Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Kyron missing?

Two way out theories - although ones that need to be mentioned:

1)  Another elaborate"balloon boy" episode or real life "reality show"

2) homeland security test to see how society can be manipulated by the media / social media.

They may see far fetched - but so did "balloon boy" yet many people believed it when it was happening.  Media control has been used during times to tell people what the government wants them to believe such as what they wanted people to believe about 9/11.  There has even been unintentional "manipulation" of the masses using radio and television.  Two examples are the radio broadcast of  The War Of The Worlds on October 30, 1938 and the  Collapse of the Space Needle  april fools joke on April 1, 1985.   Both of these events had many, many people believing them.  Just because something is broadcast (or printed) as news does not make it fact.       government manipulation using media

While it is likely Kyron is missing, the other alternate theories need to be kept in the back of your mind.  With this case, everything has 3 or more versions and even Kaine and Desiree give different versions when it suits them. even when it contradicts versions they gave previously.

Tonight law enforcement's sock puppet 'former Portland homicide detective C. W. Jensen' is saying it is important to find out why Dede Spicher was missing for three hours.  Yet nothing is said why it was all of a sudden changed that Dede was now missing for three hours instead of one hour which had been reported for a couple of weeks.  He also says it is important to see if Dede was the other person in the truck.  Is this guy that much of an idiot???  If the current story is she left her job at 10:00 AM (earlier story said 9:45) returning at 1:00 PM (previously she was reported gone from 11:15 - 12:30PM)  then obviously Dede was not in Terri's truck at Skyline School at any time between 8:00AM and 9:00 AM  ---- or maybe she never went to work in the morning ??? (that will likely be the next version).   When they realize how this new version of Dede missing for three hours makes it unlikely the other person in the truck was Dede, they will change this yet again to make their time line fit their theory that Terri and Dede are guilty of disappearing Kyron.

The more this goes on without law enforcement's sock puppet Jensen realizing the inconsistent stories makes the above "way out" theories more believable.  If Kyron really is missing, and if law enforcement actually believes anything Jensen is saying, there is absolutely no way this will be solved except by pure chance.

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