Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My alternate theory about the Kyron Horman case

My job is computer network administrator.  I have many friends in computer networking including one who worked with Kaine Horman.  After Kyron Horman went missing, this friend told me they had at one time worked with Kaine Horman and Kaine Horman had a boyfriend at the time my friend worked with him.

Kaine Horman is a narcissist and is a control freak.  His narcissism prevents him from empathizing with others and never allowing himself to be gotten the best of without getting even at some point.

When someone is married and "comes out" admitting their homosexual lifestyle, that person is eventually forced to choose: their family or their homosexual lover.  Mostly because they feel their homosexuality was suppressed for so long, they finally feel free so they choose their homosexual lover.

In some cases, they totally abandon their family (as Nicholas Francisco did when he left his pregnant wife and two kids to go make homosexual porn in Californian with his boyfriend) or they choose to take their children with them. 

Because Desiree was afraid Kaine would take Kyron and her older son from a previous marriage, she filed a restraining order against him when she was divorcing him (Just above the mid story ad http://wweek.com/editorial/3633/14183/ ) and it was granted by the judge.  This showed me when Kaine made the decision to leave terri for his boyfriend, he would take the children with him.

Seeing that Kaine is a malignant narcissist and control freak with OCD ( http://blogs.wweek.com/news/2010/07/01/kyron-hormans-family-boots-ww-and-the-oregonian/ ) it is so easy for me to see he would plan on setting up Terri - and kidnapping Kyron so he gets full custody (not shared with Desiree) and as payback for what Desiree did to him  --- and the way he would get Kiara without having to share custody with Terri.  As a a malignant narcissist he does not feel remorse for what he did - and can pass any polygraph test.

Terri was about to take Kyron to see a doctor because she thought Kaine was molesting him and Kaine found out about it so he had to hide his guilt so he acted before the doctor's appointment took place instead of waiting for summer vacation.

I think it's likely Terri was meeting a boyfriend or something the two hours she was allegedly driving Kiara around.  Maybe even a girlfriend - and if it was a girlfriend, that's why she doesn't want it known.  Since DeDe was gone while Terri was accounted for, it does not appear that it was with DeDe.

Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life 

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