sex buddies defending him or maybe feelers just cannot think for themselves and will fall for whatever lie they feel is true.  Of course if they are abuse victims, it may be Stockholm Syndrome.  From what I have read, dominates have a hold on their submissives (as do drug dealers over their customers)

Kaine Horman and his supporters have already been discussed in more than one psychology graduate school courses.  It would be a wonder if any of these individuals can function in society and I imagine all of them are collecting SSI (for mental instability?) and are drug abusers.  At least I hope they are not a representative part of society because if they are, America is doomed.
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