Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The herd mentality (Sock Puppetry) of the "Terri is guilty" crowd


Herd mentality is the pressure to conform within a group and exclude alternative ideas.  The characteristics of herd mentality is the deterioration of the collective mental efficiency and the pressure to agree with the "stronger" member or members who are perceived to be powerful, famous, or knowledgeable.  The "stronger" members tend to intimidate the weaker members to force them to agree with their position or keep quiet.  If they are outside of the group, they are the "enemy" and open to ridicule and harassment by the group.

This has happened in the Kyron Horman case.  There are members of online message boards who state that Terri Horman is guilty of doing something to or with Kyron.  They pretend to have insider information directly from law enforcement which cannot be verified and yet when someone else has information, they want "links" to back it up as "proof" yet when you ask them for "links" they say they have gotten the information from law enforcement connected to the case and have to keep their source "confidential"  (yeah, right)

These people when questioned by those who think for themselves make comments about the thinkers such as this:

SoCalDreamer :
I was right to begin with I dont need to be posting until Terri Horman  is arrested or Kyron is found. Once she is arrested I think there will some still sitting here talking about how she got set up...crazy that the same people who want justice for Kyron dont necessarily want justice for Kyron they just think that they do..
 So if you don't think Terri is guilty you automatically do not want justice for Kyron???  One more gaslighting event from a malignant narcissist leader who is controlling and manipulating her sock puppets.  Obviously this person thinks they have proof that Terri Horman is guilty even though no such proof exists.  Terri Horman is not even a person of interest in the case let alone a suspect.  If Kaine Horman is arrested, this person would be the first to defend him claiming he was the one who was set up (and likely claim "Terri did it" - blaming her for setting Kaine up)  This person has shown mental instability and general flakiness --- just the type of malignant narcissist a person with low self esteem and low thinking ability would blindly follow.

Here is an example of a herd member (not one of the leaders) :

Woundtight :
I'm tired of the fence-sitters and windsocks. If you're for Kyron, you're against Terri. If you're against Terri, you're for Kaine. It's as simple as black and white. Take a stand. Want some? Get some!
So you are against Kyron if you are not ready to convict Terri even without any evidence that she is guilty?  It is clear that Kaine's sock puppets are now using the tactic of saying 'you are against Kyron unless you are ready to hang Terri' to coerce people into agreeing with the herd leaders.This person does not have a clue about logic and sound reasoning.  Just one example of a mentally deficient herd member.

Those with herd mentality are generally less intelligent individuals that go along with those they perceive to be "in the know" without thinking on their own and coming up with their own conclusions.  After all, it's easier to go "with the flow" and follow along than have the courage to think for yourself and watch where the REAL evidence leads.  Terri may be guilty but I have not seen a single thing to make me believe she is.  The time line does not fit.  I posted about it before and unless there is news, I'll revisit the time line maybe tomorrow.

Those who "follow the herd" hate those who post something against their "group leader(s)" and will attack those who do not agree with the herd's conclusion even when presented with facts.  They do not even attack what the dissenters post, they attack the person and bully the dissenters - trying to bully them into submission.  The herd mentality is, in fact, group narcissism "We are great, agree or be gaslighted by US"  they want to appear as super heros yet there is such an underlying low self esteem that they have to bond together to be validated.

Here is one such Kaine Horman supporter who decided to attack me instead of discussing anything rationally.  For the record, I have never collected unemployment so this person is grasping at anything just to bully those who disagree with them and their malignant narcissist hero Kaine Horman.  Note the threat to continue harssing me and even the threat to make new accounts for harassment purposes if their account is terminated :

Bad spelling in the original.  Original was single paragraph just as posted.  Obviously this person is mentally ill and needs help.    (The first two posts below have been removed from OL - the third one still remains at the time of this posting)
kainesfriend August 03, 2010 at 1:52PM

42ndstate & any other kaine bashers..i finally had a day off work to read through all the time lines and comments about kyron.42ndstate i`ve know kaine since we were 14yrs old and your thousands of comments calling him names shock me.he is as you call him a "Narcissism" he isnt even close to being one,you call him a "homosexual"NOT even make refrences of it being him that did something to kyron????wth is this?you dont know this man ONLY what you have read in the media!(or do you know him..maybe one of terri`s friends?)you have nerves to come on here typeing your hate out for a father trying everything possible to find his son,you put this man down for this?apparently you have no children or your just a very cold hearted person,how far would you go to force someone to tell where your 7 year old child is?kaine would give his life,highly doubt you would do a thing if it happened to you reading your sick nasty ignorant comments!also read a few of your stupid comments about you looking for a job,,and bringing PRESIDENT OBAMA into your sick comments,i bet ya a hundred bucks you dont mind collecting unemployment do you? something obama fought to reinstate for millions out of a job.MAYBE if you werent on your pc day and night giving your sick comments you would have a JOB by now?i bet you surely dont say no to that unemployment check you get each might wanna tell obama thanks for that because if it had been your party your a member of(apparently) you would be at the welfare office in line asking for handouts!im gonna make it a point to TRY to come on here every night just to see the lies and nasty comments you make about kaine unlike you i have to WORK and cant sit on my fanny ALLDAY & NIGHT making a fool outa myself calling kaine nasty names,i might just have to get a few of our other friends to join in on the comments on here we will do.... a 42ndstate comment forum..;ets see the first one will be (what do people think of this person 42ndstate)maybe we can discuss why 42nd state has so much hate and resorts to name calling of a father who hasnt seen his son is 9 weeks because)or how about this one..Is 42ndstate one of terris friends or one of her many lovers she sextexts?im sure your a woman by all the comments you have made..i assume you were treated
very badly at one time by a Narcissism jilted lover..hey that would make a good forum header!you will NEVER know how this man or desi feels about all of this,One day if ever in the same shoes (and i wouldnt wish that on anybody)you`ll see how far someone will go to get their child back!i have never see a blogger like you you absolutely have not one ounce of heart,oooh wait yes you do for terri and dede

kainesfriend August 03, 2010 at 1:59PM

i have and he has,and he appreciates them more then you guys will ever know,but this person 42ndstate makes me very sick to the stomache to keep saying ALL these nasty things about him and desi,and she can keep deleting my comments all she wants i will keep reposting it! if banned i will remake another account,if this person thinks she/he has the right to her sick lies about kaine 2 can play this game,and i promise you they wont be able to stop many other of kaines and desi`s friends from commenting their thoughts about this 42ndstate
kainesfriend August 03, 2010, 3:00PM 
sorry i got anyones comment chopped,i take it only 42ndstate can run her sick mouth and comments on here,42ndstate..i`ll beeeee bacckkk tonight! kk delete this now! i cant comment due to good old 42ndstate deleting because she can only be the one making sensless comments,and very few of her friends who have the same size brain as she has

Notice the herd mentality of the highlighted statements:  Agree Terri is guilty or be harassed and bullied by Kaine Horman's friends.  This is one of the reasons I no longer post on oregonlive where Kaine's sock puppets  are allowed to harass and piss all over those who dissent to the herd mentality that "Terri is guilty".  This person does not even know me yet they threaten to harass and bully me because I think Kaine is likely guilty and Terri isn't.

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