Monday, September 20, 2010

Did Kaine Horman always plan on divorcing Terri?

Looks like there was no news to report on today regarding Kyron Horman.  Driving home tonight, I was thinking about something I had wondered a couple of months ago.

Kaine and Terri Horman have been together for over eight years --- since Desiree was eight months pregnant with Kyron.  This is according to Desiree that stated during on of the early july interviews that Kaine cheated on her with Terri when she was eight months pregnant.  Kyron just had his eighth birthday.

Kaine Horman purchased his current house three years ago and shortly after, he and Terri were married in Hawaii.  Why would Kaine purchase a house putting it in his name and not his and Terri's when he had been with Terri for five years and they were apparently planning to get married in Hawaii shortly after?  Why was the house not in Terri's name too?  This once again show Kaine's very controlling behavior and one has to wonder if he had planned on eventually divorcing Terri and if he had carried out his plans Desiree was afraid of: Kidnapping his own child.  This would get back at Desiree as well as Terri.  he knew if he could project the blame onto Terri he would wind up with both of his children - just like he planned to when he was still married to Desiree.

Any other committed lifetime marriage the house would be in both spouses names.

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