Monday, November 15, 2010

Kaine Horman, Master liar and manipulator

Kaine Horman knows how to lie and manipulate people.  How can he stand in front of people today (in front of Kyron's shrine for emotional impact / manipulation) and say:
Kaine told reporters that a good example of Terri's deception was her alcoholism. She hid it from him well, he said.1
While in court papers he flat out stated Terri was falling down drunk, had slurred speech, and passed out on the couch nearly every night? (see:  What is going on with the Kyron Horman case? )

In this blog, I called Kaine Horman a master manipulator (see: Kaine Horman: Pathological liar and master manipulator  ) and now Terri is a "master deceiver" (while drunk and passed out ???)

Now he knows what Terri's friends have said about how he was likely abusing and molesting Kyron, he is now calling it lies --- the very reason he kidnapped and/or killed Kyron because he didn't want the doctor confirming what Terri said about Kaine molesting her son.  Kaine Horman is a pathological liar and manipulator.  Nothing he says to the press (especially when it contradicts court documents he swore he was telling the truth) can be believed.  He raged today because Terri was shown in a favorable light on friday's dateline episode.  I predicted this type of behavior numerous times (see:  Law enforcement's media briefing   and   Right on cue )

Kaine Horman is a malignant narcissist.  He is behind Kyron Horman's disappearance and NOTHING he says about Terri Horman can be believed.   It is way past time law enforcement investigate him for what he did to Kyron and investigate Kiara's safety before it is too late for her.



  1. hmmm. i'm convinced that terri ultimately is the one responsible for kyron's disappearance, but i don't like kaine either. i know you're right about him having a lot of skeletons in his closet. seeing desiree on the today show this morning separating herself from kaine as well is indicative. but i just can't deny that terri leaves too many unanswered questions (you think you've answered them, i know, but so far i haven't seen anything that explicitly exonerates her enough to be sure).

  2. But there is nothing about Kaine's whereabouts on june 4 except what he said - and it's obvious he will say whatever will benefit him at the time even if it contradicts something he has said for months.

  3. I thought that alcoholics are basically and essentially self-centered. If Terri spent so much time drunk, why would she bother to plan and execute a crime against Kyron without leaving a shred of evidence? I think it's one or the other: self centered drunk or master criminal? Kaine wants us to believe she is both but that is not even plausible.

  4. Can you please expand on the assertion that Kaine was abusing Kyron? Where is that info coming from or is it just your speculation?

    I can agree with you that Kaine is a self serving manipulator, but I'm not comfortable with your allegations of sexual abuse without a credible source. It's a malicious rumor to start without facts to back it up, which would make you no better than... Kaine Horman... so please share.


  5. So let me get this straight: Kaine asserts that Terri is a master of deception and misdirection. Is he referring to Kyron's case? If so, I don't see how one could be a master of deception when one is completely SILENT. He's pissed he can't control her and his head's about to explode.

    Or is he referring to their marraige? Is he stating that he THOUGHT they had a happy marriage, and so she was DECEIVING him because she was telling others she was miserable?
    (How DARE she complain about me -- look at me, I'm the f**ng total package!)

    Or is this all about the alcohol...slurring and stumbling around and passing out every night...but he had to be told "she drinks" by friends?

    What SPECIFICALLY is he referring to which makes Terri a master of deception?

  6. Unfortunately the proof that Kaine molested Kyron disappeared on june 4 --- although there are people who know that he did.

    Kaine said Terri must be guilty because she has not defended herself --- although Kaine has not defended himself either so why would that not make HIM guilty based on his own belief system?


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