Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kaine wants to force Terri to confess, even if though he knows she is innocent

There are studies that show many people have confessed to crimes even though they are innocent.  Persistent interrogators can tighten the psychological noose around an innocent person so tight they will eventually crack and confess - even though they are innocent.  Those that are easily led - those who fall victim to a malignant narcissist - are among the likeliest to coerce a confession out of.

Kaine Horman could easily disappear his son and then put enough pressure on Terri thinking he will get her to confess for his criminal activity.  It's obvious that "detective" Tony Young - Desiree's THIRD husband would have the knowledge and reason to start tightening the psychological noose around Terri especially since his wife, Desiree, "knew immediately she [Terri] was behind it [Kyron's disappearance]"

Eddie Lowery lost 10 years of his life for a crime he did not commit. There was no physical evidence at his trial for rape, but one overwhelming factor put him away: he confessed.

But more than 40 others have given confessions since 1976 that DNA evidence later showed were false,Experts have long known that some kinds of people are the likeliest to be induced to confess

There are also people like Mr. Lowery, who says he was just pressed beyond endurance by persistent interrogators.

Since this is so well known by law enforcement, is the "psychological noose"  former Portland detective CW Jensen claim law enforcement was tightening around Terri Horman a coercion of an innocent person to get her to confess [even though innocent] because Kaine Horman claims she is guilty and wants her punished for crimes that he committed?  Kaine's media sock puppets are participating in this coercion and so are those who are believing the lies Kaine has fed to the media.

In the october court hearing, there may be information that will be on public record that Kaine Horman never wants anyone to find out.  He probably has a lot to hide and with the private investigator finding the information out for Terri's defense, Kaine will try and cover up this information at all cost.

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