Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is going on with the Kyron Horman case?


The court papers with wild allegations is one thing.  For the court to be releasing documents related to a divorce with minor children involved is another.  Documents relating to divorce proceedings - which includes custody and visitation with minor children - are sealed to protect the child or children - but not in this case.

Family court documents are always sealed and it takes a judge to unseal them to make them public (like in the restraining order filed by Kaine)  For what purpose are these highly inflammatory court documents being released to the public even before a judge has a chance to rule whether they should be unsealed or not?  Why does the media have direct access to family court documents after they are filed? (they have the court stamp on them)  Why has the judge not ruled to keep the child custody / visitation documents sealed since it has to do with minor children?  It has nothing to do with any criminal case. 

Why are the parents not protesting the public release of documents regarding their children?  Why are the attorneys not protesting if the parents won't?

Why does yesterday's court documents filed by Kaine look like amateur hour and has nothing relevant that would prevent a supervised visitation between Terri Horman and Kiara?  It demands mental evaluations and items related to custody and the divorce --- items that the judge abated until january.  It was obviously written for the media and for the view of the people.  It is manipulation and brainwashing of the general public and maybe the judge.

This entire case smells badly.  The attorney should have demanded the court documents be sealed to protect the children instead they were immediately released to the media.

If the attorney and the children's father refuse to protect the minor children, the judge should have refused to unseal the documents to protect the children.  There is absolutely no way the documents relating to custody or visitation of minor children should have been released to the media (as previously stated, the papers have nothing to do with any criminal case)

If the documents are legitimate - shame on the parents, the attorneys, and the court for not protecting the children.

So is this legitimate or is it reality show or balloon boy?  I don't know.  If it's legitimate - then it is obvious Kaine cares more about defaming and gaslighting Terri than he does about protecting his children.  Kiara will be reading everything including the court documents when she is older thanks to the "adults" and the court not caring enough to protect her and her brothers.

The judge should take Kiara away from Kaine for her protection and to prevent her from being used as a bargaining chip against her mother. 

So is Kyron Horman missing or is this real life reality TV or a balloon boy episode?



  1. Could be Kaine released them to the media after he filed them (that would account for the court stamps)

    If so, he is an unfit parent that would use his children to trash their mother.

  2. I think Kaine released them to feed his sock puppets and sycophants with more ammunition to use in their rants against Terri. After all, lately it has seemed like more and more people are posting around the Net supporting Terri and questioning Kaine. And we all know Kaine hasn't liked that. I agree, it is truly astounding that these family court documents were given to the media, and, I truly hope the judge gets to the bottom of who released them and imposes the appropriate sanctions. And, indeed, Kiara needs to be removed from his custody asap!

  3. KIARA Horman's future just got trashed by biodad. I'm not happy for Kiara. Don't have any animated happy faces or pet-detective tutus to celebrate this whole absurd situation. What a freakin' bunch of sickos.....What about KYRON?

    I want to see Kaine,DY,and TY's brilliant resumes.....something amiss there.

  4. Hey 42.....publish this, or not...it's of no consequence to me. SoCalDreamerBreezeRockerChick is Kaine's sock puppet extraordinare? Are the U.S. & state governments so corrupt that this entire obscene situation is alright with anyone?

    Someone knows where KYRON is. I have no hate for anyone and wouldn't even consider making an accusation with the facts I've gleaned from the news.

    42....Do you possess our email addresses? If so.......


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