Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kaine Horman caused severe problems for the criminal investigation

Because of Kaine Horman's uncontrollable narcissistic rage against his wife, he may have caused irreversible harm to the law enforcement investigation by claiming in the court papers that Terri hired a hit man to kill him.1

Now Terri's attorney may demand the notes and tape recordings of the wiretap because they say that everything Kaine stated in the papers he filed is hearsay and they have the right to see it. The entire court document was narcissistic rage and 100% hearsay.  If it was written by Kaine's attorney, she needs to find another line of work.  It sounded 100% like Kaine Horman and I would bet he wrote it.

Former sheriff captain (now attorney) Bruce McCain stated there is no legal reason Terri will not receive supervised visitation with Kiara and that supervised visitations are common in Oregon.   I believe the court should appoint a Guardian at litem for Kiara to protect her from being used as a pawn in this divorced war.

Mr. McCain believes the two weekends of the Sauvie Island searches was a PR stunt to get  $209,000. more tax dollars to pay for the investigation .  I thought I had mentioned that too but can't find the link.

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  1. It's not just this criminal investigation that has been damaged. I live in Portland, in Multnomah County, and this sharing of confidential info to a private citizen to use against another private citizen for the purpose of discrediting and publicly humiliating that person has really damaged my trust in LE's willingness and ability to uphold the law for the citizens of this county. It would seem to be an Old Boys Club, to listen to Kaine. The release of the "sexts" is one step too far since they involve no criminal behavior or threats of any kind. I've inquired extensively to see if there is any statement that LE provided them and I can find nothing so I'm hoping that they did not come from MCSO. I'm hoping that MCSO is indeed functioning as law enforcement for the protection and safety of us all, not as a data warehouse for the use of a selected few to use to apply pressure on targeted individuals.

  2. I think this guy is taking notes from your blog. He should be careful what he says, though. He might be slipping. It's never been a real secret, but interesting that he practically confessed to using the media in his war against his wife.

    The language in the last court document you posted paints a cozy picture of him, the media and LE all working together. The problem is that neither seem to be really working toward the truth, which is an injustice to the children in this case.

    They've supposedly partnered with this guy (by dupe or by their willingness) against a woman whose husband is hell bent on divorce and custody of the kids, even if it means framing her for a crime she may not have committed.
    He, moreso than anyone should want to know the TRUTH about what happened to his son. Why does it appear that he's using this nightmarish experience to further his divorce agenda? He can't want a divorce and custody more than the truth about what befell his son, can he? This story is not about a missing child anymore, it's about a divorce and custody and who gets to keep what assets.

    He stated that his "primary focus" is the safety and welfare of the kids. At least he didn't say it was his only focus. He seems to have major interest in other foci as well. It's quite a stretch from "I made Respondent aware through a text message that i had been briefed by law enforcement, that I knew what was going on, and that I would contact her later" all the way over to "she lied" when she told media "everything's fine."

    As I see it, she didn't owe the media a damned thing. Still doesn't.

    He should probably thank his lucky stars she didn't use that opportunity with media in her yard to "put her spin on things" to reveal unpleasant things about him. If she had, he could very well be the one under scrutiny. People generally tend to believe the one who dishes the dirt first, whether it's true or not.

    Strange that he keeps referring to the whole sting revelation as the impetus for running away to safety with the daughter. Stranger still is that although the alledged MFH plot was used against her to obtain the RO, her attorney was denied access to the "evidence" surrounding it.

    It's likely that no one is all good in this, but it doesn't make him look innocent when he pulls out all the stops to blame her. Especially with the contradictions in his stories about the kind of person she is/was. It's almost child-like aside from the serious repercussions.

    The "let's team up against who we think is guilty" by media and LE is nothing new, either. Many innocent people have been sent away because of this strategy. Sure, OR is screaming for an answer to this crime, but I hope they see the wisdom and justice in insisting on THE answer, and not just settle for a convenient one.

    Just look up and ask any of these people (or hundreds of others) about convenience vs. truth:

    Kenneth & Betty Ann Waters
    Sonia Jacobs
    Gary Gougher
    Robert Earl Hayes
    Alan Crotzer
    Kerry Max Cook
    Orlando Boquete

    Also, see the movie "Conviction" that tells the TRUE story of Kenneth & Betty Ann Waters.

    Here's a 2:28 trailer:

  3. Teresa,

    That would be my hope also, that LE is indeed functioning as true LE. Citizens deserve no less. Providing this guy with fodder for his divorce is over the top. I can't see any reason for those texts being released other the than public humiliation of TMH. This isn't WWII Germany where an accusation is all it takes to make a person guilty. If this is part of some grand strategy to "pressure" her, they need to give it up and go about the hard work of focusing on conducting a true investigation into the missing child case. They're accountable to the communities they serve.


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